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Patriot Fire



This is video of hundreds of illegal border crossers in Yuma on the Colorado river. Biden has reduced the Border Patrol has being the helper of the cartel human traffickers and chaperone of the illegal crossers. This video was made in late May of 2022.

Biden has gutted the Title 42 policy is supposed to return all illegal crossers to Mexico, due to Covid. Now most of the illegal crossers are being quickly released into the US.

The cartels recruit customers that are likely to be released. Mexico is refusing to accept the return of those from countries other than Mexico and a few neighboring countries. Department of Homeland Security does not have the resources to return large number of people from countries all around the world and the home countries may not accept the return of it's own citizens. For this reason the composition of those crossing has changed from Mexican and Central Americans to citizens of other countries who are likely to be released.

Jesse Cannon rallies in 2017 with other anarcho-communists, socialists, La Raza and Black racial nationalists in Downtown Sand Diego at a special, anti-Trump May Day event. A few Proud Boys counter-protested.

Cannon is of note, because he has been charged with leading a conspiracy to riot against a pro-Trump rally in Pacific Beach, just three days after the 1/6 episode. It will be the first conspiracy charge against Antifa to be prosecuted in the US.

My other uploaded videos of Jesse Cannon can be viewed here. I still have a a couple more to upload.

A rally against Trump in San Diego in August of 2017. Not surprisingly, the march abounds with communist and revolutionary symbolism. At the end, Jesse Cannon appears, the lead Antifa in San Diego, with three of his weak-looking cohorts. He tries to make me leave but several policemen are standing nearby and tell him to move along.

Cannon is of note, because he has been charged with leading a conspiracy to riot against a pro-Trump rally in Pacific Beach, just three days after the 1/6 episode. It will be the first conspiracy charge against Antifa to be prosecuted in the US.

My other videos of Jesse Cannon can be viewed here. I will have a few more to upload.

Translation notes.
"Compa" is short for "Companero". Companero can be translated as "comrade", given the large amount of communist and revolutionary symbolism in this event.

"Raices" is notmally translated as "roots", but it has ha deeper political meaning in the context of American Hispanic or La Raza politics. So "Raices sin Fronteras" is translated here as "Hispanic Culture without Borders", implying Hispanics recognize no national borders in the American continents, especially not the American southern border.

This is video taken of a Proud Boy / Alt Right counter-protest to an Anti-Trump protest in July, 2017. Jesse Cannon, the then wannabe leader of antifa in San Diego showed up to provoke the counter-protesters. After the police told him to leave, some Proud Boys followed him to confront him.

Cannon is of note, because he has been charged with leading a conspiracy to riot against a pro-Trump rally in Pacific Beach, just three days after the 1/6 episode. It will be the first conspiracy charge against Antifa to be prosecuted in the US.

My other videos of Jesse Cannon can be viewed here. I will have a few more to upload.

Rodney Scott, the former national chief of the Border Patrol, explains the extreme crisis at the border, now being inflicted upon the US by the Biden administration. Last month 240 thousand illegal crossers were apprehended (May, 2022). This would be an annual rate of nearly 3 million if it continues. Not all of them are being released, but apparently, the large large majority are. It likely will just get worse, as the Biden administration implements new means of releasing more and more illegals into America.

About two-thirds of Border Patrol agents are not able to patrol the border any longer, because they are too busy processing the paperwork for illegal border crossers.

Title 42, which required all illegal crossers to be immediately returned to Mexico has been gutted by Biden with all kinds of exceptions and most of the illegals are being released into the US in spite of Title 42 still being in effect.

Control of the border has been conceded to the cartels, The cartels push large groups of asylum fraudsters across the border, in order to distract the Border Patrol while they transport large quantities of drugs across the border.

The only reason the Border Patrol is not being completely overwhelmed is only because the cartels need a few agents on the border, in order to register the illegal crossers and transport them to the Border Patrol station, where they will be assisted onward in the journey into the American interior to live illegally and eventually produce millions of new voters for progressive Democrats.

