This is a specialty item for intellectuals wanting another glimpse and deeper understanding of the banality of evil, including genocidal stupidity. Careers are often lost or made by behaving honestly or not, including thinking and saying truthfully or not, and once the not becomes the lodestar it tends to anchor and orient all cognition, including interior monologues, facilitating—but not originating—very great evils. Terence Kealey provides an especially illuminating series of examples of such in the body of the talk—skip the Q&A unless it grabs you.

The Great Reset has been happening for some time now in many different ways. The mind set, the climate, the milieu has been a long time coming. One clear example is the open contempt for individual rights, freedom and welfare by making such concerns subservient to a technocratic bureaucracy that pretends to care for them while viciously ignoring and exploiting them. In this video, the European Union’s commitment to ignore the medical health and welfare of its population in favor of medical equipment companies (that make Implants) is on full display. Proudly and defiantly, the EU granted such companies the power to self-certify their own defective goods, transforming its own citizenry into helpless Guinea pigs without recourse.

The Canadian Ministry of Truth welcomes those who prune the ranks of dissident truth-tellers. On a similar note, the US Ministry of Truth has been rolling out the red carpet to Julian Assange for over a decade but he has shown gross ingratitude by declining such generous hospitality. Thank heaven that Eva Bartlett is safe residing in Russia.

"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past."

One of Andrei Martyanov’s favorite themes is the idiocy, illiteracy, ignorance and absence of both culture and civilization among the American political class and its military and strategic advisors (i.e. controllers). Such abysmal conditions create the frightening possibility of thermonuclear war through inadvertence. The accompanying ZOOM interview of our former commander-in-chief makes all this frighteningly obvious. I do not know the date of the interview itself, but it is pleasing to think that it was inspired by his public profession of being the unnamed actor in the sentence condemning “The decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.”

Who does such shit and why?!!? Apparently both Zev Zelenko and (perhaps) Robert Malone were taken in by it because the edited version expresses the truth even though it is not what Bourla said. The edited version is plausible because it is close enough to the kind of immunized off-hand remarks that are so often made at Davos.

On the other side's websites and in their articles will be examples of our Truth leaders embracing nonsense, and anyone who does not already know the Globalist Agenda who sees the present post about the EDITING will quickly conclude that the view unfairly attributed to Bourla by this video is false even though it is true enough, because the attribution from this video is false and unfair. The edited version may be our wet dream but because it is fake it shoots us in the foot. I am very sorry to see it flooding Bitchute. It was scrubbed by at least Rumble and Odysee and despite my hating censorship I would not mind it being taken down by Bitchute (with an explanation to the posters) because it is a nasty cruel hoax that undermines the goals of every sincere person who posts it: they are all shooting themselves and us in our collective feet.

This is a very painful video to watch because what is going on in Canada is plain. Canada, led by WEF globalist Justin Trudeau—one of their former Young Global Leaders—has imposed an open tyranny on its population that with few exceptions is too timid and too befuddled to resist. Many support the repression: I met an Ottowa couple in the States that wholly backed Trudeau—who declared a state of emergency over peaceful protests, seized bank accounts, and jailed the trucker leaders—because the honking was so noisy!

In this video even more is at stake. Canada is deliberately murdering COVID patients that come to hospital by refusing effective treatment, administering lethal treatments, and stripping the licenses of MDs who effectively treat the disease on an outpatient basis following the FLCCC protocols. Trudeau and the globalists do so because effective treatment is not part of the universal vaccination protocol designed to usher in the NWO via vaccine passports and state-regulated cryptocurrencies. This is not a public health emergency; this is a social control and population reduction program.

Naturally, all relevant medical and scientific evidence is ignored and all dissent is silenced as much as possible. But since it is all for the common good, there is nothing to worry about. Just trust the algorithm and ignore vaccine injuries or attribute them to COVID-19.

