Dr David Martin, one of the sharpest minds in forensic scientific analysis has a dark prediction. Unfortunately it coincides with a lot of what the Exposé news outlet has released recently using the Govts own official stats. According to this trajectory, the amount of illnesses due to the diminishing immunity levels of the vaxxed population will be off the scale and health care services will not be capable of dealing with the expanding crisis and they're already struggling to cope as it is. (Approximately 86m deaths in US alone)

Credit - USA Watchdog

Weekly Highlights

(Apologies to those who were expecting this on a Sunday when its usually released)


Whitney Webb discusses Transhumanism and especially the war on children (transhumanism, transgenderisation, trafficking..) on the Corbett Report.

Laws protecting children are being watered down under the Biden regime.

Courtesy | The Corbett Report.


Its the most asked burning question on everyone's lips and as repulsive as it is, I'm afraid to inform you that the answer is yes. He is.

Credit | Awaken with JP


Corona Investigative Committee w/ Biotech Analyst, Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston gives evidence to CIC.

Courtesy | Dr Reiner Füllmich (Corona Investigative Committee

Dr Zev Zelenko was one of the first eminent Doctors along with Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Carrie Madej and Dr Sucharit Bhakdi that I covered and who warned us all about the whole covid-vaxxine dangers.

Last November, InfoWars covered his serious warning and then a month later during Christmas, Dr Zelenko warned us he was a target for assassination. Today, assassinations don't involve bullets, they are much more subtle, usually involving heart attacks and cancerous attacks.

He was one of the few prominent experts who went out of his way and named some very very big names. It looks to anyone who has been covering these things for some time that they got to him. He wasn't the first and won't be the last. He was a man who didn't just care about his own Jewish community but focused mostly on infants. He had that strong paternal instinct and was a God fearing soul, a Soul that will be remembered. RIP.

NB. The video of Owen Shroyer was taken from Philosophers-Stone.info Pureblood who hasn't posted anything since April. I do not know his current situation but his channel here on BitChute was one of the best.

Here are some powerful testimonials of people who have had an NDE (Near Death Experience).
This is a part 1. I will upload a second episode of NDE's where many people saw Christ.

Credit | Inspiriter Films

Dr. David Martin Calls For Prosecutions: Fauci Knew Remdesivir Would Kill Thousands

Credit - Stew Peters

Maria Zeee with Dr Lee Merritt:-
Targeted DNA Harvesting, Damage & the De-Population Agenda.



This committee hearing involves the best scientist doctors and lawyers chaired by Senator Ron Johnson. Its nothing short of criminal or terrorist what has happened to billions of innocent people including military personnel who were used as experimental guinea pigs.

While the Establishment continues to concern itself over supposed 'online harms' they are deafeningly silent on the real actual physically disabling, neurological and psychological harms caused by the vaxxines that is occurring on a massive scale. They are trying to hide medical information in order to protect themselves against the truth of their heneious crimes because they are ultimately responsible for the deaths now occurring.



Poor Greta plopped one out by mistake.
Its sure to create a stink at WEF and you can bet they'll use their other two puppets, Malalalala Yousafzai and Ziolensky to jump in somewhere and sing along Globalist nursery rhymes..

They actually did!!!

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A special report from Canadian investigative journalist, Eva K Bartlett reporting from the Donbas Region of Eastern Ukraine - (June 2022)

Why is the unelected Biden administration sending billions in military hardware to the undemocratic Zelensky regime?

Credit - Eva Bartlett


Aeroplanes don't mysteriously crash into food plant factories.
Hundreds of food plants cannot accidentally catch fire in a 1 year period.
Bean crops in UK and cattle in US don't mysteriously destroy themselves after centuries of progressive farming techniques.
Baby formula and Diesel fuel is also at alarming shortages.
One man, Bill Gates who is a known eugenicist now owns most of the farmland and the media in the US. Why?
None of this is coincidence.
It never is.




An Asian American describes the results of the modern Kalergi Plan to a cuck.

Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi was a close associate of Rothschild. He was the George Soros of his day.

The pattern of Kalergi type events especially in the Western hemisphere today includes:-
1. Millions of people dying from vaxxines and/or bioweapons.
2. Rigged elections.
3. Deliberate destruction of food supplies, crops, cattle..(malnutrition & starvation)
4. Deliberate destruction and denial of health care services to working class communities, lowered sperm count, toxic food..(Eugenics).
5. Increased poverty, inflation, debts...
6. Creating division and distrust b/w communities and other countries that refuse to sign up to NWO agenda.
7. Promotion and pushing puberty blockers and transgenderism.
8. Denying right to access education/information in the public interest.
9. Denying freedom of speech.
10. Destruction of the family as a fundamental unit of society.

