First Published on September 6th 2013

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(AGT) America's Got Talent (2022)
Entire Audience Stands And Cheers For Anti-Big Pharma Song

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Below is a rough draft I wrote for REAL ZOMBIES. Look it over and let me know if I need to add or change anything.

Do Zombies Really Exist?
First, we need to define what a Zombie is!

A Zombie is a person that cannot think, having some type of mental impairment,
either from some type of brain damage or because they are just stupid which will
lead to bad decisions eventually leading them down the path to early brain damage.

The 13 Steps Of Turning Humans Into Mindless Zombies!

01. Religion
(Control Of Social Norms, Unable To Think Independently)

02. Alcohol, Marijuana, And Regular Street Drugs
(Immobilizes, Keeps People Thoughtless And Docile On A Leash)

03. Nicotine
(Poisons The Body, Makes Them Dependent Addicts, Untouchable And Unapproachable)

04. Caffeine
(Causes Sleep Deprivation, Result Is A Sluggish Mind Unable To Concentrate)

05. Lobotomy
(Removes A Part Of The Brain, Impairing Ability To Think Properly)

06. ElectroShock/ElectroConvulsive Therapy/Treatment
(Erases The Mind, Must Learn Everything Again)

07. Rabies
(Transmission By Saliva, Sperm, And Vaginal Secretions, And It Attacks The Brain)

08. Psychotropic Drugs
(Pushed By Psychiatrists, For Mind Control Of Those That Don't Think)

09. Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob Disease AKA Mad Cow Disease
(Contracted By Eating Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)-Infected Beef, Parasites Eat The Brain)

10. Synthetic Street Drugs
(Cheaper And Most Deadly, To Kill Off Drug Users)

11. Mercury, Aluminium, Hydrogel, Graphene Hydroxide
(In Fake Vaccines, Secret BioWeapons, To Kill Those That Don't Think)

12. Radiation From Cell Phones And Cell Towers
(To Reduce The Life Span Of Humans, To Remove Those That Chose A Cell Phone Over A Computer)

13. Hospitals Under Communist Government Control
(Eugenics, Blackmailed To Kill Most Of The Public While Hidding It, To Reduce The Population)

Mild Cognitive Impairment is the first sign of them turning into a zombie!
What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Cognitive impairment means you have a problem with cognition (processing thoughts).
Mild cognitive impairment means you have a problem with mental function but it’s
not severe enough to affect your daily functioning.

Symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment include:

- Repeating Questions
- Trouble Coming Up With The Desired Words
- Frequently Misplacing Items
- Forgetting Appointments Or Planned Events
- Losing Focus
- Trouble Understanding Written Or Verbal Information
- Unable To Wear Shoes Or Clothes Properly
- Unable To Read Expiration Dates
- Unable To Read Ingredients
- Unable To Read And Follow Instructions Or Directions
- Unable To Use Math When Cooking, Comparing Items, And Shopping
- Unable To Use A Stop Watch Or Timer
- Unable To Recycle When Recycle Bin Is Next To Trash Bin
- Unable To Remember Simple Things
- Unable To Understand Double Negatives, And Keeps Using Them Incorrectly
- Unable To Understand Metaphors
- Unable To Understand Agamographs
- Unable To Tell The Difference Between Race, Nationality, And Religion
- Afraid To Use Stop Signs At Busy Roads Where Traffic Never Stops
- Completely Unaware Of Their Own Health Conditions
- Incapable Of Listening, Understanding, And Learning
- Only Uses Pictures, Beliefs, And Assumptions
- Gets Extremely Angry When They Have To Think About Anything
- Shuts Down And Yells For Everyone To Stop, When Presented With Facts And Questions

Does Demonic Possession Really Exist?
First, we need to define what a Demonic Possession is!

A Demonic Possession is when a person leaves their body and another being occupies their body.
Can happen to anyone with a weak mind or anyone that has their mind altered.

Symptoms of Demonic Possession include:

- Jerking Muscle Movements
- Extreme Agitation
- Paranoia
- Increased Body Temperature
- Hallucinations
- Psychosis
- Violent Behavior
- Super Human Strength
- Unresponsive To Pain
- Delirious Thoughts
- Excited Delirium
- Self-Injury
- Animalistic Behavior
- Homicidal Aggression
- Memory Loss

NOTE: Drugs stay in your system for 30 days, but most people tested for drugs
show no drugs in their system. It could be that they tested for the wrong type
of drugs, or that a drug taken in the past caused permanent brain damage, but
Demonic Possession would explain why they acted so different and had memory loss.

I'm working on putting together some amazing video that shows real zombies and real demonic possession, and backed with science.

I'm still finding video clips, even after YouTube had deleted over 80 of them, and I'm finding that many news channels and news article websites have also been deleting the stories to try and hide that many of them ever happened. However, using my online detective skills, I can still recover many of the news videos and news articles, even after they had been wiped from the internet, as long as someone somewhere posted the original links.

