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We like our modern conveniences.

Follow up on yesterday's video.

Tape on a freshly painted ceiling. The future will tell.

I'm at a loss here.

Another use for a Sharpie

Taking care when removing masking tape.

I need a break.

Fixing the fixes before doing the whole thing.

Because, reasons.

Taking the L.

Been meaning to paint some ceilings for awhile now.

The brush just wasn't getting it.

The fudge factor.

A day in the life

Uneven wear that I cannot explain.

Waiting for glue to dry.

Silly me. Seems there is always something more to do.


Just because it fit way back when does not mean it will fit now. Cannot finish this tonight, got to wait for glue to dry.

Restoring damaged trim pieces.

The window project is coming together.

I sold my Elvis On Velvet long ago. This is the next best thing.

Condensed into just over 5 minutes.

Quick paint prep tip.

Attempting a head start on the next project.


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