A fence is a built-in trellis!

We have vining plants going in on and around our "living fence" - they are going to completely cover this metal chain-link fence and create a beautiful, little-maintenance, food-producing area for you!

It's so easy to make small transitions like this!

Nature is regenerative!!

Growing food is easy!!

Look at the crazy amount of yucca/cassava that we pulled out of the ground the other day! These plants were nothing but fresh cuttings about a year ago, and now we have 70+ pounds of delicious food.

Yucca/cassava is a staple crop in a lot of tropical zones worldwide! It is very much like a potato, with a more fibrous texture.

It's so important to plant things in your backyard garden that you know will thrive in the climate zone that you live in.

Here in Central Florida, we are in a sub-tropical/tropical zone, meaning that guavas grow pretty well. A staple in Latin American cuisine, these delicious fruits are packed full of nutrients! (Most tropical fruits are!)

Our first guavas of the season are growing at Galt's Landing and Jim couldn't be more excited!

All we have to do is use our resources wisely! It seems such a simple why aren't we doing it?

We are locked into a system that is primarily motivated by money and power. We have given all of our money and all of our power to remain submissive, and most of us don't even know it.

While lawns and ornamentals are beautiful...all we would have to do to stick a stake in the system is replace one tree on each of our properties with a fruit-bearing tree. The ability to produce money and power for ourselves is at hand!

Grow food!

An ode to the magnificent sweet potato!

We are so pleased to be planting an especially vigorous variety that will both withstand the Central Florida heat and produce tons of calorie-rich tubers for us!

In the wintertime, these roots will come in handy for a good, hearty meal or stew.

You may be wondering what sorts of things you can do with the plants you grow in your garden...some of these may never have been in your diet before!

Fear not - you can be introduced to an entirely new world of flavors with all of the edible perennials from a Food Forest!

Just look at the variety in this amazing salad!

Another INCREDIBLE food forest that just went into the ground a week ago!

Look at all of the new growth on the trees and the wildflowers springing up from seed!

We are SO excited to see this garden in a year's time or so - the abundance will be out of this world!

It's time to grow food, friends!

Here's a project that Jim is working on that he is SUPER excited about...working with local government officials and political candidates to help spread the word about Food Forests and the abundance that comes with them!

Did you know that a lot of HOAs have strict rules preventing you from growing certain varieties of plants? Sometimes these laws play all the way up to the state level. We want to make it so that it cannot be a punishable offense to grow food in a regenerative, environmentally-friendly way!

Keep an eye out on our journey - we're starting here in Central Florida but plan to take this all over the country!

If you look closely, you'll catch a glimpse of some sandhill crane chicks!

We hope we get to watch them grow!

You can also see the new fence going up - we are putting it in place and will hopefully be buying some cattle for the land. They will have several acres to roam and eat! Stay tuned!

Our border around the pond is going to be lush with fruit trees!

These will provide so many beneficial things to the area - wind breaks, shade, beauty, and of course, plenty of delicious and nutrient-rich foods for both us and the life that we will be supporting in the pond.

Our auger is helping to making the job super simple for us.

Look at all of this beautiful landscaping! What could we put in its place?

These plants are gorgeous and bring joy to a lot of people. But functionally - they are nearly useless. Most common landscaping plants have no practical use except to look pretty.

If we replaced even just 1% of these plants with food-producing plants, bushes, or trees - just think of the value we could bring to our communities! We could help feed the world, save money, save space and time, etc.!

Tip of the day - you have to support those young trees!

Just like how a new baby can't immediately hold its head up by itself, a young tree needs time to grow a proper root system and develop strength to be able to stay upright in strong winds and weather.

We can help support this root growth by staking the tree - giving it something extra to lean on while it develops, that will also prevent it from blowing over.

Today's nature sighting...tadpoles and frogs in the pond!

Just look at these little cuties swimming and hopping around. It's so exciting that they've chosen our pond to live - we can't wait to continue monitoring and see what other critters will be living here as it gets more and more hospitable!

Meditation in nature - one of the best ways to cleanse the soul and body.

Jim makes sure that he gets a healthy dose of vitamin D and negative ions from nature every day to counteract the positive ones that we are constantly exposed to from our electronic devices.

Have you grounded today?

It's time for another quick spotlight on...dragonfruit!

This is a baby plant - he has no flowers or fruits yet. Once he is big enough to support a fruit, when planted outside, the flowers will usually be pollinated by bats! Otherwise, you can hand-pollinate the flowers to get a fruit.

Did you know that dragonfruit "trees" are actually cacti? This means that they don't require a lot of water or nutrients and are well-suited to dry and warm climates!

Like their distant cousin the prickly pear, they provide delicious fruits and also look super cool. We can't wait to get some fruits off of this little guy!

This little tree is getting a whole lot of love!

We're providing him with all of the tools that we can muster to give him the best possible start at setting down lots of permanent roots.

Each plant that goes into the ground is given the same amount of care and detail - setting them up for success!

Jim wants to hear from YOU!

What do you want to hear more about? What do you think we should be focusing our energy towards here at Food Forest Abundance? What message do you want us to send?

Reach out at or on any of our accounts across all social media platforms! You can find us @foodforestabundance and @natureboytv/ depending on the platform.

Jim's daily musing about...vampires?

Yes, vampires!

We've been told stories our whole lives about these terrifying creatures of the night, who sneak in and drain our very life force. Well, metaphorically, fear does the same thing.

Fight the fear - don't let it in to your house - and you win!

Construction update!! Things are moving fast out at Galt's!

The first house up is building a deck that will stretch out over the pond, allowing for a space to fish and relax!

We can't wait to follow this construction project (and all the others)!

What an amazing bounty from Jim's walk through the gardens at Galt's Landing today!!

(And this is just a fraction of what they could have picked!)

One little seed can provide a HUGE abundance for you, your family, your friends, your neighborhood...the possibilities are endless!

And we have barely touched these plants since they went in the ground about a year ago. If we had been regularly tending to them, our yield would have been astronomically larger.

Just think of the possibilities! It's time to grow food, friends!

Look at this beautiful backyard garden setup.

Gardening doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need a ton of space. And as demonstrated at this site, you can repurpose other materials to create a design that works for you!

We love seeing all of the backyard gardens that people have been inspired to create! Food forests everywhere!

It's as simple as one e-mail or phone call! You never know which person could be an essential connection for your business.

There are so many landscaping companies out there! Just think about what would happen if we converted just 10% of them to edible landscaping designers...then 20%...all the way up to the top. The abundance that would fill the world would be incredible!

If you want to join the mission and become a Food Forest Abundance co-op today, check us out at!

We were visited by Mama Softshell Turtle the other day!

We love working alongside the native wildlife here at Galt's Landing. Hopefully all of her eggs will hatch and we'll have lots of baby turtles in our lake and our pond later this year.

They sure are funny-looking creatures but so beautiful at the same time! Jim is so lucky to have caught one nesting!

Here's another reflection video from Jim - he's speaking about our new digital asset, Topia. This is a project that Jim is REALLY excited for! He explains a few more details about it in this video.

It essentially will function as a barter exchange system. It is born out of abundance and will create more abundance as it grows!

You must consent to not using poisons on your land and must grow sustainably in order to be eligible to receive Topia.

Stay tuned for more info as it comes!

Correctly-designed permaculture = your own personal Garden of Eden!

When you design a space to maximize yield, with all plants working in harmony with each other, you will have a hugely bountiful yield!

This wild space, allowed to grow unattended for months, is just starting to produce for us. We are so excited to keep monitoring it and see how much food we will get out of it!

The ROI on a fruit tree is immense. Plant food today!


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