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Back in the day when the singers & musicians had real talent and wrote the songs they sang. They wrote and recorded with heart & soul. They meant the things they sang about. And they did it with CLASS. The almighty Terry Kath on lead vocals & guitar.

"American Moon" by Massimo Mazzucco, 2017 -- Professional High Spec Documentary -- Extremely compelling -- I can't imagine a better one ever being made. The 3.5 hours fly by like nothing. A magnificent work of investigative journalism. Jon Rappoport would be proud. BRAVO Massimo Mazzucco! BRAVO! BRAVO!

Yngwie Malmsteen with Alcatrazz in Japan -- January 1984

Yngwie Malmsteen & Ronnie James DIO -- Dream On - 1999
Covering Aerosmith's 1973 song Dream On

Just a little experiment using clips of Alan Watts and Philosopher Newport talking about this life as a spiritually harmless dream.

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Yngwie with Alcatrazz in Japan 28 January 1984

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. If a shot like that doesn't give you brain damage or a stroke or Parkinson's when you're older, nothing will.
KO of the Year 2013
Heavyweight David "Nino" Rodriguez, 36-0 (34KO's), El Paso, TX, suffered his first loss when Darnell "The Ding-A-Ling Man" Wilson, Miami, FL, knocked him out at 2:59 of the 6th and final round. Dec 14, 2013

It's time to wipe that smirk off your face.

Some of the Absolute Best Comedy with your Host Alexander T. Newport --
The comedy featured here must remain nameless in titles & descriptions because the performer hates people sharing his stuff.
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How many microorganisms are there in our bodily fluids? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Is it not a rather daunting task to pick which one to isolate & purify and stick into a human being? And yet "virologists" claim to have "isolated" thousands upon thousands of "viruses" from the bodily fluids of humans & animals. But none of their papers show any true isolation whatsoever. Not even close.

Take some of your own bodily fluid and look at it under a microscope. Now, see all those wiggly-squiggly creatures of all shapes & sizes? See them? Do you honestly believe mankind can figure out what the fuck is going on? He can figure out what each one is, what it does, how it's made, how it interacts and depends on the other wiggly-squiggly creatures even though they are in a petri dish and no longer protected by the body they came from? Really? And have you actually looked at the published scientific papers with the attendant comprehension of the Gold Standard they must measure up to? No, you have never looked at a virus paper in your life. You have never read Koch's Postulates. You're too trusting of profiteers and "experts" who were brainwashed to lie to us, knowing damn well most would never bother to check the evidence.

I cannot & will not monetize this video. Canadian hard-rock guitarist Pat Travers -- only the solos. Tell 'em you heard it on Music I Love with AL NEWPORT!
Compiled & Edited by Alexander T. Newport
02 May 2021

A biased edit of the virus debate between Mark Bailey & Kevin McCairn in May 2022, moderated by Tim Truth.

Watch the Original, full-length upload Link:

Edited highlights from the 1st only known video recorded debate about Viruses & Germ Theory in the 21st Century. Natural-Health Consultant Amandha Vollmer vs Allopath Paul Cotrell, 29 April 2022 Hosted by Jesse Hal.

Yes, there was a short, unintended video recorded debate between Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Judy Mikovitz at a Canadian internet channel in 2021, but as I said, it was not intended nor was it tolerated by the asshole who was hosting the show. So, really, this Vollmer debate is the 1st debate in in the 21st century, in English....and honestly, I can't even find a video/film recorded debate about viruses & Germ Theory from the 20th century!

Full debate available at these channels:
Original Upload - The Missing Link with Jesse Hal
Mirror --
Mirror --
Mirror --
Mirror --

Official Stories with Liam Scheff
Episode 1: "Science Says."

Liam talks about debating the Ph.D. attack dogs who use the term "science" the way religious people use "God" or "the Bible." What is science? Let's define our terms and get to the bottom of the problem.

