Perhaps now is the time to finally take ACTION against our representatives of the people in ministries, in government and in the EC?! Globalists have no intention of stopping. The corona goes on, they have managed to hypnotize, blind and fool 90% of the people who thrive on other sectionas of the NWO.They already have investors for the next stages, and the money is also printed! Since they don't intend to stop themselves, someone else will have to!Wake up and act

Vsa kronologija rusko ukrajinskega (NATO) spora podprta z dokazi.
The whole chronology of the Russian-Ukrainian (NATO) conflict - supported by evidence.
In Italian with SLO subs.

By Andrew Hitchcock. Full audiobook with subtitles/captions.

Full text with notes and sources: https://web.archive.org/web/20110720131532/http://www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_Rothschild.htm

A lot's covered in this episode, the masks torn off the Ukrainian AshkeNAZI's revealing the Devil worshiping monster underneath. You'll learn of plans to make Kiev the "New Jerusalem and see solid conformation that there's an underground horror show below Azovstal steel plant.

You'll see Russia telling China that they're fighting against Liberalism, Globalism, a One World Government and the Great Reset. Is that true or is it controlled opposition?
You'll hear confirmation that Russia's fighting the New World Order from General Flynn and Archbishop Carlos Vigano.
Listen carfully the words of Archbishop Carlos Vigano

Biserka Ilin, dr. med.: Grožnja svetovnega imperializma – človek kot biomasa velekapitala.

Posnetek nastopa zdravnice na Aprilski deklaraciji, 16. aprila 2022 (Brdo, Ljubljana).

Tri in pol urni posnetek dogodka Aprilska deklaracija, je Youtube dan in pol kasneje izbrisal,z generičnim pojasnilom, da krši "načela skupnosti" in promovira "medicinske netočnosti".

Journalist and author Douglas Valentine on the history of the CIA's involvement in Ukraine.

Join➣ @QAnonWarriors

Before HAARP became fully operational this investigation highlighted what it's real intended use was.
Join us @QAnon17_Awakening

Evil Satanist cabal who write American laws are the ones who Control the Federal reserve, inflation, They are the ones who reap benefits off hidden taxation. They have formed groups within the security intelligence “justice” system to literally take over the drugs market. They control every aspect of our lives & mainstream media…

Think while it’s still legal. 🧠

Source: ReeseReport

The US embassy official was caught REMOVING & DELETING evidence of Ukrainian bio weapon labs…

the Russians shared documents of The Ukrainian ministry of health ordering employees of these bio labs to destroy all deadly pathogens.

Bio chemical weapons in the Ukraine have now been confirmed, these bio weapons labs have been labelled bio-research facilities ans bio-containment labs by the US. These so called bio research labs are in violation of article 1 of the prohibition on biological weapons.

The US company Black & Veatch have been working closely with DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) Building bio weapons labs since 2003. 👀

We are being lied to!

We live in a world filled with occult symbols and the signs are all around us. Jordan Maxwell takes us on a journey through time and the human mind to reveal his understanding of the secrets behind many of the symbols we see in our world. From astrology to alchemy, free masonry and secret sciences, these emblems have emblazoned coins and flags in many ancient cultures, including Rome and Egypt. We still see these powerful images, which represent powerful civilizations, projecting the agenda of secret societies communicating their power to the world.

In Memory of Jordan Maxwell | December 28, 1940 - March 23rd, 2022

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(Silas Speaks / tangentopolis) https://www.bitchute.com/video/m6WsYurAB2TC/ [SHARE]

Dr. Coleman on fire with indisputable commentary. FYI: the World Bank and EU Commission are deploying Covid relief loans to countries that have no ability to pay them back. Moreover, they must agree to loan tenets that include social behavior regulation. They will default; their assets, resources, and economies seized. Coupled with massive money printing by central banks for similar purposes, local, regional, and global economies are now decimated. This is the just what the WEF, NWO, BIS want: inflation, deflation, helicopter money, devaluation, collapse. If you believe that Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, is now friendly to crypto, have you head examined. Her sudden turn-around is a ploy. Canada's Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, recently stated that crypto will be regulated. Why? Because CBDC will will track, trace, and control you. If you're not a model citizen, your account will be frozen and you will be locked out of society for, say, not getting your booster.
See this from the BIS: https://www.bitchute.com/video/4gvZJoHlpbeh/

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What it really means to be a NAZI.
Source: Greg Reese - https://banned.video/channel/greg-reese


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