NZ and Russia fight back. Fight against NWO

USA "democracy" means " Oil"

This can irrevocably undermine the competitiveness of the industry of European countries.

“This, in the most serious way, according to some experts, can irreversibly undermine the competitiveness of a significant part of the industry of European countries, which is already losing competition to companies from other regions of the world. Obviously, along with Russian energy resources, Europe will lose the opportunity to increase the economic activity," the Russian President said.

Putin also noted the actual growth in revenues of the oil and gas sector of the Russian Federation and instructed to build a new vertical gas supply chain from the company to the consumer.

Watch how neo-nazi Ukrainian regime started war in Eastern Ukraine (Donbass independent Republics of Luhansk and Donetsk)

25-26 February 2022. Four days later it will be smashed by BRUTAL criminal NZ police force

2 March 2022. Day to remember as a shame of NZ govt and police force.
Criminal actions of the police. Serve and Protect it is. Protect govt from peaceful protestors.

25-26 February 2022. Wellington Freedom Village Part 2

25-26 February 2022 on Parliament grounds, Convoy Freedom Village Part 1
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Great New Zealand Spirit following Canada example.
Moving to NZ parliament grounds in Wellington- the Wasp Nest place.

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NWO banned. Highlights of resistance movement in New Zealand and around the globe.

Conflict in Ukraine is a big part of the Great Resistance to NWO and to domination of USA power over the whole world.

Stop Ukrainian Nazis !