There are two world-changing events taking place that threaten the end of the world and humanity as we know it. One of them is Russia’s military operation against Ukraine that threatens the uni-polar order led by the US hegemon and guided by Zionist neoconservatives that arose after the collapse of the Soviet Union. This <I>claque au visage</I> would be an entirely positive event but for the threat of nuclear annihilation that it poses from unhinged USA neocons. The other such event is the Globalist COVID coup serving as the tip of the spear to subordinate human freedom and dignity to a neo-feudal totalitarianism under the guise of protecting our health, i.e., the biomedical security states with vaccine passports as the Mark of the Beast. This is an entirely odious event under any description or understanding. Others have spilled enough ink providing the details of both issues, but perhaps those who compare the USA’s decline and demise to that of Rome often fail to notice that its self-destruction is not wholly a descent into decadence through a perversion of the values that one made the country great. It is a guided self-destruction constituting a “revolution from above” that seeks to destroy everything decent in the society and Western civilization. As the nomenklatura of the USSR cynically destroyed its norms and goals to enrich themselves, the globalist operatives and their followers are implementing similar destruction and seizure of power here and throughout the world. Russia’s impending victory against US hegemony is mirrored by the WEF & its fiend’s determinations to take control of every aspect of our lives in order to subordinate us, and eventually to exterminate us at their leisure when the time seems appropriate. Importantly, even though Putin still fails to understand both COVID and the key issue of central banking (despite the ruble doing so well), Russia is on the cusp of withdrawing from the WTO and W.H.O. and Putin has publicly expressed his horror and disgust at Western degeneracy, notably damning the elective mutilation of children’s genitalia as “crimes against humanity.”

One big leg of the Globalist journey toward complete control of the world is now being traversed by Bill Gates—a major public face of the globalist cartel—and the World Health Organization that he largely controls. (Only Gates’s contributions and their use within the W.H.O. are entirely discretionary, constituting in essence a sanctioned and protected bribe.) Jimmy Dore gets it, and says it well and succinctly.

Even when someone in political power has the courage to tell the truth, both the masses and most of the intelligentsia are too deaf and dumb to hear and understand it. The net is scattered with videos of rare MPs or their equivalents from various countries rising to an empty house to tell the story of globalist democide but nobody pays heed except those who already know. Most recently Douglas Brodie of Nairn Scotland laid out the entire WEF & friends program to little or no avail, but it moved me to post this video from the archives. Scotland: A Second Letter to MSP on How the Government Abuses the General Public

Use the links to the original PDF documents to read the writing on the wall, then watch the video posted here in which the honorable Ann Bressington, and independent member of the South Australian Legislative Council forward the world we are now inhabiting on February 2, 2013.

On my way back from shopping I saw that a neighbor in my WOKE hood had written in bold script on the rear windshield of his hatchback "I stand with Ukraine!" There is no talking to these mindless idiots—believe me, I have tried—whose heads are filled by extensions of the TV tube, and who derive a sense of satisfaction and superiority from ignoring or batting away any facts you try to draw to their attention. The next time you get all misty about humanity it may help to keep such people in mind.

I get misty and choked up about the Russian people, who still have a culture, a sense of right and wrong, a sense of humanity and who are willing to fight for these things. Not for the oligarchs, nor the fourth and fifth columnists, but the people of say, Mariupol, who stood unarmed and helpless in their streets like cattle in opposition to the 2014 coup and were shot down like dogs. I recalled having downloaded a video of a Ukrainian Nazi massacre of a bus caravan retreating from a menacing Maidan to Simferopol. The Nazis doused people with gasoline and almost lit them afire, but settled for hours of violent degradation and humiliation that left many injured, some permanently, and at least seven dead and plowed into a makeshift grave. The Nazis were not fully in power then; burning-Russians-alive had to wait until The Odessa Trade Union Massacre. In one of the 2-3 hours official Russian documentaries, Putin recalled the incident as one of the key events that steeled his resolve about Crimea and led him to tell Obama, “If you want a war, you can have it.” My quote is from memory and may not be verbatim. We can be sure that the Kordun pogrom brought back memories.

The original video is on YouTube only in Russian, but my cached copy has English subtitles. Along with the May 4, 2014 slaughter of pro-Russian protesters in the Odessa Trade Union Building, this short video gives the flavor of the sort of “glory” sought after and treasured by those chanting “Glory to Ukraine!” May they all rot in Hell.

Below is a description to supplement the video:

