Happy July 4th! Folks, what do we expect when we sit back and let our republic fall to the parasites with no supervision, accountability or checks and balances? When I joined the State Guard (2nd Amendment militia) The size of the units were PITIFUL! America doesn't want government BY THE PEOPLE just a good, reliable government they can pay to keep track of all the boring stuff so they can play video games and watch Family Guy.

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Download pdf.: https://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_Travel_Tourism_Development_2021.pdf

"The World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Development Index is a biennial travel and tourism study that benchmarks 117 countries on 17 pillars crucial to the development and resiliency of their travel and tourism industries. The latest edition highlights the importance of travel and tourism recovery for global economies following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Panelists will discuss the report findings and what industry and government leaders can do to ensure resilient and sustainable recovery for the Travel and Tourism sector.

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas. We believe that progress happens by bringing together people from all walks of life who have the drive and the influence to make positive change."

World Economic Forum Website ► http://www.weforum.org/
Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/worldeconomi...
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Flipboard ► https://flipboard.com/@WEF

#Davos #WorldEconomicForum

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CERN Live Podcast https://webcast.web.cern.ch/event/i11...

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"Do you suffer under spiritual oppression and struggle with temptations and bad thoughts, listen to this sermon!"

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UPDATE: Julian WAS Extradited: https://www.bitchute.com/video/JrGcOSprxHt2/

Julian Assange has a long, complicated past. But regardless of what you think of him and what he did, you should care about what happens to him. Here’s why.

Johnny Harris, Facebook

"...The spirit of Antichrist that has invaded the scriptures. DID YOU HIDE THE WORD IN YOUR HEART, FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS? I LOVE YOU ALL !! TSTV 💖"

Thumbnail: Lynn Forrester d'Rothschild

People STILL DONT GET WHATS COMING! UNREAL! This guy is getting comments like, "I don't see the big deal here, give the bank more time." THIS ISNT ABOUT TIME ITS ABOUT TYRANNY FFS! Your Social Credit Score is going to affect your ABILITY TO LIVE!
billyjones, Bitchute

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The truth about the demon Bifrons (Trump): https://www.bitchute.com/video/p8ed3aUYZQ4N/

See his legislation under Legislation Beat: https://quarantinebeat.com

I remember DVRing this when it first came out. I recorded all the episodes then Turner Broadcasting DELETED THEM OFF MY SYSTEM REMOTELY!

POLICE STATE! FEMA Camps - Jesse Ventura, Conspiracy Theory, Tru Tv

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura and his crew on Conspiracy Theory have blown the FEMA camp issue wide open in a truly groundbreaking episode from the program's second season on TruTV. The "Police State" episode proves once and for all that the feds have trained to take on American citizens, planned for riots and disasters and made preparations to maintain order at any cost.

This powerful episode is the largest and most in-depth investigation into FEMA camps to date-- and it is scheduled to air on television. Radio host and filmmaker Alex Jones returns to the series yet again, as the team takes you to confirmed on-the-ground facilities, confronts the legislators who authorized FEMA camps and breaks down the full-scale technologically-integrated police state that includes Fusion Centers, FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security and more.

At one of many real and verified FEMA locations, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones approach a "Residential Center" run by Homeland Security in central Texas where they find locked doors, double-fences and escape warnings around the entire perimeter. Further inside the facility, they witness a playground complex, swings and slides for children. The crew walks up to the front door and attempts to get some answers. But the officials refuse to either confirm or deny the facility's purpose, including whether or not American citizens are being held inside. However, our past investigations into this facility reveal that it has confined both children and adults, including immigrants, refugee seekers and American citizens.

WARNING: ALEX JONES IS CONTROLLED OPPOSITION: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Ws8Dd1uwBMbm/?list=wLIMM2zoOVtf&randomize=false

H. R. 645 co-sponsored Jun 10, 2010 by the following traitors:
H. R. 645

Title: Quoted from a Japanese American who endured the American Internment Camps of WWII. Thanks for Watching, Smash that Like & Subscribe! <3

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I'd rather eat bugs than get soul-raped by Satan and put into a monstrous lion-scorpion-man-horse-locust abomination awaiting Appolyon's order to plague the earth! #French-Revolution #feudalism

Texas News Studio, YouTube

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"In his 2020 Netflix special "Sticks and Stones," Dave Chappelle claimed that the MeToo movement was causing a backlash against abortion rights. Less than three years later, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Was Chappelle right? David Wood discusses the issue."

Here's my two cents because I was actually IN this situation:

When I was 20 I got pregnant with my son on purpose but I did not inform my partner. I had no intention of getting married and I wanted to raise the kid alone I did not want his help. He wanted an abortion. If his family hadn't forced me into a shotgun wedding to spare their family the disgrace of a bastard I would have done it too. Instead I married the bastard and ruined all of our lives lol... well, after he donated ... anywho... BOTTOM LINE? This is PERSONAL. GOD doesn't control people so who the F**K do these asshats think THEY are? Don't you know... When you CONTROL someone in ANY WAY (an autonomous, adult ffs y'all know what i mean) you are infringing upon their rights and you are NOT doing it GOD's way! Do you know WHY GOD is so powerful? BECAUSE HE NEVER EVER BETRAYS HIS BELOVED FAMILY BY ABUSING HIS AWESOME POWER!

