Our eighth Beero Kart tour.

The final scores
1st place: Steve 575
2nd place: Goodall 547
3rd place: Andrew 525
4th place: Brandon 472
5th place: Graham 442
6th place: Justin & Anna 206

Highway Star - Deep Purple

Clearing some new trails on the homestead and using the log splitter.

Ajax fights a mouse and go for a swim in the rapids.


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Our culture is homesteading as much as we can on our patch of almost heaven West by God Virginia. A river divides our property that flows to the Cheat, Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Our goals are to restore strip mined land, build a covered bridge, become self-sufficient and put the wild in wonderful West Virginia.

You will find us developing food plots on sandy clay loam and heavy wet clay soil, while we utilize the natural and restorative wildlife. Building adventure areas and structures using techniques ranging from bushcraft to chainsaw milling to professional construction. Exploring the local hollers, hidden gems, festivals, farms, and venues. Enjoying days at the range where we test, compare and stand for our rights.

Relax as we share our story. Enjoy our selection of unique and critically underplayed music. Revitalize your creativity while we test what will and won't work on our homestead.