This guy came out of the building with an attitude trying to direct me with his fingers. He got to know who I am real fast.

I used my spy pen to catch Constable Lalonde off guard. I asked him questions about the symbols he sports and could not give me good answers. Check it out!

The Real Ancient Teachings on Easter, Eggs, Afterlife & Resurrection DECODED by Sanchez -

The Symbols tell us who our enemy truly is.

These statues look awful.

We older men should be fighting wars if they are legit. The days of sending our young to war are over. Wake up people!!!

These Arcs are all over the World. It's the Romans way of saying we conquered this land.

The lions at the gates.

The Pharaohs rule over us still by using the Postal Offices, Ports and Banks.

That was a great speech.

It seems that these officers don't know what the symbols they sport mean.

Had to share this one!!!

More footage from Rolling Thunder Ottawa, Canada.

Police where letting the vehicles idle. With the price of gas these days, our government has a lot of nerve!!!

It looks like the police were leading the freedom march!!!

Captured some footage of the Rolling Thunder event in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

There must be a reason for it, that the majority of humanity are absolutely incapable of identifying the lies of our Masters and be so incredible obedient to this evident evil, and it's not because they're stupid, so there must be some other reason; there are people, who are far more intelligent than I am, but they just can't see it. Me Homie Hross has come to the conclusion, that humanity has been programmed with a binary system in their preset brain functions. The next question is, how do we get this out of their brains, so the entire humanity can pierce through the clouds of deception into the devastating truth about our Low-Liar-Leaders.

Sean Hross, GIUREH, Homieland Sickurity, Chatzefratz, The Pharaoh Show

Please download and share these videos!!!

Sean Hross, GIUREH, CHatzefratz, Homiland Sickurity

Please download and share these videos!!!

Sean Hross, GIUREH, Chatzefratz, Homieland Sickurity,

Please download and share these videos!!!

Sean Hross, GIUREH, Homieland Sickurity, Chatzefratz.

Download and share these videos please!!!

In order for the sleeple not to lose their trust in their Masters, the Masters have divided their executioners into a legal Mafia with shiny uniforms and an illegal Mafia, that works in the dark. Therefore each wing of the Nobility's executioners have their own Protector Saint; these two executioner wings are like the evil twins out of the beast mother, where the illegal wing have the Archangel Saint Michael, and their legal wing have Saint George. The Nobility's illagal Mafia brings them billions of Dollars each year to nourish the Nobility's extensive offspring, and their legal uniformed Mafia therefore protect their illegal Mafia like two brotherly hands working together. The uniformed Mafia comes out of the Knights Templars and therefore have Saint George as their protector Saint, who are working together on their Saint George Guidestones project by the Slayer Saints and their adepts who Pray & Slay.

Please watch and listen to the information within this video. It is one of Sean Hross' first documentaries about the Switzerland and the land of the Pharaohs. Download and share these videos.

Another great video presentation from the great Sean Hross at GIUREH. This one is filled with so much evidence against the neutral country we call Switzerland. Sean explains how Sicily and Italy are the southern rule and that Switzerland is the northern rule of the Aryans, Aristocrats, Freemasons, Templars, Teutonic Knights and Royalists. Please share far and wide these great videos. We need to keep this information alive and available.


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