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Just a normal guy collecting news clips and putting them together in creative ways to help you better see the narrative at play.

In this week's episode we cover gun control, election Fraud, and gender. Sorry for the delay, apparently it takes me several days to make these videos but I am trying to get them out faster!!

Sorry for the delay on this video life moves pretty fast and these videos take a ton of time to process information and put it into some sort of order that makes sense but nonetheless we have a video! This week we're focusing on the ultra MAGA king!! And of course the 40-year debate over the deletion of The unborn aka abortion, RvW. Twitter is back in the news as Elon seems to be wanting to back out of the deal due to the underestimation of bots. And as always Joe Biden is a bumbling idiot and his son's laptop is finally in the MSM spotlight. Oh and of course there has to be a little something about the clot shot!

In today's video we're going to focus on the lols 😂 things have been so bad lately that I think we all deserve a laugh. Sorry for the delay on the weekly video but with everything going on and the final days of paying taxes it was difficult to get the video out as well as I had to take out a lot of scenes in order to be able to upload the video because apparently the file size was too big for a bitchute. We're going to focus on the failures of Biden and his cognitive decline a little bit about Disney adverse reactions from the vaccine and obviously mostly focusing on the comedic side of things. I hope you guys enjoy this video as I really enjoyed putting it together. I do believe this is my most creative one yet but it is a little less news heavy so it may be the black sheep of my episode so far.

This week we're focusing on elon's purchase of a large percentage of Twitter, I look into project veritas, the corruption and lies in Ukraine, the transgender agenda going head-to-head with the "don't say gay bill", and a little bit more about the clot shots!

This is a compilation of various video clips splice together in a unique way to paint a picture of our current events. The clips feature Hunter Biden and his laptop from hell Joe Biden and his abysmal failure Trump rallies coming back and various other trump-related clips a few Joe Rogan clips and a pretty big focus on the failure of the vaccination mandates mask mandates and lockdowns. Please like and subscribe if you want to see more videos like these.


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I focus on putting out a compilation of news clips that were circulating around for now I don't plan on doing any commentary along with the videos because there's so many content creators out there that I think do an amazing job that I don't really feel that necessarily have anything to add to that but I do think that some people aren't able to see all of these different content creators because they get stuck watching certain people that they already like so my hope is to expose them to other content creators that are also really good that kind of fall into the same genre. I really enjoy making these compilation videos of various news clips because I'm an avid viewer of the news and of these certain content creators that are a part of let's say the maga army and I figure if I'm watching these clips then it might be a good use of my time to save some of them in order to be able to share them with friends and family and maybe a larger audience one day but to be honest this is just more of a hobby than something I'm trying to do to earn an income. So you're honest feedback would be greatly appreciated and maybe if things pick up then I will start dropping my own commentary inside these videos.