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We are kept in a state of fear so that we can be controlled and exploited. Let's not fall for it this time!

Especially since war with a nuclear-armed opponent really IS something to fear.

Ranked Choice voting is a simple step up from our archaic voting system. We Greens have been promoting this for a long time!

There's even better ways - the Oregon constitution allows proportional counts, for example. Find out more at

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We can't allow corporations to control our public debate.

Excerpts from Freedom of Choice Rally, Wayne Morse Plaza, Eugene
March 12, 2022

Organized by Free Lane County, Free Oregon and People's Rights

Del Bigtree speaks in Portland, last bastion of covid mania in the entire world.

Attended by us "far right" Green Party members.

A couple of Antifa nuts showed up and started whacking a metal statue like a drum, like that would bother a bunch of hippies. Reality still eludes some folks.

Jack Dresser, Ph.D.

Salem, OR Feb 1, 2022

Additional developments from the latter half of 2021

Jackson Calhoun, Teens for Medical Freedom, discussing forming a mandate-free farmers market in Portland

Nov 20, 2021 Children's Health Defense Rally

Attorney Steven Joncus discusses planned legal action against school board for mandating experimental vax

"Anti" Fa hecklers had left at this point.

November 20, 2021

black-bloc Fa heckler in the background, they eventually left

Dr. Steve LaTulippe speaks at the Portland rally against Oregon's infamously draconian mask and vax mandates.

Even holding a rally against Democrat party line positions is dangerous. You can hear the anonymous coward clad in ninja garb heckling him, even unwittingly admitting that we should not trust the government.

Nov 14, 2021 at the Capitol
Stop the Mandates
Hosted by River Church

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The list of Oregon legislators who have taken Pfizer money since Feb. 2020. Plus Kate Brown during her terms as governor.

Mike Colomb speaking about the model of PMA networks as a shield against government overreach (vak mandates)

more at (not a service endorsement by PGPLane)

Rally against vakk mandates for school staff in Springfield Public Schools.

Pioneer and Q
October 11, 2021

September 23, 2021
Corvallis Firefighters face extreme segregation measures under vaccine exemptions

Salem, September 18, 2021

by Jack Dresser

By Jack Dreser


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