RDRIVER Tanks! Having fun with War Thunder!

Getting better and rising in higher place wins, 9.7 is still rough. Seems like a player shortage up here? Lots of short matches and very unbalanced fights. Could it be TOO Realistic? Death comes fast and from out of no-where here. Just like the footage you see out of Ukraine. How can you do with all but the best mods???

I love airplane engines in cars and trucks..and airplanes..and this tank is an interesting trek into that arena. Fast, some turret armor and a boring but occasionally useful gun (esp at or below tier) make it a fun play for the experienced tanker.

A new kind a vid here, we take look at the battle of Kursk and the Russian tanks that waged it, present some new old theories and take a look at the tanks in game. LINK to Battle of Kursk Documentary: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1vkQQpWuP1d3/

Who really was the winner on the last day of Kursk? Not a week later...
Was it the "Greatest Tank Battle Ever" If most Russian tanks were light tanks?
Was is the greatest concentration of battling tanks ever? Since they were spread out over 1000's of square kilometers?
Is too much of our perception by Soviet propaganda and mass media crap? Not actual documentation?

One of my all time favorite designs and a great tank (Tank Destroyer) in game as well as real life. The first match I am too cautious and try to show its defensive role, the next I charge forward and take my hits!!! Play this awesome machine to win!! My model built a few years ago as cover.

A good look at these interesting tanks and some wonky game play. Did planes just get buffed more? Its getting hard to have a tank battle with all the planes. Did this problem get worse? Watch me die over and over without a plane kill! I show em as I play em and this one hurts!!!

In tanks that are still not fully modded I start to get some better results as I grind out the 8.7 to 9.7 lineup. You get to see one of the most absurd matches ever, sadly this is a trend at high tier now, likely due to lack of players up here. ITS TOUGH!!!! But we shrug it off and plow on to grind our way to the TOP!

We take a last look at the Czech Panzer II chassis in its final role, which amazingly continued till the mid 1950s!! This little machine is a favorite, I like the concept, in real life it was not so hot but you can do well in game..If planes are ever reined in...
I've used this pic before but its a good model I built of the Hetz as a kid.

LINK to Coneofarc: https://odysee.com/@ConeOfArc:b/built-for-its-gun,-the-sturer-emil:b

We take out the guns that had some of the highest kills of the war, when used at standoff distance with good air cover. In game is another thing, these suffer in many ways here. See me get my second ever last place caught on vid! Not a proud moment but it does show Exactly how these guns suffer in game. Takes skill (watch that drop), the right map, good cover and not "those" matches to hook up. BTW: The Nashorn is the silver lining here and in an earlier vid you can see me really clean up with it.

Want to learn more on this series? Check out Coneofarc: https://odysee.com/@ConeOfArc:b/built-for-its-gun,-the-sturer-emil:b

One of the most fun self propelled guns in game and most successful on the battlefield in real life. These are small, quick, maneuverable and pack a punch!!! Try these out as versatile snipers, hunters and even for capping and in town fun. Model I built at very young age, one of my first "tanks" but I always liked it.

The Tam (Medium Tank from Argentina) and BaglePanzer both share the same design. Yep, The driver gets the short end here, but any round to his right hits a LOT of steel! The game still needs to fix how this hits, think 750mm of armor. LOT of surfaces and different hard materials the shot has to tangle with as it passes through the hardened front plate, then transmission, then length wise through engine, then accessories and finally a hardened firewall. Merkava take shots all the time and live to fire back! Better a dead engine and a followup shot than a dead crew!

We take a close look at the final evolution of the Panther, When the German tank builders finally started to make real tanks again this cat was still on the boards!! A design that still works today. Takes a special play style to run this one, thin armor and a good gun means you need good maps and fair matches to hook up. Very much like how it was meant to work in real life, get in fast, hit first and hard and move out!!!

