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Nathan Mardigian of Nuvo Olive Olive walks you through the Nuvo Superfood Challenge.

What is the Nuvo Superfood Challenge, you say?

Well, good olive oils have the ability to enhance the absorption of nutrition from other foods.

The challenge is to combine the wheatgrass juice shot with honey, bee pollen, turmeric, and ginger. And top it off with a shot of orange juice.

Are you up for the challenge?

Hi! Welcome to our video where you can join Nathan, one of Nuvo Olive Oil's Co-Founders and Brothers as he meets and greets customers at the Farmers Markets in Southern California. Hear from real life people WHY they LOVE Nuvo Olive Oil and what makes our olive oil so different and amazing!


Thanks so much to our lovely customers who agreed, (without bribery or incentive!) to share their love and joy of Nuvo's real, fresh, family made Extra Virgin and Flavored Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars from Modena Italy.

This wonderful video was created, directed, edited by Haneef Bhatti - find more awesome videos at



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Nuvo Olive Oil is 100% family-owned and century’s old olive orchard in Oroville, CA. Nuvo is a 10 times International award-winning Gold Medal Extra Virgin Olive Oils company. Our mission is to bring you the utmost authentic, best quality, and tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil packed with goodness.