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In this clip, host Niswander gives a brief overview of the story of the Declaration of Independence (signed July 4th, 1776) up to how involuntary servitude was ended with the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in the 19th century.
#FourthofJuly #Independence #Constitution #UnitedStates #Jefferson #FoundingFathers 13thAmendment slavery servitude

Using two different examples of body autonomy issues, we briefly examine psychological behavior that could be defined as cognitive dissonance, mass formation, or mass formation psychosis. In individual and collective consciousness, when there seems to be a disconnect, what is the best way to describe it? In this brief analysis of contemporary events, maybe they are examples of all three.
#massformation #massformationpsychosis #cognitivedissonance #bodyautonomy
#covidvaccines #antiabortion #adoption

Learn some details about how propaganda, censorship, algorithmic manipulation, government secrecy and war on journalism are five distinctive elements of controlling narratives.

The only way to make this stop are the masses of people demanding that it no longer continues.
Special thanks to Caitlin Johnstone.

Are you ready for some hope and fun with a utopian vibe for a change? This is a brand new unique podcast debuting with a Spiritual, Community, Real Sustainability, and a Cultural vibe that is focused on solutions and having fun in the process.
This episode includes an interview with special guest Producer/Director Karney Hatch (Plant This Movie), a Niswander music video excerpt of "Feel (The Feeling)" performed live, and a session for Spiritual contemplation.
This is only the very beginning.
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Once again Dr. Anthony Fauci is drilled by Senator and Dr. Ron Paul in the Senate chamber. Fauci is being questioned about data available for the risks of children needing covid shots without scientific studies to back up that claim and about the overall efficacy of mRNA covid vaccines in all age groups while dodging every single question.
The really big question is will anything more happen with this in order to be certain that justice is served?
Fauci vaccines RonPaul

Free WeHo and Natural Health First created an LGBTQ coalition for Medical and Health Freedom and participated in the West Hollywood, California Pride parade on June 4th, 2022.
Medical Freedom Pride NaturalHealthFirst FreeWeHo

This is a long segment from the Last American Vagabond podcast with Ryan Cristian in late May 2022-

It is very important content including stories that definitely prove it is possible that some 'other' kinds of covid shots could have been released as some European celebrities including the President of a pharmaceutical company paid big money for saline shots.

How allergies are taken seriously in serving food but these experimental products are not actually given the same consideration for safety and effectiveness.

Real illegal behavior injecting children with covid vaccines without proper consent may have taken place.

Perhaps the very first scientific studies are now available of how ineffective and unsafe extensive mask wearing actually is.

The elites at the World Economic Forum think those who wouldn't take the jabs were just 'uneducated.'

There are updates from Childrens Health Defense's newsletter The Defender. How the narratives from late 2020 have not gone away and we should never forget.
#vaccines #covid #masks

This is a parody of Pfizer COVID 19 vaccines with mRNA technology.
From The Last American Vagabond show with Ryan Cristian.

Comedian Jimmy Dore speaks at the Defeat the Mandates rally in Grand Park downtown L.A. on April 10th, 2022.
Jimmy talks about mask mandates, his vaccine injury and how he was criticized as an anti-vaxxer, and more.
On the Jimmy Dore show, he also shows a clip of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla talking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland about a pill that includes a biological chip to be imagined for compliance purposes. It looks like a conspiracy theory of the recent past is now in fact real. Also features comedian and comedic writer Kurt Metzger.
#mandates #FDA #vaccines

Rising's Kim Iverson discusses how some experts warn that OVER-VAXXING could weaken the immune system, also Walgreens data comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated, patented and off patented treatments, and Stephen Colbert's Covid re-occurence in just a week's time.

Beach Lawyer on TikTok demonstrates how Google is connected to our smart phones and computers, our past purchases and even our detailed medical records. Is this the kind of world that we really want to live in?

In 2020, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, together with Viviane Fischer, founded the Corona Investigative Committee in Berlin, which has since interviewed over 170 experts, specialists, scientists, medical professionals, activists and also those affected by the Corona measures in weekly hearings that are broadcasted live online.
This clip is from the Brussels Press Conference on January 23, 2022 prior to the online Grand-Jury proceedings that they presided over.
It is time to begin working toward creating our own society, communities, economies, etc.

The Defeat the Mandates rally attracted at least 20,000 people to Grand Park in downtown L.A. on April 10th, 2022 with hundreds of speakers all across the spectrums of backgrounds, ages, gender, careers, politics, economic status, religion, and more! Featuring Del Bigtree. To be continued....