Science is an interpretation of data. It's not truth, it's not fact; it's not a religious concept free from criticism. It is an interpretation.

And what is data? It's a set of numbers collected, usually from artificial and limited environments that have little to do with reality.

So, what is science, and why should you debate it?

3 Feb 2014

Read "Official Stories" by Liam Scheff to get beneath the myths of modern science... because "official stories exist to protect officials."

Could it be possible that the Deep State has been around since at least the days of John D. Rockefeller? Could it be possible that mankind has been lied to by Big Pharma since the release of the Flexner Report published in 1910? And what about "viruses"? Is there an empirical scientific method for how to prove such a thing exists? is it called Koch's Postulates? And do those postulates demand that a microbe be removed from a sick human/animal and placed solely on its own into a healthy human/animal? Wouldn't a practical experiment by an empirical scientist try at first to simply take a bunch of healthy volunteers and expose them in close contact to a person who is sick with the flu? Has that ever been done?

What if you, dear skeptic, were to go to the CDC or PubMed websites and found published, peer-reviewed papers (ANY OF THEM) claiming a virus has been found and looked at the methodology section and confirmed for yourself that the cell-culture experiment does not in any way, shape or form describe a human or animal being made ill by any lone virus or bacterium?

From Liam:
Let's ask a scientist! They'll tell us what's what.
Learn more about science by not asking any questions and putting your head in a bucket of sand. Or, learn how to be a bad, bad 'denier of science' by questioning today's science, reading the scientific literature critically, and of course, reading "Official Stories," and other deniers-of-science theme books.
Buy his book Official Stories at Amazon
Originally published at Youtube 15 JAN 2014

This mission does not exist, nor will it ever exist.

Well I had a dream the other night
You were in a bar in the corner on a chair
Wearing a long white leather coat
Purple glasses and glitter in your hair
And you said hey this is where I wanna sit
And buy you a drink someday
Well you were going to the dog shows
But you kinda lost your way
Now you say I got all this room
And no money to decorate it
So you found some local customer put you in touch with the man Upstairs
But he said little man you got no business being all frustrated

Whew, you gotta rest
You gotta rest
You gotta rest
You gotta reach down
And pick the crowd up
I wanna reach down
And pick the crowd up
Carry back in my hand
To the promised land
To the promised land

Eww, I had an angel shine my wings
She said nothin' but the best for the golden boy
And she made me promise not to tell I had her under a spell, singing golden words in a broken voice
Now I caught a blessing on the wind
I'm feeling lighter than a breath from a dove
I've got no hands to tie behind my back
And I'm sparkling like a heart attack
And now I've got room to spread my wings and my message is of love
Yea, yea
Love was my drug, but that's not what I died of
So don't you think of me crying louder than some billion dollar baby

Eww, I wanna rest
I wanna rest
I wanna rest
I wanna reach down and pick the crowd up
I wanna reach down and pick the crowd up
Carry back in my hand
To the promised land
To the promised land
To the promised land

Yea, I wanna reach down and pick the crowd up
I wanna reach down and pick the crowd up
And pick the crowd up
Carry back in my hand
To the promised land
To the promised land
To the promised land

Along with "Say Hello 2 Heaven," this is one of two songs Chris Cornell wrote in memory of Andy Wood a few weeks after his death. Wood, who died from a drug overdose in 1990 at age 24, was the lead singer of Mother Love Bone and good friends with Cornell. The Soundgarden frontman formed Temple of the Dog with Wood's bandmates Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament to record an album's worth of material they came up with in reaction to Wood's death. This project led to the formation of Pearl Jam.