The Nazis attacked people, beat them with sticks, threw stones at them, burned some buses along with people, with all their belongings and documents, and shot many of them. “A minibus blocked the road for us, and one of the boys was run over from another bus ... His ear was torn off, his leg was broken, but he fought for his life ... The ambulance refused to hospitalize him.“ The dogs have no spikes. ”On the next at the Bandera checkpoint, the bus was stopped again. A Nazi started shooting, wounded the driver. The bus on the right caught fire. I was beaten and wanted to be raped by two "Maidanists", but a certain Nazi named Stepan said that, they say, she was a girl, therefore "they are scurrying over nei ne treba." But our boys were put on their knees, forced to sing the hymn "Nenki". If someone didn't know the word or got lost, they started beating. Then they began to undress and take off our guys' shoes. For what, I did not understand. I still don't understand. Fascists took fragments from broken windows in buses and began to fill the mouths of "Muscovites" with this glass: "Yish, cattle Moskalske, sklo." We were beaten with our heads on the glass of the bus .. In addition, a boy was tied to a tree, and adult women Nazis beat him with visible pleasure for two hours, " Oksana Medieva told reporters.
“Some managed to escape and hide in the woods,” recalled Sergey Palkin from Dzhanko. “But those who escaped were hunted by the local residents with the Kiev fascists, as if they were wild beasts. I and several comrades managed to get to the railway station and leave on the nearest train, but when we were making our way through the forest we repeatedly heard how the hiding was being raided, how the pursuers giggle and hoot, how people shout, ask the Nazis not to kill them, and in response - shots."
... Ultimately, the anti-Maidan supporters were released and they returned to Simferopol. Only now, NOT ALL RETURNED ... THE NAZIS COME TO THE POWER in Kiev in February 2014. All Little Russia by the spring of 2014 was captured by misanthropists, the scum of humanity!

I’ve often liked the COVID-19 coverage from UNHERD over the past two years but have grown to dislike its fruity English toff host, Freddie Sayers. In this interview Freddie displays the worst qualities of effete condescension and disinformation, frequently asking Russian diplomat Dmitriy Polyanskiy with disdain what line or talking point Russia cares to adopt to disguise what Freddie dear sees as a undeniable truth: Russia without any provocation or justification invaded the sovereign state of Ukraine and has failed miserably to achieve any of its goals. Freddie conveys that in woke-world Nazis deserve tolerance if not appreciation just like everybody else. Freddie cannot help giving himself virtue points for his “courage” in inviting a Russian diplomat to give his side of the story even though he does not want to hear it.

The very direct and unflappable Polyanskiy remains clear, focused and informative: one would never surmise from Western media coverage that U.S.-guided Ukraine had, just for starters, conducted slow-motion genocide against the civilian population of the Donbass since an illegal 2014 bought-and-paid for coup guided by the U.S. neoconservatives who then installed the puppets of their choice. It’s a shame that Polyanskiy rather than the bumbling Dimitri Peskov is not the Kremlin spokesperson. If someone does not see the difference between a violent but limited military operation and a full-blown war against Ukraine then I have no argument except to express the hope that NATO’s determination to frustrate the former does not necessitate the latter.

COVID-19 is a monstrous globalist PSY-OP, but it’s built around a genuine bio-weapon. The scheme has been to exaggerate its danger, smash the effective preventive and treatment measures, institute medical martial law and arrogate unto the state all powers for unlimited tyranny, of course for the common good. The devolution of the original Wuhan SARS-CoV-2 into the milder OMICRON variants has led most people in a state of security, but Geert Vanden Bossche makes an argument that the next mutation is going to occur in the next few months and is going to be very deadly to the vaccinated, but not the unvaccinated.

The argument he makes in this video is difficult and complex, and quite different from his original one that vaccinating into the pandemic with a partially sterilizing vaccine guarantees development of a new variant. The former relies upon the fact that there are suppressed variants already formed that the partially sterilizing vaccine endows with a competitive advantage that permits them to replace the original strain. This argument delves into the micro-physiology at work at a biological level that creates the potential for the virus to develop a simple sugar shield—the new variant—that will be able both to penetrate the lungs and wreak havoc once there. As Del opines, this will result in tyrannical lock-downs while the newborn Ministry of Truth will blame the unvaccinated for the deaths of the vaccinated and try to forcibly vaccinate all of us so that we can all be as safe as the rest of the other injured and dead. This will preserve Mother Nature for the blessed globalists who alone deserve to inhabit the planet.

Anyone who has studied covert operations understands that Americans live in a fictional world created and maintained by a CIA-CFR controlled media that they embrace with all the fervor of a precious faith. The distance between fact and fiction has metastasized into an impenetrable tangle that cannot be breached, whether the topic is UKRAINE, COVID-19, 9/11, Stolen Elections, Trump collusion with Russia, Assad gassing his own people, or ruling class pedophilia. One of the clearest voices about the degeneracy into which the US has sunk is retired colonel and former state senator Richard Black. Here, in interview with the Schiller Institute he speaks about Ukraine, Syria, NATO’s war against Russia and the depraved sensibility of the U.S. leadership. The power and importance of this interview is not simply because of the topics he addresses, but also it reveals the profound and unbridgeable gap between fantasy and reality that reduces so much of American political dialogue activity to useless babble and chaos.

