Having fun with fellow gamers that just there to have a good time, and we had a blast.

Driving along and I see a Police car pulled over by the Police, a taste of bacon always fun.

I looked across later to see where the Police car ended up, at first I was like "Police car gone" ;)

Is the sound still in? I notice it disappeared. I leave it up in case it is my PC.

I wanted to see if this went together and I like it. So I put it here. I love Cyndi lauper music and I love Life is Strange games. Here we are.

Video and music is owned by the creators and artists, I just edited both beautiful contents as one.


I am learning to video edit hopefully to have good ways to end the stream :)

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Twitter noconclusion79 is under review for posting truths and for standing up to trolls / bullies. ;)
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Doing a review of Nova Drift (already stream it once on my channel on twitch).

Maybe some sexual content/

Stream Channel (and back up

Been awhile and I thought it long overdue for a video as life got in away.


One of the BRB things I do and possibly more.

Crowd control is a game about risk & play style exploration.

Up to four players spend a minute and a half converting as many crowd members to their colour. this is done by moving their wave with 4 directional keys.

Crowd Control was created in the New Zealand Kiwi Jam 2019 game jam. I created this game in under 48 hours. It won 2nd Place in the Christchurch Kiwi Jam Awards 2019 so i decided to publish it on steam. I made it free to play because It has a short gameplay loop like most game jam games.
The Mexican wave:

an effect resembling a moving wave produced by successive sections of the crowd in a stadium standing up, raising their arms, lowering them, and sitting down again.

Four players each control an area where crowd members feel the need to party! These people somehow change the colour of their shirts, jump up, and cheer loud noises. Each time someone jumps while wearing your coloured shirt your score increases by one. The team with the highest score wins.

You cannot convert crowd members that have recently jumped (indicated by the colour fading over time). If you get cut off by other player's recent jumpers you have to navigate back to the last place you colour jumped and continue the wave another direction.

Throughout the duration of the game players can find party people that are indicated by the small light green arrow above their heads. Party people send a shock wave of jumpers out in every direction but watch out as occasionally it might not be your colour of wave.

To change the AI to player ratio you can left click on a player while the game is paused to toggle the AI.
Press Space, Escape or Enter to start & pause game.
Press F1 to restart game. F2 Brings up the webpage

First upload to my youtube account, now transfer to here.

Just relaxing to Killing Floor 2 from stressful day before going to bed soon.

I had fun playing this game and it is on steam for under £1, so don't expect much. It got potential for a bigger game with like the lead up to storm Area 51 and stuff.

Game Channel: (Anxiety Arthritic Streamer)

I found out after purchasing the game that I got sent the key for free of the company. Thanks for sending the key.

Welcome to the first puppet show RPG! Participate in battling a ton of foes, buy new upgrades, cast magic and recruit new Heroes. Or just sit back and enjoy the show as your Heroes fight on their own while you watch or do other things.

If arthritic can plays this, so can you. It is fun game that you can play for 10 minutes a time if you in a rush, or you can play for ages as it can become addictive.

It is only £0.39 atm, so it is pretty nice price for what the game brings.

I saw the positioning of players and went for in off, I didn't think it would work as players gotten much better in defense.

Just thought I fun with this one despite I can't sing :)

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Always wanted to have fun with song, think a long pig version is called for soon.

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Panzerpaw is awesome person and it only right I do my first duet with awesome person like him, there so many I could have chosen to for my first duet. You should check him out on :)

Moment of little Arthritic pain to enjoy playing this game and allow me to focus to do this :)

I am developing a style for ever growing decay with my arthritic condition and pain I go through to just play games.

I am taking nano gold, shear butter and other things to help to with my health.

I think I am the world worst Rocket League player and just having fun in games.


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Hey all!

Hope you all doing good and got plenty of the basics in this life.

I spend time on and twitch do shows, as well creating other content.

From a family of Military, Police and Lawyers.

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