Part of a dark humor series of truth

Part of a dark humor series of truth

series of dark humor truth

Part of a series of dark humor truth

Produced in 2012 predicting the pandemic.

A good friend gave me their old VitaMix Blender and I am testing it out after doing a thorough clean of the device. This is replacing a China knock off device of similar function. VitaMix is made in the US of A, Cleveland Ohio!

Model: Total Nutrition Center VM-0103

My mother helped me get what I needed to be able to video and edit the material for family videos. I use to do this a lot in my years of editing with Adobe Premiere on Windows. Now I am editing on Linux using Davinci Resolve Studio (dongle license), and have to say it is so much better experience for the creative editing process than any version of Premiere I had ever used in my 20+ years using Premiere.

Prepping and cooking food for potluck that occurred today. Took a sabbatical for most of yesterday to reflect and recharge. Doing a bit of that today as well.

FoodGram is a simple program to track your food intake. Future versions to include charting. FoodGram runs on Linux only. Binaries available in the future at

I didn't see on YouTube yet the full high quality segment of the Apple parodies expressed in Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race that included the 1984 Superbowl Macintosh commercial context. So I had fun combing the two with an ending of what good is an iPhone without reception in "Middle Earth."

Enjoy and be sure to check out the actual movie franchise "Iron Sky!"

Sarah Page-Wells on Fox Chicago 32

two peer reviewed papers on plant based health on inhibiting replication of viruses including COVID-19


1 CBD:
2 Glycyrrhizin:

BlackBerry's John Chen and Fox host chatter about BB phones and promise for new phone.

New instrument for live performances is this glockenspiel, used first time in this video. Bands include Sid Yiddish and His Candystore Henchmen (Conducting Organized Chaos) and Theme is Trapezoid at

Spoken at the People's Church of Chicago on 2021/12/05 as a layperson service by Jason P.
Passages: Genesis 6: 1-8; Extra Canonical: 1 Enoch 7:1-6; 10:1-2; Gospel: Luke 3:1-6

This TTS adaptation using AWS Polly.

Part 1 of the prep and cooking for TG with four guest later.

Aside from the video, you can use the peels for filtered water in a pitcher. You can also eat some peels to help with a headache/migraine.

Last part of the audio is reversed to reveal "hidden" message.

A Netflix Production....source:

In the months before his 50th birthday and in the aftermath of an appearance on network TV, Chicago punk performance poet Sid Yiddish looks to the public for greater acceptance while he works to reconcile his bohemian persona with a tormented past.

Directed and edited by Ryan Buckley
Cinematography by Zach Mehrbach


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Page Telegram brings the sparkle of the old into the new, revitalizing the touch of hand-typed documents from a mechanical type-witter sent to public officials and constituents for public concerns and solutions. This channel is created for advocating education on health and creativity.

Page Telegram also offers several modes of transmission including hand delivery in Chicago as well as robo-faxing your letter to Congress via a US Robotics Fax Modem.

Page Telegram can also ghost write creative works such as poems to person's love one based on that persons insights, format and focus areas.