Straightening a crooked switchbox.

Testing a used toilet.

Working within budget constraints.

Ain't much. There are baby veggies emerging.

Wrapping up a loose end from last winter's furnace project.

Defects really show after painting.

Custom piece needed.

Compensating for uneven framing.

When absolute measurements are not possible, reference points are the alternative method.

Getting close with the 1/2 bath.

A rant.

No description.

Just to get one room completed I need to think ahead and install parts for the adjacent room.

Progress with the half bath.

An update for those hardcore garden people.

Fixing a mistake.

Self indulgence.

A silly reminder about air flow.

Gotta do this in order to finish the project below.

Installing the housing for an exhaust fan.

Building a subassembly.

My gripe for the day.

Always looking for a way to make the task more accurate and also easier.

This gotta happen in order to make progress.

Work saved while hanging drywall has created extra work while finishing.


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