Biden has started the first phase of a program in Texas, which allows government bureaucrats to grant asylum, without having it adjudicated by a court. Such a program based on government employees making the decisions without a judge or prosecutor would be very vulnerable to infiltration by leftist radicals and also to bribery. This would open the floodgates at the border even much more than they are already, making it impossible to deport these people in the future. We already have chaos at the border and the Border Patrol has been turned into an organization that assists the cartels in helping these people to cross the border illegally, instead of protecting the border.

The way things have been done up to now is that those who skip their court hearings or are rejected for asylum get an automatic deportation order from the court. Which means they could, in principle, be immediately deported at some point in the future, because they already have a deportation order from a court. Biden wants to make it so that, once the millions of perspective new voters are allowed in and approved by a bureaucrat, we can never get rid of them.

In spite of Title 42 still being in place, which requires all illegal border crossers to be returned immediately, hordes of illegal aliens are still being released into the US. The Border Patrol is so overwhelmed that they cannot do drug and terrorist interdiction. They are spending all of their time processing mostly fraudulent asylum seekers. This is because Biden has created so many loopholes in the policy that probably more are released now than are turned back to Mexico.

There are exceptions for pregnant woman and "unaccompanied minors". Also, Mexico will only accept the return of citizens of certain countries, Mexico, Central America and Cuba. Many from other countries are simply released into the US, even though Title 42 is still in effect. Of course, when Title 42 is lifted it will be even much worse than this.

The main crossing point in Yuma is at the edge of the Cocopah Indian reservation.

The reporter in Yuma talks about illegal crossers dying in the desert, but the place that they are walking across is only about 100-200 yards from Highway 2 in Mexico, where they are dropped off. The Colorado River is dry at that point. The ones dying in the desert are those who do not want to file a fake asylum claim and are trying to avoid being caught by the Border Patrol. So, they take a route in the desert.

Univision interviews several people in Piedras Negras, who were hoping to be able to cross the border illegally in massive numbers after Biden lifts policy based on the Health Care Law (Title 42). The policy allowed asylum seekers, who cross the border illegally to be returned to Mexico immediately. A judge approved any injunction to keep the policy in place, as least temporarily. Biden already made some huge exceptions to this policy for pregnant women and so-called "unaccompanied minors". Of course, most of these people are not qualified for asylum and will end up living illegally in the US, if they are able to cross.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott explains how mass illegal border crossing is used as a distraction to aid smuggling of those on the terrorist watch list, as well as smuggling of drugs across the border.

Scott was chief agent in San Diego and also national chief of the Border Patrol. A straight-shooter, he was fired when he put the law before Biden’s personal, politically-correct edict. Biden ordered the Border Patrol to stop using the term “illegal alien”. Chief Scott pointed out that “illegal alien” is the legal term contained in the law and for that reason had to be used in official documents.

The is the "Tigres de Norte" Raza (brown) supremacy video that AMLO, the president of Mexico, suggest Governor Abbott of Texas watch in response to the threat by Abbott of declaring illegal border crossing to be an invasion. The title is "Somos mas Americanos" (We are more American), It's subtitled so that all of us can appreciate the content of it. Zach de la Rocha, lead singer of Rage Against the Machine, has said that the US is one of the most brutal countries in the world and should be overthrown. However, he has chosen to live in the US and has a net worth of $25 million. She video below

Popular live-streamer Oscar "El-Blue" Ramirez admits conviction for smuggling meth for a cartel. Oscar works for Border Network News and Real America's Voice.

Learn more here:

An overview of the encampment of refugees from Ukraine with comments.

Trump gushes praise of Putin's ruthless, murderous terrorist tactics in Ukraine. Trump has frequently shown in the past that he admires dictators and despises those who follow a constitutional system of law. Putin has been insinuating that he will nuke the US or other countries that interfere in his unprovoked attack on Ukraine.

This excerpt was taken from the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, podcast on February 22, 2022.

A news report about the trafficking of underage girls across the southern border with Mexico to be exploited as prostitutes in the US. This is just one small part of the criminal networks that are expanding in the US, fueled by illegal immigration and asylum fraud. I'm sure some of the profits from these criminal operations are used to pay off key politicians in the US, so that they can continue to do business and grow.