Once I'm done finding videos and articles, then I need to organize them by year and month, then make them all the same size, match all audio levels, and then finally edit them and piece them together to make the final video which will be broken into many large videos.

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News Article written by Ker Than for National Geographic News on October 27th, 2010.

"Zombie Virus" Possible via Rabies-Flu Hybrid?

The Truth Behind Zombies (2010) by National Geographic, has been removed from the internet. It had Samita Andreansky speaking on how a real zombie virus could be created. If you search for it, a Russian version and a Spanish version can be found, but the original English version cannot be found. Yet this video covered what she said, so this video will do.

Full Text From Video

Original Video:

Scientists explain how the zombie plague will become real.

This was first done in 2011, but this is the newest version, updated for 2022.

Nano Technology Hacking Humans

It took me a few days to dig through these episodes to put these clips together, so watch the whole video and be shocked at what you are about to see. The TV Show feels like it was just made recently, but it wasn't. Season 1 aired in 2012 and season 2 aired in 2013, and then it was canceled.

00:00 Information About The TV Show
01:22 Clip 01 The Trailer
03:33 Clip 02 Born In America
03:51 Clip 03 Gun Confiscations 1
05:45 Clip 04 Gun Confiscations 2
12:32 Clip 05 Communist Indoctrination In Schools, False Flag Attacks, Lockdowns
15:31 Clip 06 Depopulation By Making People Sick And Then Poisoning Them While All Businesses Are Shut Down
18:09 Clip 07 People Are Being Experimented On, They Have Nano Bots In Them
19:51 Clip 08 The Air Is Polluted With Nano Bots
20:04 Clip 09 Everyone Is Dying And The Real Medicine Is Worth More Than Diamonds
22:16 Clip 10 Cities Get Nuked

This is a re-post, because the original upload stopped playing

Bombshell Proof: CDC & DOD Plotting To Use 5G & MonkeyPox As Weapon Of Mass Destruction!

According to data compiled from government sources by the Our World in Data project at the University of Oxford, 5.8 billion Covid-19 shots have been administered around the world. That’s over 67% of the global population. 78% of Americans have received at least one dose of the bioweapon injection, which has been deployed 586,508,124 times in the United States.

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System shows 1,277,978 adverse event reports, and nearly 30,000 deaths. According to a Harvard study, those numbers reflect less than 1% of actual deaths caused by the poisonous serum being forced on us and sold as “safe and effective”.

Just to be clear, that means 2,831,200 deaths are likely to have been caused by the Fauci clot shot, which we know to include young and healthy people, medically-scrutinized and regularly screened pilots, professional athletes and the like.

Bill Gates is heavily-invested in the deployment of the weapon of mass destruction. Gates has repeatedly and openly advocated for depopulation, appearing to be approaching orgasm while he hovers over AI-generated graphs proclaiming that if we really take care of our health, we can reduce the size of the family and the world population.

In other words, Bill Gates’ stated goal is to kill billions of people, and make it impossible for you to procreate.

The endgame is death by lethal injection, and the key ingredient is endless “pandemics” using a complicit media and endless lies and propaganda designed to scare the hell out of people and making them believe the only way they can survive is to be regularly and repeatedly injected.

COVID was man-engineered, it was weak and virtually nobody died from it, but the fear campaign worked for close to 70% of the population, and the result is pleasing for Gates and the other psychopaths carrying out mass murder.

Next up: Monkeypox.

Karen Kingston says she has made discoveries, directly from the records of the CDC and the Department of Defense, linking together Covid-19, monkeypox, and the ongoing national rollout of 5G wireless signals.

Karen joins us now.

Here’s what I got evidence of:

WHO used stock photography from old CDC and Getty images of shingles and called it monkey pox

WHO says the pandemic is spreading, ONE case in a country is an outbreak, and the WHO is blaming male homosexuals (don’t fall for this bait Christians – it’s to paint us an intolerant and hateful)

As of May 26, 2022, the WHO lists 23 countries of non-endemic outbreaks of monkey pox, but guess what country isn’t listed? China

Even though on May 23, 2022, Doctors out of the Shanxi Medical University of the People’s Republic of China released a paper of 20 cases of Bullous Pemphigoid, an autoimmune skin condition that looks like the CDC and WHO’s version of monkeypox

What did these 20 cases of ‘monkeypox’ have in common? They were all gay men? Wrong. They had a 3rd booster shot of Pfizer or Moderna and developed this rare skin condition thereafter

I even showed the patent registered in China to combine ‘monkeypox’ with the SARS-Cov-2 boosters

None of this should be shocking to anyone, case closed.

