I made the Best Possible Experiences with Extraterrestrial Life (— in high contrast to humans in their rather unevolved ˋasleep´ state of mind obviously —) which YES I most unexpectedly discovered to be an Absolute Reality beyond the shadow of any doubt…!
This is an Outtake of a much longer video that currently I am in the process of editing… Extraterrestrials (— I by the way Channeled ˋReptiles´ one day before my Most Benevolent & Most Positive Experiences had started in more Intense Fashion last spring —) did not save my physical body but Helped Me Immensely On An Emotional Level Through Their So Uplifting Sheer Presence ~ ✨ ~ ! ~ I will forever be humbly mesmerized & grateful • ~ 🧡 ~ •

As An Experiencer of the ˋOtherworldly´ Beauty of ET~Consciousness I Love this video clip, it Resonates Very Well With Me ~ ⭐️ ~ ! — ˋContact With The Precision Of A Surgeon´ — describes the Breathtaking Coordination, the Absolute Ingenuity of the ˋStarShip~Maneuvers´ that I had the great pleasure & privilege to Witness again and again…!
The Craft Itself is said to Become A Part, An Extension Of The Occupants´ Consciousness — I have seen suchlike SpaceCraft (— a Gorgeous Bright Orange Triangle, belonging to the ET~Entity that is Connected to me —) and it truly seemed Highly Animated, Weightless, utterly unlike anything I had ever seen before in its eerily~Beautiful extraordinary flight movements • ~ 🧡🌟 ~ • !
VideoClip by Courtesy of @JasonShurka ~ ✨ ~
Watch More at Unifyd.tv/free-library ~ It is Very Much Recommend :)


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