Welcome back and today we are trying out last man standing in RuneScape. I've been playing RuneScape off and on for years and have recently came back to it and yes RuneScape is playable on mobile. So I'm training myself to be able to pvp on mobile in Free2play worlds!

Welcome back and in today's video we are trying and failing in this Mario Cart like'd think it couldn't possibly work in a game like this...but...

Welcome back and today we are ferrying this game. My first play on release of this game was on a bad device and I didn't enjoy it..but now.... Wow...

Welcome back and in this video we got our fave survivor a new set of clothes! Also I've never been in this map..very interesting

Welcome back and thank you for watching my content! I needed a week to get back on the grind but here we are starting off with more Flash Party videos!

Hehehehhehehe...Priestess is such a good character if utilized correctly.... This one match shows just how good she is lol also Cudos to my teamates for trolling with me lol

Welcome back and ladies and gentlemen... We got her.. My fave survivor in the game and ill be show casing her busted abilities

Welcome back and today..well... The title says it all right? All but I still had two fun matches despite one critical moment

Welcome back and this time we are doing some Hunter matches and seeing whether I enjoy playing as a survivor more or a Hunter

Welcome back and this time we are trying out my definite second fave character in the game Kamiki I'm 1v1s.... Bruh her juggle game is ridiculous

Welcome back and F this broken mechanic where you can do a move and if you don't stop the beginning animation.. you can't stop it at all and you just have to take it like Amber Heard "claims" she had to...and like her it's a lie that this is fair xP

Welcome back and today we are just doing 3 matches but the first fight was a VERY CLOSE one against one of my top 3 fighters in the game
Match 1: Seaya v Tina
Match 2: Seaya v Tina
Match 3: Seaya v Sivi

Welcome back and today I'm starting a new line of content on the channel where I take saved duels and meme the heck out of em.... I HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!

Welcome back and we are continuing our training with Seaya but we are doing 2v2 matches to see if I can still kill opponents consistently even with a bunch of distractions

Welcome back to identify V and boi oh boi do some of these guys piss me off lul. I think I got my hopes up of common courtesy because I watch slot of DBD but bruh...throw a guy a bone here luk

Welcome back and this time we are trying a Gacha Hero Collector called Goddess Genesis. This game is VERY high quality and I'm astounded I haven't heard more from it before!

Welcome back and again we are just going through the story and learning through the tutorial

Welcome back to Flash Party and today we are facing some VERY good players!
Match 1 is Seaya v Sophia
Match 2 Seaya v Tonk(I believe that's her name)
Match 3 Seaya v Maaki

Welcome and today we are trying out a game called Identity V. If you have ever seen a game called Dead by Daylight then this game is JUST like that one just less bloody and no iconic characters!

Welcome back and FINALLY I can play master Duel on my android! The port to android imo was sooo bad for the longest time! Anyways time for you guys to be introduced to some pure toxicity because I'm just too dang STUNning...

Welcome and I finally finished my opening! It took me a long time because I couldn't figure out exactly how I wanted to go. But after listening to the song I used the ideas flowed so organically

Original Song

Welcome back to Flash Party and today we are testing out the newest character Seaya! She is a great fighter that has high speed and aerial combos+ recovery! Definitely going to be making her!

Welcome back and today we accidentally hop into a duo match by ourselves?! Will I clutch it till the end of will I goof it up?! Find out only here on MuurForce!!!!

Welcome back and today were playing eclipse isle again and this time we are playing as Flutter! She is a long range fighter who really sucks in close range BUT, if you play her correctly... You can cheese slot of wins!!

Welcome back and today we have made our decision...little did I know how much I would fail for it


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