Hangar 9 Ultra Stick 50e PNP HAN4775.bad servos, don't fly it !!
bad (6) 26g Digital, Metal-Geared Servos !! close to impossible to replace since nobody have anything at that size.
customer service cannot send you any replacement because they don't have any!
please pay attention.

warning problem with ultrastick servos ,(Hangar-9 Ultra Stick 50e PNP HAN4775)
right away after connecting the battery service gone on fire.
no problem it is under warranty!?!?!? YES BUT!!!!! Horizon Hobby don't available replacement!!! SO WHAT CAN WE DO !!!! we are going to replace it with a bigger servo. the same size airplane with nitro engine run with full-size a servos.so can this one can!

we need your help!

stop buying useless junk from the internet!

how to make your RC Crawler better?? ,
front and rear steering! and extension for the wheels to be wider!,


Redcat Racing Kaiju EXT

how to fix monokote cover on your new RC airplane

Actual Customer Testimonial of our Underground Inspection Robot/Rover

RC Underground Inspection Robot/Rover

If you are in the construction business, plumbing, are a Contractor, Home Inspector or Real Estate Broker, we invented a tool for you. A special custom built under-house crawler so YOU don't have to go under the property.

We have created custom rovers for a major pipeline company with infrared cameras as well as solar companies who need to access hard to reach areas.

Equipped with cameras and lights and ready for action. This rover will fit into tight spots that humans can't and will make your job easier to get done. It'll make an easier job of signing with your customer as well. Be on top of your game with technology that can make your life easy and at the same time show your customer, live, what's going on with their property.

This machine is designed to be easily driven by any person with a very short training time. Contact us for more information and watch the videos to see the performance. The video broadcast that your getting live is much higher than what you see on youtube. Patent Pending.

RC Monster Garage

West Coast Air Design Engineering
17555 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA 91344

RC Custom builds, upgrades, customization and just maxed-out Radio Control vehicles. Thank you for watching.

RC truck from the garbage part 2,
learn how to restore RC cars and trucks,,

RC truck from the garbage part 1

visiting LA gyro planes
located at the Whiteman airport in a small hangar are the coolest flying machine.

1/8 8IGHT 4WD Nitro Buggy RTR, Red/Yellow

The 8IGHT™ racing platform has multiple ROAR national titles and international wins to its credit. This thoroughly equipped, RTR version gives anyone eager to get into nitro buggy racing everything they need to be a contender, right out of the box.
Your fast track to nitro buggy racing
4mm 6061-T6 Aluminum Chassis Plate
Dynamite® .21 nitro engine with pull start
Metal-gear transmission and sealed differentials
Gen III radio tray for longer servo life

1/8 8IGHT 4WD Nitro Buggy RTR, Red/Yellow

We're experimenting with VR360 degree views of our shop .TRY IT

We're experimenting with VR360 degree views of our shop .TRY IT

We're experimenting with 360 degree views of our shop to show you all the products currently in stock. Let us know in the comments below what you think!

We're experimenting with 360 degree views of our shop to show you all the products currently in stock. Let us know in the comments below what you think!

stop asking, "how fast is it?",
from the beginning of time there is only one annoying question you can ask in any hobby shop."how fast is it?",
if you really needed to ask you're not really ready for the speed.,

Carbon fiber blade installation and testing - first performance upgrade and testing.

Helicopter for beginners - Learn how to fly - Lesson 1

3D printed Wheels. rock crawler 2 Wheels. Tweel.,
this is an experiment with flexible filament to print electric rock crawler Wheels.;
this specific wheel named wheel made out of three different parts,



4 different ARRMA Typhon everything you need to know


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