The LIES Reveal The Insanity Of Liberals

LOL They cannot stop us with fake news, they cannot handle that their is any counter narrative to their lies in any form. Q, like it or not is the biggest threat for posting again to challenge the lying media

Societal breakdown is just what we are watching, when they cannot even give credit to the women that give birth and life in humans.

Imagine how sick and toxic these brainwashed parents are = but I love the people trying to save the kids and stop the insanity. I cannot imagine what is wrong w/ the parents.

SCOTUS ruling destroys climate change lies, they are all losing it

Government has always been evil and greedy, so many died to give us this freedom, we can never let them steal it the way they have been doing, COVID, Gas prices, lies, burning factories, starving people, creating poverty, FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT

The NWO plot and it's falling apart FAST Because of us, we said NOOOOOOOOOO

She is amazing, this is exactly how to take down the agenda

HUGE ruling for America - Left Is Undone

We need to win mid terms, everyone VOTE in person, on the day of the election - NO mail in ballots

NH is now a Sanctuary state, and I am leaving a sanctuary city

You cannot even make this stuff up any more- they are ridiculous

It's comical that HERESAY is being shown again and again, no cross examination, misleading everyone

Jane Roe perjured herself, there was no social media. Perjury NOW, is a felony, and I do not know how she testified like this with a straight face

Watch, Dr. Birx admits covid lies based on "hope" not Science

Abortion grew and grew as they invented more organizations to profit from it.

This is a 1/2 century crime on Democrats, and sold out Republicans. It destroyed 1.5 million babies and their families. It will have a positive change on the entire world. The only people mad, are those that abused their power and live to murder.

makes me want to barf but we need to see the signs right in front of us

Disgusting how they are targeting people and getting away w/ fake charges

Stop falling for fake news


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Government is out of control Take Your Freedom Back. They work for US, not the reverse.
Socialism has been a plot in the making - every person has to take their own freedoms back
there is no one person that is going to do it, we all have to do it together.