Positive Music by MusicKevin

A slow dramatic dance beat.

A dramatic instrumental dance beat.

A relaxing dance beat.

A relaxing beat.

A slow dance beat.

An upbeat dance song with a twist.

A slow dramatic beat with some piano and horns.

A dramatic upbeat dance tune.

A slow grooving beat with a little drama.

An upbeat dance song.

A slow instrumental dance beat for peace around the world.

An upbeat dance song for peace.

An upbeat cuban-sounding dance tune.

A slow dramatic beat to help promote peace and unity.

A dramatic instrumental beat for unity.

An upbeat dance song for peace and love.

A slow dramatic instrumental.

Slow instrumental beat to promote peace.

A song about the poor.

A groovy slow beat about peace and unity.

A slow beat instrumental about peace.

A dramatic instrumental song about peace.

An upbeat instrumental dance song.

An alien sounding upbeat song.


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Promoting peace through positive music.