We do it all wrong, Go into combat with No test drives, No knowledge of the tanks or weapons and start with a lineup of unmodded just purchased tanks not even bushes on them. How will it go?? You know we all do it. Am I good enough to jump up this high? Remember I did all the grinding for these tanks at 7.3 or lower! We face up to 10.7 level tanks for the first time. I squad with Dialup99 for strength in numbers, he does the same as me and has 4 brand new unmods too!

We take a brief close look at the STUG series and note the missing Stug4 in game. Cover is a picture of my model of one I built around age 15. These rock in game, are hard to see in the right map, like in the first battle I get, and are hard to kill, not in the second map though. ;) Learn to play these money makers!!!

We stop by Sweden to see how the tanks are. Still not so hot as my longest vid to date records. A very long, very hard fought game at the end. We do have some fun, even though the tanks just are outclassed at every turn it seems. A squad vid with Dialup99

About time to just have some fun without taking things too serious. This is what "Gaming" is about, relaxing, not grinding or competing but doing well and getting better without pressure. Take out those lower tier tanks, dont worry about mods or scores and have FUN!!!!

Time for some German fun at 2.7 with a special class of tank. An overview of the 3 main versions, sorry no vid of that rare one, I looked. I love these small tanks and we have some sweet victories out in the field.

Lets look up close at the tank that was up armored to combat those Panthers and P4's with their deadly 75mm guns. How will it do in combat? I get an uptier of course and end up facing its worst enemy..how will it go??

This kitty rocks, no doubt about it. With the 4 major variants in the game its a must play and a good play. We take a look at why in real life it was so awesome and do a little in game experience too.

We take a close look at the T34's Strengths and Weaknesses. A good follow-up to the BT5 vid and some good gameplay as well. Those A/B matches sure can last a long time. Our last Rusky vid for a while til we take out the Cold War T54's and later heavies.

But I get two tough matches and was not at peak form. Thats the grind..playing when tired and l paying for it. Been busy past week preparing for a show at CAMA
http://www.ctamachinery.com/2014-spring-power-up.html (where I volunteer) And still one more to go. I should make a few vids on just relaxed playing with "Dialup99", Funny thing happened last night doing that, despite being in the top 4 and even top 2 we never won a match for 8 in row, what are the odds???

Like that clip in the beginning? Thank John Walter Christie for that design. We dont need no stinkin bridges! The BT5 is rather underrated and after getting God Mode with it 4 times now this past week I wanted to show how. Another clip at the very end of one of those GM kills. Notice something freaky? the armor values are way higher from the pic I used from a year ago vs in the vid I show. War Thunder changes....
REUPLOAD, Sorry, the 1st one has a bad edit I missed, learning shotcut.

Like that clip in the beginning? Thank John Walter Christie for that design. We dont need no stinkin bridges! The BT5 is rather underrated and after getting God Mode with it 4 times now this past week I wanted to show how. Another clip at the very end of one of those GM kills. Notice something freaky? the armor values are way higher from the pic I used from a year ago vs in the vid I show. War Thunder changes....

Italian has been...well it has been. Not for the beginner, very much like real life ( Points for War Thunder!) Italian tanks are not very good and suffer in game in ways they did on the battlefield. No top 3 finishes here, A fitting ending for the last of the true Italian tanks of WW2.

I logged in last night and Birch had just cleaned up with 12 kills at 1.7 BR and a 1st place. So I challenged her to a best of 3, She won. The last game I do not show, we got stomped, I did best her at 4th while she had 7th. No Chat just the 2 games.


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Watch for fun! Watch to learn. See Tanks in combat in the best most realistic game out so far. Like watching a WW2 movie without that sappy love story or unrealistic tanks. And learn to play the game better. I'll be doing lessons starting at the first level and covering a few nations and 100s of tanks. My personal knowledge will come into play as well as I explain real life advantages and weaknesses while showing how they work in game. Live play with other players will be shown along with stills and some fails and wins. Those are my model tanks in pics when not a screenshot, built from age 14 to present. Thanks for watching :)

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