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Jesus, to be “tolerant” in these last days is basically to be in direct opposition to your Holy Word. Evil is on the rise Lord Jesus….come back quickly to start your own dictatorship in the 1000 year reign.

Lord Jesus we are surrounded by a counter culture of evil and we know we are living in the end times you spoke about in the Bible. Please come quickly Jesus to deliver justice on earth.

Welcome to your Sunday sermon. Bet you don’t get this truth at your “church”.

Jesus thank you for the gift of life and the destruction of the evil that underlies the very thought of abortion. We are all standing under your tower of protection as stated in Psalm 91. Guess the evil in this world figured they no longer need legalized abortion when they have legalized the COVID-19 jibby jab for infants….come quickly Lord Jesus

Thank you Jesus for your word which contains all future prophecy and truth….all of your promises are YES and AMEN.
Maranatha Lord Jesus

So once the COVID nasal swab and/or the COVID jibby jab is made mandatory around the entire world we will be at the mid point of the seven year tribulation as stated in Revelation 13:16-17?

So Jesus you are showing us that the path satan has the world on leads to destruction through COVID? How close to your return in the rapture of the church are we?

It should be clear to ya by now…the only person who has enough power to overcome the evil man made governments around the world sponsored by the devil….is Jesus Christ…better run to that fortress…it is the only one you will have left. Quit wasting time and join the troops at camp Jesus.

Watch the full documentary at the following link:

Jesus we know that we can only trust you and your word. We can not trust the man made governments, media or many religious leaders of our day. Just as your word told us Just as it was in the days of Noah….so shall it be just before your second coming to rapture your church prior to the seven year tribulation…
Maranatha Lord Jesus

Hey satan…your naked and exposed by the light of Jesus Christ who has already defeated you and sentenced you to a eternal death in hell. Why not just go to your rightful home in hell right now in Jesus name. We see you and your disciples satan lurking in the darkness

Are you using your God given equipment to protect you and your family and your country from the evil uprising around you? Power of the Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the grave lives within you!

Jesus Christ and his shed blood gave you the Holy Spirit that resides in your innermost being! Use the equipment Jesus gave to you through his shed blood to come against evil in this world.

One of the signs of the end times Jesus warned us about was a one world currency. How close are we from a world wide currency? Technology already exists for this and is in place in many countries. How close are we to the beginning of the 7 year tribulation?

Please come quickly Jesus to abolish man-made government and institute your own perfect justice. Maranatha

How are you doing to raise your immune system frequency? Do you think you can avoid the radiation of 5G energy waves? Remember that only Jesus and his blood can truly “cover” you from the weapons satan and his disciples have formed against us.

Only corporate prayer and worship combats the enemies plans. How effective is your “church” in this regard. Evil exists when righteous men and woman do nothing!

5G radiation causes same symptoms as supposed Corona Virus? What kind of evil is this? Better leave your previous religion and get a true relationship with Jesus Christ. You are living in the end times just prior to the 7 year tribulation….Maranatha.

Where are you on satan’s social pyramid? Does that even really matter? Stand with Jesus or stand with Satan. Choose life or choose death…not deciding is also a choice.

The WHO and the UN are here to save humanity from the dreaded B.S. virus. Jesus what do you have to say? Only you can save us from the tyranny of man made government. Maranatha Jesus.

Really Jesus? There is really a core group of people so evil they would develop and deploy such evil upon mankind? What is our defense Lord Jesus? Only you can save us from the upcoming apocalypse!? Maranatha Lord Jesus!

Wow…look at the symbol for the Ashkenazi Jews…see anything that looks familiar? Maybe Jesus was right when he spoke about these people in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9….

Just as it was in the days of Noah (ie: Nephilim)… shall it be….
Matthew 25:31-34…Sheep to the right…to everlasting life with Jesus in heaven…Goats to the left….to everlasting death with satan in hell

Only you and your Holy word bring truth Lord Jesus. We know that time is short and evil is on the rise. However, we know your word is going to be fulfilled and you will destroy this evil. Amen…Maranatha

Please follow God’s word and take authority over what he has given you. Evil is on the rise….will you take your part in God’s army to fight back?

We only win with you King Jesus. Maranatha Jesus….come quickly. Read your Bibles people. Truth is only found in his word.


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