Don't Tread On Me

Most Revolutionary Enactment in History is Our American Birthright

This 1940s black and white Marine Corps training film offers advice on close-range, hand-to-hand combat with tips on club and knife fighting. Training demonstrations on a Pacific coast beach aim to prepare servicement for battle on the beaches of Japan, ending in an encouragement to fight “dirty.”

Plandemic 3 - Mass Formation

Sacrifice your Baby says CDC Boss Walensky From Hell!

A Fist Fight with a Monkey over a motorcycle

Americans Pawning items to Buy gas, Survive Inflation

New York will Defy the Supreme Court Ruling that You need NO Licenses to Carry a Gun in Public

Police Shows Off Faggot Protection Cruiser Which Encourages People to Report Hate Crimes - Columbus Ohio Police
The Columbus Division of Police has been ridiculed on Twitter for proudly showing off a “pride cruiser” vehicle adorned with the LGBT rainbow flag that encourages people to “report hate crimes.”
A video clip posted to the police department’s official Twitter page shows Officer Lutz, an “LGBTQI+ liaison officer,” introducing the car.
“And we’re unveiling right now our pride cruiser for the month of June…I’m excited about this cruiser, it’s great for representation,” says Lutz.
The car features multi-colored rainbow decals along with the full updated ‘progress pride flag’, which includes non-binary, intersex and transgender colors.
Written on both sides of the vehicle in blue capital letters are the words “REPORT HATE CRIMES.”

Babyclon AI - The world's first ultra realistic silicone baby, with artificial intelligence

(Turn up your Volume)
• Marjorie Taylor Green, 48, told a British journalist to 'go back to your country' in a heated debate over tighter gun laws
• The journalist questioned that schoolchildren are afraid of going to class and that mass shootings don't happen in the UK when Greene snapped at her
• 'You have mass stabbings, lady. You have all kinds of murder and you've got laws against that,' Greene snapped at her before telling her to go back the UK
• 'We like our [guns] here

Bulldozer Crushes illegal dirt bikes in NYC (Guns & People, Next)

0:00 intro
11:16 diesel engine oil outage
21:35 Sri Lanka railways
24:28 diesel trucks shutdown
32:39 food and energy industry collapse
37:39 chaos in America
46:07 western civilization
51:46 conclusion
1:03:35 outro

Vatican Expert - We Are Facing an End Times Scenario
Leo Zagami joins Alex Jones

MSNBC Guest - Stop Complaining About High Prices

Stock Up Now Because Things Going To Get Even Worse In The Months Ahead

White House TARGETS ammunition sales with ‘INSIDIOUS’ plan


“The RINO feeds on corruption and is marked by the stripes of cowardice,” he continues, before a team of militarized police breach an empty room. Greitens then tells people to “join the MAGA crew” and “get a RINO permit.”
“There’s no bagging limit, no tagging limit, and it doesn’t expire until we save our country.”
Missouri Republican Senate candidate and former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens has come under fire from both sides of the aisle over a campaign ad that paints Trump supporters as murderous “RINO” hunters.

Missouri Senate leader says he contacted law enforcement after Greitens campaign video
Hours after former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens released a video saying he would hunt members of the Republican party who he considered not conservative enough, the Republican floor leader of the Missouri state Senate said he had contacted law enforcement. “We have been in contact with the Missouri Highway Patrol and hope that former Gov Greitens finds the help he needs,” Senate Majority Leader Caleb Rowden posted on Twitter Monday.

Republican Negotiator For Red Flag Laws Booed By Texas Crowd At GOP Convention
Republican Senator John Cornyn did not get a warm reception at a recent Texas GOP convention, highlighting mass conservative resistance to new gun control legislation.
Cornyn, to his credit, did not flee from the stage, but he did not address the main reason for the anger in the crowd; his participation in a bipartisan senate working group that seeks to undermine the 2nd Amendment with the ultimate concession of Red Flag laws handed to anti-gun Democrats.

The Media and the FDA Are Complicit in Mass Murder - Dr. Naomi Wolf
"1200 adults died in three months; the FDA knew, and 3700 women lost their babies in just the rollout of the mRNA vaccine ... You've got to understand that these entities are not responsible to the American people anymore. They're wholly-owned by entities like Pfizer, which is a global corporation with close ties to China."

“Leaders are Manufacturing Artificial Threats” – Yuval Noah Harari
Mind Manipulation: "The Easiest Way to Grab People's Attention Is to Make Them Frightened"
Yuval Noah Harari: So if you want to distract the public from issues like government corruption, or deteriorating health care system or deteriorating education system, the best thing is to find an external enemy that threatens the survival of the nation." "And this is why very often, even in a situation when there is no real threat, leaders are manufacturing artificial threats."

The End of Oil & Gas in Biden’s America

The Diary From HELL

Extinction Rebellion activists were forcibly removed by furious Italian motorists after they blocked a busy motorway in Rome on Thursday.
Demonstrating over environmental issues, the protesters sat in a row across Rome's Raccordo - the city's main ring-road and one of its busiest - holding banners.

Federal Reserve Chair Powell: "Rapid changes are taking place in the global monetary system that may affect the international role of the dollar." A US central bank digital currency (CBDC) is being examined to "help the US dollar's international standing." Fed servers will be coming online in February 2023.


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