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Dennis meadows: in case not, well ....

Dutch govt presented plans that reduce national agriculture with 30%, which fits the WEF agenda perfectly: more dependence on centralized food supply. Story is that 'biodiversity' is supposed to be under pressure due to farming, but this doesn't hold up: science & data are highly cherry picked.

Nonetheless, the plan is supposed to proceed, because it comes from the EU - which it doesn't. Govt set this up by its choice for nature conservatoires. Farm land is openly being claimed to carry houses for refugees.

Rule nr 1 carved on the Georgia Guidestones: Limit world population to 500 million

Bottom line: The end of human freedom
BIS = Bank of International Settlements = Bank of Banks

Only the ones deliberately keeping themselves ignorant will still choose to sacrifice their child to the Pfizer gods

April 5: "We need to out these people. I mean Doxing. As far as I'm concerned with these folks, Doxing is GOOD; let's go get em"!!
There's a coop with Sweden & a BOOK is in the making 🥰 🥰 🥰

◾️ The AFU General Staff has stated that Russia is making fake news reports that the Ukrainian army is stationing weapons and troops near social facilities and in residential areas.
◾️ The facts:
Facts of the placement of military equipment and weapons of the Ukrainian army in the yards of residential buildings, near hospitals, schools, and kindergartens are constantly recorded. Russia has repeatedly reported on this. The Ukrainian armed forces often use schools, kindergartens and even theaters as fortified facilities
◾️ This video proves that Zelensky is not just a liar but a bad one.
◾️@Reality_Theories has shared this thoughts earlier in this post :

Luckily the area had already been cleared of civilians 😎 so Chechens are not hampered in their mighty efforts to send the nationalists to Bandera. Akhmat Sila!

BOMBSHELL: Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children.
Children are not at risk for covid, and injecting children to protect others is legally not allowed. THIS EUA CAN BE LEGALLY CHALLENGED. As in the big trial, Pfizer quickly vaccinated the control group after trial completion (6 weeks), thus preventing any future followups. Much more in the vid. Young Children: 0.5-5y

..this not sustainable anymore

Russians can't prevent the civilian shelling in Donetsk on short notice. The situation in Donetsk is turning critical.
Nato sees this as opportunity to 'hurt' Russia and it sends extra artillery to be fired at the citizens of Donetsk.

Again a ruthless use of the civilian tactic, and this may be over the limit for the Russians. Keep in mind that denying the civilian shelling has been a nato-psyop since 2014 !

With this ruthless provocation, NATO brings the World to the Brink of Nuclear War.

Patrick Lancaster shows the remains of a BM-27 Urugan MRLS Rocket found in a civilian yard in Donetsk DPR.
Support independent journalist Patrick Lancaster !! Full vid:
more about this rocket from Bellingcat:

...also by Ukraine human rights watch:

Full video here:
Support Independent Journalist Patrick Lancaster!

For the Russians it's difficult to stop the shelling because the Ukrainian positions around Donetsk are very strong: Ukrainians fortified them for 8 years + there is an additional complication. Shelling could therefore continue for another YEAR. This would turn 100% of Donetsk to Ruins!

Two clips from Military Summary Channel, follow the daily update on youtube:

It feels like groundhog day to go down this rabbit hole again. Dr. Ladapo nonetheless leads the charge !

>FakeNewsAlert: item pushes classic NATO fake news! See bottom<
..a former Navy officer tells about how he went to Ukraine, and what came of it. The British mercenary says that even people with experience in Iraq & Afghanistan were powerless in the face of what they saw in Ukraine.

According to him, there were many other "soldiers of fortune" from the UK, ex Navy, Infantry, Special Forces, Air Force. The vast majority are over 30 years old, but there were also 20-year-old youths who played enough computer games like "Call of Duty" and decided to try themselves in a real war.

Russians are not like sheep herders from Afghanistan, who carry a Kalashnikov at most.
“The day after I left Yavoriv, it was levelled by 30 high tech cruise missiles. It is a very different kind of war. Newbies were hardly instructed, selfies were being posted on TikTok including location tags leaving the base without any operational security. We had no level of pre-battle intelligence. We were left to our own devices with passports confiscated and had to buy our own food.”

Note1: Late wakeup. On March 15, similar info already emerged:
Note2: #FakeNewsAlert: Russia does *not seek world domination at all, on the contrary! Russia strives (together with BRICS) for the more honest multipolar worldorder. This is a THREAT to the petrodollar, which turns this multipolar word order into an existential financial threat to the United States !

On May 18 2022, the famous analyst Yuri Podolyaka discussed the international agenda.
"The population of Ukraine awaits the coming winter with fear, realizing that the cost of the war in Ukraine will be high. But they have not yet realized that this cost is nothing, compared to what they have yet to endure. Because the main struggle for re-partitioning the world has not yet begun, but it's around the corner."

Never forget.

Never forget.

Even today (May 25), the official Kiev has already been telling the population that the war will drag on for two to three years. And the question arises, what are these guys counting on? After all, so far, everything suggests that they will not last these two or three years, even if we imagine that they will not be defeated militarily during this time.


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I admit, they got me fooled the first few weeks, but now it starts to show that the severity of COVID is in the realm of seasonal flu. Not worth locking down for.

As in the past with Flu, big pharma (in intimate coop with WHO) tried multiple times to inflate up the severity, to warrant extraordinary measures and mass vaccination.

This channel collects videos that show the VERY similar patterns between 2020 covid and past fake pandemics.

Historic pandemic scams timeline (as far as I know, please send info if you know of more)
1976: Swine Flu pandemic scam.
Prediction: 'Millions of deaths', actual: 1
2009: Mexican Swine Flu scam
Prediction: 5-10 million, actual: 18,500
2020: COVID-19
Prediction: 20-30 million, actual: 352.000 (inflated, so far)

Season flu kills on average 300.000 - 500.000 people globally
Enjoy the show!