Kim Iverson schools Briana Joy Gray on vaccine data coming out of Israel and on the short term efficacy of the covid vaccines.
She also talks about how Fauci admits that these insane lockdowns are "to get people vaccinated."
vaccines lockdowns Fauci

Professor Yuval Noah Harari and World Economic Forum founder and co-author of 'Covid19: The Great Reset' Klaus Schwab discuss the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a great reset and a new world order with technology changing human identities and more. What do you think?

Special thanks to High Impact Flix.

Whatever your politics are or however you vote, this is the President of the United States in 2022.
This segment features clips of Joe Biden talking about corn pop, reaching out to shake hands after a speech, and at the 2022 White House Easter Egg roll. This should all be food for thought in the world we find ourselves living in these days.

In this NOWCast News Report, the ten bad mandate bills in California are assaults on freedom of choice and free speech and must be stopped. Many people realize this is more about control and profits than public health which would explain all of the dysfunction, the contradictions, and the inconsistencies in the messages to the general public around the world to an extent not seen for at least decades. This is the tip of the iceberg concerning the problems facing our world today.

Featuring exclusive videos and photos from The Defeat the Mandates rally that took place at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday April 10th, 2022.

At the Defeat the Mandates event at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles on April 10th, 2022, investigative journalist Max Blumenthal from the Gray Zone talks to Dan 'Nowman' Niswander of The Nowman Show and NOWCast about his personal experiences during the pandemic, the fears within the 'lockdown' left that led to the compliance of millions of people, the growing resistance to the insanity of mask and vaccine mandates, how big corporations with the FDA, the CDC and the government have been able to create fear and control over the masses of people in the last two years like this generation has never seen, and more.

Knowledgable award winning journalist Lara Logan gives a different perspective about what has really been going on in the Ukraine. The leaders reporting one side of the story have a "real credibility crisis." Ms. Logan tells us how "we are being lied to on an epic scale."
Ukraine Russia propaganda

In early March 2022, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky admits she got her updates from CNN and that there were a lot of unknown factors as the rollout of COVID vaccines were rushed out.
Also Dr. Jay Bhattacharya one of the distinguished doctors who co-created the COVID treatment protocols called the Great Barrington Declaration that was endorsed by thousands of doctors warns of the dangers of more lockdowns.
#COVID #vaccines #treatments #GreatBarringtonDeclaration

Attorney Reiner Fullmich gives an update to Maria Zeee on the Grand Jury project involving nearly two hundred experts worldwide that has been in process with phase one.
The Grand Jury topics focus on preparations for creating alternative systems in our societies based on research and other data that is being gathered by Fullmich's group. Topics focus on economics including the World Economic Forum and its' coalitions, psychological strategies, pandemics past, present and the future, big tech, etc.
Phase one will be finishing up with some discussion about eugenics.

#jury #grandjury #WorldEconomicForum #pandemic #Covid #greatreset #greatrestart #reinerfullmich

This is Niswander (nice-wander), I have a message and music urging musicians and all artists to speak out for freedom of speech and choice, for love and compassion, UNITY and PEACE.. WE ARE ALL ONE.... Here and NOW! -- Dan 'Nowman' Niswander The Nowman Show

We all need UNITY! RIP IT UP is the title of a 50's rock and roll song, but this video is a protest that makes a very valid point about how the covid narratives of nearly 2 YEARS have divided people up- friends and families. It has changed the economy and created all kinds of problems to supposedly address the public health crisis of the century. THIS MUST STOP (and should have A LONG TIME AGO). Stop ALL JIM CROW!

From the pandemic and vaccines to biometrics and digital passports, from the old normal to the so-called new normal of mandates, this episode analyzes 2020 and after and even before as the 'plan' for the Great Reset which is partly laid out in a book co-authored by Klaus Schwab, the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum.
This episode features cameos from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Klaus Schwab, Lou Gossett, Jr., Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, Tony Blair, Dr. John Campbell, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory and more.
#mandates #pandemic #reset #covid #passports #ivermectin #convoy #biometrics #WorldEconomicForum
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This clip from the Nowman Show and NOWCast News Report episode shows how COVID characters such as Anthony Fauci, the CDC's Rochelle Walensky, Bill Gates and President Joe Biden have changed narratives about vaccine safety and efficacy, mask effectiveness, etc.
#vaccines #narratives #pandemic


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