You can read other reports in English at these links:

Press Release by the Department of Justice

Report by PIX 11 News in New York.

Wacko murder-cult member, Michael the Black Man, is a devotee to Yahweh ben Yahweh, who led a cult that committed one of the largest serial murders in US history. YbY is now dead, but Michael is still a follower and considers himself to be the successor to the murder cult leader. Michael has known Trump for many years. He said Trump calls him his “best friend” and that they have a financial deal. Trump pays for Michael and his fellow cult members to attend his rallies and sit directly behind him on stage, so that he can have a few faces of the black cult members in video of his rallies.

He said that I have no right to take his video, but taking video is legal and he had no right to be in our Jacuzzi. I told him he was trespassing and I was going inside to call the police. When I came back outside, he was on his way out. As a parting shot, he plays with himself and displays the size of his semi-erect penis though his pants. This took place in San Diego, Ca.

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The suspected meth user and bicycle thief does not like video of him being taken. Notice his "meth mouth" . A police supervisor told me that they all have outstanding warrants. It's because the miss court dates and/or they have more serious crimes outstanding. I have found that if you take video of them and they know it, they don't tend to come back. This guy was thought to be a real bad actor. My understand is that a group of neighbors confronted this guy and roughed him up a bit, which motivated him to move out of this neighborhood.

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Univision explains to the Spanish-speaking public how Biden has created a loophole in Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program and how fraudulent asylum seekers can take advantage of it. They just have to claim to have a fear of being returned to Mexico and call an attorney while they are still in the US.

Illegal immigration and Asylum Fraud Playlist

These two transients seem to have forgotten where they left something. My guess is it's their stash of Meth. I say "bye" to them at the end, because I wanted them to know they were being watched and recorded.

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A presumed meth user prowling the canyon armed with a 2x4. Sometimes they are just looking for a place to sleep, others may be looking for a safe place to stash their drugs or stolen goods. A street criminal was arrested earlier for selling drugs, which he stashed in this same place under the building. I would guess this guy may have drugs in his backpack that he needs to hide somewhere.

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Mexico passes out humanitarian visas to caravan members, so that they can travel easily by bus to the US border without need to hire a cartel coyote to smuggle to them to the border.

Irineo Mujica is the leader of this caravan and a couple of weeks earlier he was boasting that he would lead a caravan of ten thousand to the Arizona border. His original caravan had about four thousand members. The Mexican police and National Guard whittled it down to a few hundred via multiple confrontations on the highway. A resident of Chicago, Mujica is reportedly funded by George Soros. Probably some pro-illegal organization paid for these visas and the appropriate cartel probably got their cut as they normally do.

This seems like it may be a face-saving measure for Mujica for him to be able to disband he group without taking it all the way to the border. A large caravan at the border gets attention from the media, which would embarrass Biden. Having this one disperse will not mean that any less number of illegals cross the US border, but that they will not show up as a large group. This allows the illegal immigration to go forward in record numbers without upsetting too much the American public. The great majority of illegals and asylum fraudsters come quietly in smaller groups, trafficked by the cartels, as Americans sleep on while their country is being colonized.

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This a appears to be a young man, who is of age, with a younger, Underaged lover. No wonder he does not want their video taken.

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A couple of street people smoking meth behind our condominium project in the canyon.

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Two people eating breakfast from our dumpster. Normally, it's locked. If they know you are recording them or even that you are watching the place and notice them they tend to stop coming around.

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This man was displaying a knife and tried to enter our building garage. Called the police and they arrested him. Our homeless problem in San Diego seems to be mostly due to meth use and mental illness. I assume this guy is a meth user. I was told his tweaking at his skin was a sign of heavy meth use.

The police will not come right away in San Diego, unless there is an imminent threat to someone. I told them that he was displaying a knife and had tried to get into our garage that was enough. A police supervisor said all of them have outstanding warrants and they didn't need me to press charges.


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