5 months protesting the GGs

Common law and the theft of Australia

Round table news update.

Aussie Cossack the vaccine madness coming out and general news.

Round table current events Q, Chem trails.

Great opportunity to meet like minded people

Welcoming back Michael from Cafe Locked Out.

Winning downunder

One of the best interviews about solutions for the fraud known as Australia.

Welcoming back Michael from Cafe Locked Out from his around Australia trip.

What funeral workers are experiencing in Australia.

History lesson

Going over the news.

Interview with Cole about the fight for teachers.

Jacquie Dundee and whats going on with the High Court.

Whats going on in Australia.

Discussing sovereign plates.

Wrap up and whats to come.

Weekly wrapup of news in Australia.

Joined by Kent Brown who has 2 decades in law enforcement to discuss the malfeasance of the AEC and solutions for Freedom lovers.

Discussing the abolishment of Home Affairs and the consequences.

Guru and Caz are joined by Carl Liebold to discuss the latest happenings.

Discuss restoring the de jure government by having a Commonwealth Custodian Election.

The fraudulent election in Australia


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