In this 2015 interview, which I suspect is before Harari became the darling futuristic spokesperson for the WEF, the historian reveals what made him so appealing to a self-assessed Übermensch like Klaus Schwab. Mid interview, Harari exposes his concern that society must address the problem of what to do with the "unnecessary" or "useless" man on the future--the one who used to be a worker or soldier but in the future society no longer is or can be such, so he has become, though the very Hebrew Israeli Harari stops short of uttering the words, a "useless eater." Harari proposes to solve the problem with drugs and computer games; in later videos it is drugs and computer pornography. The elite need not be concerned with such matters because the future of medicine will be directed at giving them an approximation of eternal life and all the pleasures and activities that come with great wealth and unlimited resources.

Some effort from the viewer is required at times to ignore the unseemly flirtation of the interviewer, to which Harari responds with demurely interlaced and placed fingers.

Glenn Greenwald provides a moving yet depressing tour de force of the decline of US journalism mirroring the general systemic destruction of democracy and Western civilization. Where once journalism was directed at exposing the treachery of the powerful and keeping them at bay, it has been transmogrified (especially under the guidance of Bezos) into an organized witch hunt against the weak and powerless citizens who have the wrong politics or ideology and dare to express it. The case in point is the recent bout of disgusting self-pity by WaPo "journalist" Taylor Lorenz who doxed a Twitter conservative whose only crime was to re-post the offensive videos of the "left" and expose their inanity, which may be viewed here "Journalists Face Online Harassment" Deeper students of history may take pause in commending Daniel Ellsberg's exposé of the Vietnam War. It was possibly a CIA-CFR decision to shift blame for this ill-conceived CFR operation onto the Pentagon because the war's economic deficit forced the US off the gold standard and its retreat to the petrodollar as a strategy to maintain its power, but this is a caveat. Ellsberg is a CFR member. All donations to Greenwald.

A short propaganda masterpiece from the WEF offering up one world leader after another blathering unintelligible platitudes as a cover for global despotism. Its most chilling aspect is that although we see it for the pied piper nonsense that it is, we are not its target audience, and its target audience is more than susceptible: it is enthralled.

An informative cautionary anti-hero tale from Greg Reese of InfoWars warns against embracing Elon Musk as a free-speech champion determined to save democracy by purchasing control of Twitter. Musk is also at least vain, petty, ruthless, dishonest and back-stabbing. If the theme of this video were exaggerated a bit, Musk might soon enough claim to be one of Twitter's founders. Musk is also a champion of AI, neuro-linking our brains to artificial intelligence, and supports COVID vaccinations.

Pierre Kory leads a wonderful discussion (for the research scientist or the very diligent layperson) of the recent TOGETHER trials in Brazil. The WSJ flashed headlines and detailed accounts of just how--after all the hoopla and fanfare from the crazed "Ivermectin advocates" the largest ever super-scientific TOGETHER trials from Brazil proved once and for all that the drug is worthless against COVID. Except that, just as Meryl Nass, M.D. demonstrated nearly two years ago for hydroxychloroquine, these Big Pharma-sponsored trials were fraudulent from top to bottom. For details of the HCQ issue please see

I watched this video while doing other things, but to make it easier going for the non-researcher, here are several of the key deliberate sins of the study: 1) it was designed to under-dose patients. First by trying to give only a single dose of IVM, then by limiting dosing to three days and limiting the top dosage for someone weighing circa 200 pounds so that the most obese (who are most vulnerable and die from COVID) were inadequately medicated. 2) The control group did not use concurrent usage of IVM as a rule-out condition for participation. Hence, some of the control group patients were also self-treating with IVM (for other conditions). 3) The treatment and control groups were from different time periods. The control group was taken from a period given a mild strain of COVID was afoot (so IVM's utility was limited) while the treatment group was challenged by a devastating strain of COVID so even IVM's power faced a much stiffer challenge: and thus there was no honest comparison between the effects of IVM on the same disease at the same time for the same population. 4) The TOGETHER trial is so large because it compiles a series of smaller ones. The Standard Operating Procedure was to report that the trials “prove” no benefit even when even after all the biases the trials showed change in the direction of benefit but were too small (i.e., under-powered) to reach the arbitrary level of “statistical significance” of 95% certainty. So if a small trial showed only 3 IVM patients hospitalized but 6 controls hospitalized, instead of saying 50% reduction in hospitalization, TOGETHER said, “look, no effect at all!” even when the stats, properly analyzed, showed a good probability of there being an effect if the sample size were larger. There are many more such instances of cynical fraud. The tragedy is that so much of the scientifically ignorant and morally cowardly medical profession cheered on these results.