Mike McCready told Rolling Stone: "With 'Reach Down' I remember that Chris was like, 'Hey, let's make a super-long song that's the first song on the record that will piss off the record company. Let's make it the first single.' The demo itself was pretty long with Chris playing drums, guitar, bass and singing. I wanted it to be as true to the demo as possible. There's a guitar part that follows his vocal. I wanted to emulate that. I did a couple of guitar passes, but I didn't go as hard as I could because I was very intimidated by this big song. I felt like I could play pretty great. I was way into Stevie Ray Vaughan and I loved blues and all that, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't overstepping my bounds until Chris just said, 'Hey, just go for it.'

I remember I then did it in one take, or at least I think it was one take. I got so into it that my headphones fell off my head towards the end, like the last solo. I just kept playing an E and I could barely hear the speaker. I was like, 'Well, I can't do any better than that.' I just kind of went somewhere else. It was very cathartic."

Chris Cornell – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, banjo, harmonica
Mike McCready – lead guitar, backing vocals
Stone Gossard – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Ament – bass, backing vocals
Matt Cameron – drums, backing vocals

What he said in 1995 is truer today than it was back then! TRULY PROPHETIC!

Charles Bukowski -- Poem written in 1964

Located in Books:
Crucifix in a Deathhand - pg. 49 - 1965
Penguin Modern Poets - pg. 59 - 1968
A Bukowski Sampler - pg. 70 - 1969
Burning in Water Drowning in Flame - pg. 67 - 1974
The Pleasures of the Damned - pg. 56 - 2007
Essential Bukowski: Poetry - pg. 38 - 2016

Audio Recordings featuring Bukowski reading it aloud:
A Cold Turkey Press Special LP - Cold Turkey - 1972 Audio
90 Minutes in Hell LP - Earth Books - 1977 Audio
Bukowski at Bellevue VHS - Black Sparrow - 1988 Audio
70 Minutes in Hell CD - Chinaski Records (bootleg) - 1997 Audio
Poems and Insults CD - Grey Matter - 2004 Audio
Bukowski at Bellevue DVD - Screen Edge - 2004 Audio
12 Great Americans CD - Cold Turkey - 2006 Audio

This poem took my breath away when I first read it in 1988 in my first book of poems by Bukowski: Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame.
Nowadays it just makes me cry my face off.

Original title published 20 March 2016 -- There Are No Science Journalists - PART TWO - American Heretic

From Liam Scheff (RIP)
I don't believe in "big bangs." I don't believe in "magic bullets." I don't believe in "dark matter" and "black holes" and "higgs bosons" and "aids monkeys." I don't believe in vaccines when it means injecting people with weird animal shit and metals. I don't believe in plate tectonics when it means that the entire surface of the earth is supposed to slide around and then dive under itself and grow but also shrink at exactly the same rate of speed but no one knows quite where or how.

I don't believe in genetic causes for disease. I don't believe that poisons are good for you. I KNOW, that's a big one. But I'm supposed to believe that all poisons in the grocery or field are harmless. They kill the ants and rats, you know! So, I think they kill people too.

There's a lot I don't believe. And who cares? I don't run the world. They think they do. But the truth is, the world is about ready to throw us all off its back. And maybe it should hurry up, because most people are assholes. And God should really think about starting over.

©2014 Liam Scheff
Original Title: I Don't Believe

From Liam Scheff (RIP):
The anti-science of today has got to stop! Liam takes a stand and hints at the formation of his own crusade - the anti-anti-science society, or A.A.S.S. You can join A.A.S.S. too, if you're tired of these cry-babies and injury fakers clogging up the perfect, clockwork march of true SCIENCE!!!

I cannot & will not monetize this video. My proudest compilation & editing project to date. Music I Love with AL NEWPORT PRESENTS >> Nearly 2 hours of nothing but professionally recorded solos of Michael Schenker in concert with UFO during their 1978 tour.
Compiled & Edited by Alexander T. Newport
04 May 2021

SITN Order >>> Kenosha > Youngstown > Columbus > Chicago > Louisville > Cleveland
Also includes solos from the 1978 Obsession album and the 3 Los Angeles Record Plant fake-concert recordings for SITN.


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