But what I was most disturbed by was the 2021 NTI Table Top for Monkey Pox

Why did the NGO Nuclear Threat Initiative run an exercise on a man-made viral bioweapon? They were founded in 2002 by Ted Turner to, as their name implies, to reduce nuclear threats

Ted Turner the billionaire who owns Time Warner and CNN

You may want to play this 46 second video on NTI: 0:00 -0:46

Nuclear attacks or nuclear accidents can result in harmful and deadly levels of radiation exposure

On Feb 9th, I even covered the IARPA 2022 initiative on how to track levels of radiation exposure in citizens without the citizens knowing they were being tested for biomarkers of radiation exposure.

AS NTI are experts in radiation exposure – they also would be experts to collaborate with the WHO and global governments on creating a new ‘pandemic’ that looks like radiation exposure

Coincidentally, the symptoms of monkey pox from the CDC website are very similar to the symptoms of radiation exposure, also according to the CDC website

Could Americans being injected with uranium isotopes in these so called vaccines? Could Americans be exposed to radiation from our atmosphere from new HEU fueled rockets and satellites? Or could they be exposed to radiation through the 5G towers throughout our nation and ubiquitous in our major cities?

Adverse Health Effects Of 5G Mobile Networking Technology Under Real-Life Conditions

Original Video:

MonkeyPox: The Cover-Up For VAIDS, Citizen Researchers Expose Government Plot To Kill En Masse!

Vaccine - transmitted AIDS are becoming more & more prevalent across the world, and the Globalists are doing EVERYTHING they can to cover it up. The theory that MonkeyPox is a cover up for VAIDS is shocking, and Karen Kingston joins The Stew Peters Show to explain it in depth!

We’ve already talked about the likely fact that monkeypox is spreading via gay sex. We’ve also discussed the competing theories for where the virus itself came from: Did it come out of nature, did it leak from a lab like Wuhan, is it an intentional bioweapon, or what?

Karen Kingston has an alternative theory though. She thinks that Monkeypox might be the regime’s chosen cover-up narrative for VAIDS – Vaccine-acquired AIDS. She says that citizen researchers around the world have been detecting diseases like shingles and Kaposi’s Sarcoma, two diseases commonly linked to AIDS, and now national governments have been labeling images of these diseases as monkey pox instead.

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Original Video:

Voices From The Grave with More Embalmer’s Mystery Clots!

On today’s Dr. Jane Ruby Show, Dr. Jane brings back Board Certified Embalmer, Richard Hirschman for a stunning 2 part interview – he is busier than ever pulling out more mystery white fibrous clots, this time exploding out of the arteries as he reaches for them! He has the receipts, the pictures and a new shocking video demonstration – are the dead trying to warn us from the grave? Then Dr. Jane reviews the known facts about Marburg illness and a serious warning from atty Todd Callender.

Support Dr. Jane Ruby: WITH Promo Code: RUBY

Original Video:

Jab Victim Discharging "Biological Creatures" 30 Yr Old Reports HORROR After Moderna Shot!

What are in these DEADLY injections?! Dr. Ariyana Love joins The Stew Peters show to discuss a client of hers who is infested with parasitical clots that resulted from Covid-19 jab!

If you feel compelled to help Dr. Love's patient pay for her medical expenses, visit
to donate!

Dr. Ariyana Love's website

Original Video:

This is a very morbid and twisted song and video that I just stumbled upon. It is really fucked up. It was made in 2018, but seems very fitting for now, with the depopulation agenda being carried out.

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Original Video:

Professor Dolores Cahill’s research suggests that those vaccinated with an mRNA injection have between 3-5 years to live – even if they have had only one jab.

Original Video:

Pitt Study: Cobra Venom in Spike Protein, Bing LIU Had Discovered the Deadly Chinese Crait!

This segment of The Stew Peters Show brings on another researcher of the COVID-19 Snake Venom theory, Karen Kingston!

Karen Kingston has found shocking evidence that leads further towards this virus being linked to snakes, and explains what this new information means for us!

Patent for Spike Protein

Original Video:

Scientist Finds Venom in Vials: Evidence of Venom in Undiluted Pfizer Vials, Blood Cell Damage!

In this new segment of The Stew Peters Show, Dr. Jane Ruby unpacks the new scientific studies found on the TRUE origin of COVID-19!

Dr. Jane and Stew Peters discuss what this could mean for society, and how we can get past this shocking discovery!

Original Video:

Patents: PROOF of Worldwide Envenomation Support Ardis COVID-19 Claims in “Watch the Water” Expose!

Dr. Aryiana Love brings the patents and receipts PROVING Dr. Ardis' claims in the "Watch The Water" Documentary. The plot to envenomate the World was a long-term plan, and Dr. Love joins the Stew Peters Show to reveal her findings to the world and confirm the horrors of Covid-19 that are now being brought to light.

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

US Military

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Biontech Us Inc.

Dr. Ariyana Love's website

Original Video:


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