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her page looks pretty good/nutrition and excersize ill probably bookmark it for myself.
anyways not my video just for myself/ dont sue me bro!

Vegan Lasagna by John Joesph of Cromags fame. video is done by vice mag but Im gonna put the link for his channel also
also btw his book pma effect was great (
again i don't own any of the rights just a video for my self/ dont sue me bro!
#pma #vegan #lasagna #johnjoesph #cromags

ok second video this time its Great Depression Cooking Dandelion Salad, original youtube--
again i dont own the rights. this is for my own reference! Don't sue me bro!
btw i love this channel great stories/ nice old lady talking about the depression. if you are on you tube follow that channel!
#Cooking #depression #Dandelion #dandelionsalad

This is just for my own reference so i don't have to go to different channels on youtube. The original channel is
All rights owned by Caitlin Shoemaker. I dont own this/aint making any money so don't sue me bro!
#reciepies #vegan #cooking


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Basically i just want to put up videos of cooking vids from you tube all in one spot so i dont have to keep looking for them. Also Bitchute is lacking many cooking channels as far as i can see so why not?

Oh and don't sue me bro!
I credit the creators/link to their youtube channels so for realz don't sue me bro!