film by Leen Wander

Music by Chi Ron
Lyrics: ralph
Film by Frans de Haan

film by Leen Wander
Drums: Marcel Wolthof
Bass: Nico Heilijgers
Guitar&vocal: Ralph de Jongh

filmed by Moonz Designz
at Maloe Melo

filmed by Moonz Designz
at Maloe Melo

Please Somebody Give Me - Ralph de Jongh Band Engelstede
Chi Ron
Leon van Etten
Monique Anderson
Ylvalie Dik
Nico Heilijgers

Film: Frans de Haan & Moos
Recording Marcel Boxma
Mix Juan kiers

Cuby & Blizzards song filmed by Leen Wander @ FestivalderAa

film by Frans de Haan
guitar 1: Chiron
bass & vocal: Nico
drums & vocal: Leon
percussion & vocal: Moon
vocal: Ylvalie
guitar 2 & vocal: Ralph
recorded by Marcel Boxma
Mixed by Juan Kiers
@ Engelstede
Song by Mick Jagger & Keith Richard 1965 with The Rolling Stones, Out Of Our Heads

film: Frans & Moos de Haan

Photography : Edwin ThE Fabriek
Of the album : I Love Real Live
bass : Nico Heilijgers
drums : Marcel Wolthof
guitar 1 : Tim Birkenholz
guitar 2, vocal & song : Ralph de Jongh

discovery of Harry Muskee, Elmore James van Dodewaard, Michael de Jong, Charlie Burchill & Kaz Lux

Harry Muskee of Cuby and the Blizzards took him by the hand and helped Ralph on his way. Harry always used to say the Tao Te Ching's saying: the wise man doesn't go, he knows.

with Ewa Pepper Gorzynska violin - film by Leen Wander
song of the album Breath of Live, now a tenner on ralphdejongh.com

of the Quantum album ralphdejongh.com on vinyl & 4cd now a tenner

this song is of the Quantum album on vinyl and cd ralphdejongh.com now only a tenner

Harry ‘Cuby’ Muskee, singer & writer of Cuby +Blizzards, wrote: “I was standing in the bar of café “De Amer” drinking a beer and I heard there was a supporting act. Now generally I don’t pay much attention to supporting acts, but this time I heard a sound that made me think of an old blues singer that I had heard in the Delta. I expected to see somebody from the Mississippi Delta, but to my amazement I saw a tall blond guy playing the slide-guitar and harmonica with incredible originality.This was my first encounter with Ralph de Jongh…Many more would follow. In the meantime, we have spent many hours talking to each other and to my astonishment it turned out we both know something about Laozi, a well-known Chinese philosopher. Ralph de Jongh plays with conviction and with a drive that you do not see very much these days. He has a relentless empathy for the blues and he is a young man who dares to choose not to take the ‘easy way out’: Glitter, quick success…., but instead chooses a piece of culture in the form of the music of Robert Johnson, Son House, Elmore James and Muddy Waters. By now insiders have come to know Ralph and I hope that the media too will provide him with a podium, for if you have just a small knowledge of music you will know this is too good a chance to miss. You’ll be hearing from Ralph. With respect and pleasure,


Harry ‘Cuby’ Muskee.”

Harry Muskee: “Believe me. I have seen Ralph perform many times and I can assure you: this is value for money. After watching Ralph tour with C+B for a year, I am convinced that a rare talent as well as a good friend is at work here.”

Charlie Burchill, the guitar player of the band The Simple Minds , wrote: “RALPH is a true spirit who plays directly from the heart. He has an unrestrained empathy for the Blues.”

Ralph: A 74 albums musician. Some of those have earned him five star reviews. His music comes straight from the heart. Mostly improvised.

Order/download Ralph’s paintings, vinyl , cd’s, and dvd’s at: ralphdejongh.com/shop/ and find more paintings at: https://www.facebook.com/bluestransfusions/


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