Kory correctly places the disinformation campaign into historical context: it follows in the footsteps of Big Tobacco faced with devastating evidence of cigarette carcinogenicity as early as George Seldes' 1938 exposé quoting the real science. The strategy is to create doubt in order to immobilize political action (more research is always needed). This is the same strategy that the CIA used in its control of the media to squash and derail political organization against the public understanding the JFK assassination. Pierre Kory expostulated in anger and dismay, "And it works!"

Maria Zee provides a solid and sobering account of how deeply globalists have infiltrated our governments. Currently, the now well established presence of toxic graphene oxide (or its kin) in vaccine products, and the damage caused to the blood of those injected with them, cannot generate any concern, let alone commitment to to constructive change, from our officials. They are all either in bed with the globalists or hypnotized by them. Be aware that some of the videos of self-assembling nano-particles in response to heat or electric fields may be bogus, but there are enough such videos from reliable sources that it is now very unlikely that all of them are, and the legitimacy of one is more than enough to make the point of the peril we face. If you can, donate to support Maria Zeee.

Kennedy gives an interesting account of how and why he protected his actress wife Cheryl Hines from "woke" Hollywood animus mounted against his perfectly correct comment that unlike Anne Frank who, at least for a time, could flee across a border or hide in an attic, the rest of us will have no place to hide for even a moment if the transhumanist total surveillance state sponsored by such globalists as Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates, succeeds. Kennedy discusses the CIA assassinations of his father and his uncle, softening the facts for the uninitiated. He states that Sirhan Sirhan did not shoot his father--that was done by the CIA operative Thane Eugene Caesar posing as a security guard--but omits that Sirhan was hypnotized by the Agency at the time of the assassination. Still, Kennedy provides an excellent introduction to these assassinations and a revealing portrait of himself as a flawed but decent and enormously courageous human being. [I hope this channel is not monetized in any way. If you want to donate, give to Kelly or Children's Health Defense, Kennedy's website.]

Robert Kennedy Jr. has been blacklisted by the totalitarian cabal that controls our media, Big Pharma, and the Great Reset. Misinformation is refusing to bend the knee to the official COVID narrative of a deadly disease that can be defeated only by vaccines--and only vaccines--that therefore must be "safe and effective." Kennedy's best-selling book, "The Real Anthony Fauci," details the extraordinarily open criminality and corruption that pervades the production and approval of vaccines, COVID and otherwise, and is not a tale that meets popular approval. Although the book is already in its 12th printing, the msm has done its best to pretend that it does not exist. To her credit, Megan Kelly goes a long way towards allowing Kennedy to tell this story, though she might have done better if she (especially being a lawyer) had gone further in appreciating the difference between letting Kennedy air what she describes as his opinion, and letting him provide the evidence that shows it is not simply opinion.

Barbara Loe Fischer's young son was injured by the "safe and effective" DPT vaccine in 1980. She founded the National Vaccine Injury Center in 1982 and has remained the best voice of reason and sanity that the vaccine safety movement has had. (She is one of the few if not the only one who admits some transient protection from COVID symptoms). Here, she lays out the facts for those who don't know them about the awful risks and damages caused by COVID vaccination of children. The talk was posted at NVIC March 7, 2022.

On day 13 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, TV journalist Fahruddin Sharafmal shares his offense at being called a Nazi (which never happened except in his Western-media-muddled mind) by declaring himself to be one; and urging a genocide of all Russian children so that the nation of Russia will disappear.

James Lindsay gives a thumbnail account of CRT, why and how it appeals but must go wrong, and articulates the four principles that must be embraced in order to combat it.

Lindsay very intelligently dismantles what Critical Race Theory is and how it operates to destroy the fabric of American life. He correctly identifies its Marxist origins but like so many others commentators fails to underscore that it is no part of a communist or socialist agenda. Rather, pseudo-Marxist communitarian-egalitarian ideas are being promoted by Global Oligarchs to weaken and destroy the fundamental values and traditions of Western Civilization so that they may destroy the nation-state and issue in the New World Order of Neo-feudal global government, and then trans-humanism. The presentation is the last of four lecture delivered in Tampa Florida mid-2021 and although I haven't seen the others I believe that this one incorporates all their lessons. I also strongly recommend Critical Race Theory: A Two-page Overview

For a very long time the comedian Jimmy Dore had become unwatchable because he had descended into triviality, error, and self-indulgence. Then, as though the Fates had decided to send him a message, he was injured by one of the COVID vaccines and started to think! This excellent video detailing the core role of Nazis in both the Maidan and current Ukrainian politics is one of the fruits of his suffering.


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