Emma Barnett is such a 'caring humanitarian' (sarc alert) that her parents were involved in running a sex slave prostitution racket, where humans were treated like cattle. Her father, Ian Barnett pleaded guilty to controlling the prostitution of a woman who was trafficked into this country from Lithuania by an Albanian crime gang.


Here we see one Establishment shill interviewing another about fake death threats....
We know Fauci will retire soon. His replacement will have to sell the monkeypox virus and now the polio virus fear porn which both coincidentally appeared in the last month after a series of covid variants which failed to scare the public into getting their 6th+ booster shots.


Whether the majority of the world's naive population survive dozens of fake vaxxines to realize the eventual utopian agenda setup by Gates, Fauci and Klaus Anal Schwab remains to be seen.

So far, there's been an 82% rise in miscarriages which has gone largely unreported by the likes of the BBC which remained a safe haven for the likes of Jimi Savile and Emma Barnett.

Here is the story that people have said would never be written in our time - the true history of events leading up to the Second World War, told by one who enjoyed the friendship and confidence of Mr Neville Chamberlain during the critical months between March and September, 1939. There has long been an unofficial ban on books dealing with what Captain Ramsay calls "The Nameless War", the conflict which has been waged from behind the political scene for centuries, which is still being waged and of which very few are aware.

Here (2007), Daryl Bradford-Smith discusses this book with Mohammed Rafeeq.


Courtesy | Full Spectrum News

The UK government's latest push to censor online speech, the 225 page Online Safety Bill, has been roundly criticized by rights groups and proponents who have branded it a "censor's charter" and "an attack on free speech."

UK Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) Secretary of State Nadine Dorries, one of the main proponents of the bill, has pushed back against this criticism by pointing to the bill's "duties to protect free speech."

However, these duties and the duties for platforms to protect user privacy are so weak that they have no impact when platforms comply with the bill’s obligations to tackle "harmful" content.

The bill pays lip-service to the idea that platforms should “have regard” to the importance of “protecting users’ right to freedom of expression within the law” and that they should be “protecting users from a breach of any statutory provision or rule of law concerning privacy.”

But if platforms comply with these over-reaching obligations to tackle this so-called “harmful but legal” speech as outlined in the bill, they will, by default, be at odds with the idea of protecting speech rights and privacy.

The bill itself is the biggest threat to free speech and privacy in living memory and Big Tech platforms have no history of protecting either.

Provisions for privacy should not mean social media monopolists acting as a guardian of user privacy; they should be in place to protect citizens’ data from the platforms themselves.

Not only does the bill have weak free speech protections but it also disproportionately impacts small, independent media outlets, harms privacy, and creates a dystopian censorship alliance between Big Tech companies and the UK government.

Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov of The Russian Federation is interviewed by Steven Rozenberg of the BBC.
(Russian w/English subtitles)

Zelensky targets investigative journalists

Mr Lavrov earlier interview on India Today:

Weekly Highlights

Food shortages, Covid-Vaxxines damage, Culture Wars, Hidden News and more...

Their aims:-
De-normalize, De-humanize, Demoralize, De-sensitize, De-monetize, Deceive, De-populate & Destroy.

Courtesy | Tim Truth


Credit | Senator Ron Johnson


The film, Sex Traffic won 8 BAFTAS and 4 Gemini Awards.

Researched and written by Abi Morgan and directed by David Yates. It was broadcast only one time on Channel 4 (UK) on the 14th October 2004.

It stars acclaimed British actor, John Simm as Daniel Appleton, a journalist who uncovers a sex traffic ring involving Anti-Trafficking officers employed by a US corporate globalist security agency.
As Daniel vows to help Elena (Anamaria Marinca), one of the trafficked girls, he attempts to expose the business which forces young women from Eastern Europe into a life of sexual slavery. Its one of the few best British films covering this dark taboo subject but based on actual events and remains one of those films that's becoming increasingly harder to find anywhere.

Written by Abi Morgan.


Eyes of the Devil.

Warning:- Some of the information in this film is extremely distressing.

An extremely harrowing documentary about a woman happily selling her own child as if it was an organ or even a waste product.

We know now that child body parts are the newest currency for the globalist oppressors.
They're used in Satanic ritualism, organ transplants where big money is involved and of course pedophilia with child sex trafficking.
Hundreds of thousands of children displaced by wars in places like Syria went missing later in Germany and the rest of Europe.
These 3 things that gravitate towards the Globalist oppressors is a level of evil that was prevalent at the time of the Donmeh and earlier as per research by Professor Aeriel Toaff.
There's a reason why those with power have done nothing to crush this evil. Its because they're part of it.

A film by Patryk Vega


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