It saddens me so that people do not know the nature and character of Father God and Brother Jesus. They have never denied wanting us. They have never wrongly condemned us. They never hurt, drowned, killed, diseased, plagued, murdered, lied, regretted, armed or warred with us. There were those who did though. They call themselves Elohim. But that is another story. (Look under Christian lesson playlist) GBY all, beloved.

THAT SAID, This STUNT the SCOTUS pulled is NOT to save babies. This was to take the heat off the abortion clinics and work the left wingers into a frenzy against the Christians. Also to set a precedent against bodily autonomy so you can't get an abortion but guess what now you HAVE to take a jab. Bye bye LAST bastion of freedom. Welcome to the People's Republic of Freemasonry. Then there's all the traumatized, desperate young women running to black market scumbags for back alley abortions who will just disappear into the wind.. their little fetuses too.

Incidentally, I am not impressed by this guy's aggressive sales pitch. I don't think it's very Christian and it embarrasses the Lord I'd gather but that's not the worst flaw a guy can have. Maybe if you know him you could drop him a friendly line. xD

Definitely a sellout but not for the Agenda, just for his own fame & fortune. His precision, albeit demonically enhanced, is something to see... OCCASIONALLY. ; ) Smash that Like & Subscribe! <3

"Want Exclusive Content? Become a KRVSH KLUB member here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSiO...

BOOKING: http://xceltalent.com/

MERCHANDISE: https://teespring.com/krvsh-by-nonsto...

TWITTER: http://tinyurl.com/om56fzw

INSTAGRAM: http://tinyurl.com/p9g9n8w

FACEBOOK: http://tinyurl.com/bxd2xp8

Song: Someone You Loved, Lewis Capaldi

#pop-and-lock #crush #pop-music #sellouts #music-industry #xceltalent #spirit-realm #deception #possession #ritual-arts #prestidigitation

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"CERN July 5th 2022 opening video & more portals Opening in the sky as mysterious event shocks the world"

Get RF Shielding Material Built by Navy Engineer: https://www.ftwproject.com/ref/7/

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"Tesla shuttered its office in San Mateo, California, and laid off about 200 employees working on its Autopilot driver-assistant system there, according to a source."

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Russia - Alaska tunnel

They're just f**king with us now... Ukraine's Clown World Circus has pushed past the absurd... Can't make this s**t up.... wow Smash that Like & Subscribe! <3

Something Different, another cringy, animated mutant normalization propagandist emcee.

Thanks for Watching! Smash that Like & Subscribe! I don't even trust the Bible anymore. Supernatural delusion; the mystery of iniquity is in full swing! Stay close to God in PRAYER, get BAPTIZED if you have to use the BATHTUB... If you get confused don't get stagnant. Remember, LOVE is the WAY, TRUTH is LIFE! Praise Jesus when you are in DESPAIR! https://www.bitchute.com/playlist/CVL8CLvOjkSx/ GBY, beloved. <3 There is MUCH more to the movie but I could not procure a copy. It's about $4 on Amazon and worth the watch for all the s**t they're trying to pull on us with Blue Beam et. al. #Chronicle-movie-2012

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Not made for the general public. May be offensive to sensitive viewers. #L-Ron-Hubbard #Aliester-Crowley # Sex-Magick #Hollywood

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THE WORLD by, M. Foy
A dragon with measles,
Rules islands of weasels,
Who answer to vultures and wolves.

While jackals in castles,
With porcupine vassals,
Subjugate all the creatures with hooves.

And porcelain witches,
With straw in their britches,
Vacation in sunny Bombay.

As nobody listens,
To little white pigeons,
Their song has been taken away.

The restriction of the free flow of ideas destroys individuality and halts the spiritual evolution of humanity.

We push the boundaries of discovery and exploration here. I don't expect everyone to agree with every notion I come into. I just want people to think and open their minds because The Revelation is upon us and when these entities manifest in the visible light spectrum and you are not prepared the Lord Father God Most High says men will faint and die at the shock. {paraphrasing} Now you may mock you may scoff, you may unsubscribe but I am telling you right now your cognitive dissonance is not going to get you out of ANYTHING it is going to affect you whether you like it or not!

"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it." -Flannery O'Connor

I don't expect you to agree with me all the time and vice versa. We can't be shutting each other out. I want you to LIVE! My purpose, my gift is to help you lift the veil so that you may prepare for what's coming into your reality.
God bless you.
I love you all. -M

Madej, Bigtree, Tenpenny, Mikovitz, Cowan, Icke - ALL AGENTS!

VRIL, DANITES, CLONES? I never thought I'd live to see the day but here it is just like it says in the Bible. Please get saved, no matter what you believe. Fake your way into loving Jesus and believing He came to this world to save us. Stop denying the truth because I want you to live.

If you need to contact me: [email protected]
Dear Father, Thank you for giving me the honor of fighting the good fight in Your Holy Name. I pray your blessing and hand of protection over me and this content. I pray that the angels assigned me be always around me. I pray for the constant guidance of the #Holy-Spirit for me and all who gaze upon these words. I pray for your mercy and protection upon the children and the innocent victims of the grave, grave injustices Yahweh and his #Chabad-Lubavitch devils have brought upon the world. In Our Lord Christ Jesus' Holy name, Amen

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