In this example, I support it.
But to be COMPLETELY HONEST with you,

Alex Jones is ONE OF THEM.
He's probably not a street level gangstalker HIMSELF,
but he's OWNED, by the SAME GROUP of organized crime, who runs it.

AJ is is spinning fantasy scenario's about being the victim of the crimes of his master. The same way the parasite HABITUALLY plays victim about its own crimes, racism, world wars, virus bio-weapon, so that you think that it CANT be the parasite doing it, becasue parasite is the "victim".

AJ is crisis actor'ing, about being the victim of his own masters crimes.
So that you think that he MUST NOT BE WORKING FOR THE PARASITE,
or that its NOT his parasite master doing it, because he's the victim of it.
But he is, it is and it never happened.



Watch the parasite use its ABC news to play outraged about a bunch of GAY MOLESTATION in the Boy Scouts, as if it has everything to do with the Boy Scouts, and nothing to do with GAYS.

How long have GAYS been trying so hard to be a troop leader in the boy scouts? Ever since lying about being a gay to get into the Boy Scouts?

(...get into the boy scouts...)

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Watch Tau Braun (Psychologist, Child Counselor, Biochemical Engineering, New York/Florida), explain how big Pharma Bio-Weapons must be everything EXCEPT, victoria nudlemans "Defensive Bio-Weapon" labs in Ukraine.

Watch the parasite cleverly attempt to discredit the truth about vaccine bio-weapons, by having a strange unshaven clown from central casting say it.

Also featuring brian ardis, Judy Mikovits and mel k

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