Red Cabin Cooking

Join me as I create yet another batch of goodies to satisfy the munchies . What else you going to do waiting till the bombs start dropping ?

Red cabin cooking presents Cooking with Greg , we whip up a batch of Pork loin. peppers , and onions for the grill . Any kind of meat will work ,give it a try .

Some times you want a pizza , so make it yourself , that way you'r safe from the COVID-19 . enjoy and subscribe for more .

how to make a pie with cheap easy to get components , I created this master pice with some pre made crust and two cans of peach slices . , enjoy and subscribe for more .

another Cooking with Greg show , making Cinnamon Rolls on a cold March day .

Here is a way to make some yummy pastry on the cheap with off the shelf items , using a pre made "packaged" pie shell from the local stop and rob and a can of fruit off the shelf I make some peach tarts to bust that munchie monster , all while complying with all current mandates !!

More Cooking with Greg , in this show we take that pastry dough we made last time and made filling out of cream cheese and Apricots put it all together and create some goodies , come along for the ride .

Welcome to "Cooking With Greg" today we are going to make cookies and pastry dough for Cheese Danish pastry , kill some covid-19 time and learn to cook at the same time.

It's me Greg , back again cooking at the Cabin , this time it's making Jalapeno Cheese Rolls and Onion Rolls with sesame seed topping . Come along and enjoy the show

Sometimes you just have to have some cheese cake , join me as I create a Blueberry topped New York style Cheese Cake .

another Cooking with Greg Show , this time I'm baking Bread , White and a holiday style fruit bread called Stollen , come waist your time wile we all wait for the end ......

The one dish which all Drive-ins/Dinners and Dive establishments are judged , you learn to make this dish and you can strand tall against any cook any where . You can basically Bake and Cook enough to keep yourself alive in the coming months , those high class "Chef's" going to find out what's what when the supply chain come to a screeching halt .

Enjoy and subscribe/share . thanks for watching !

Here is an attempt at creating a cooking show similar to what I use to see all the time on the Boob Tube. Enjoy This time I'm making bread . This is the 4th attempt to upload so maybe it will get through , please remember I also post on Rumble under "Red Cabin Cooking" and lots of times the material will be there days ,weeks before bitchute because it usually is no problem to upload there , here on bitchute it can be a challenge to upload any content .......

A few week ago I did a "Cheese Danish" video , this is the part 1 of the process of making a pastry , the dough making part , to get the full "Cheese Danish Pastry" experience you should probably press play now . However you can also use this method of dough making for "Puff Pastry" , as with most good things , it's all about the amount of FAT your willing to inject into the dough ...

This video is an experiment at using a wireless mic and some newly learned post production tech. enjoy and comment on this kind of format for a cooking show verses the "How TO" style of video making ..... sound effects add or distract ? enjoy and subscribe for more

In this video , I make some cream cheese flavored danish pastry from scratch , making the filling , rolling out the dough , filling the pastry . I cover making the danish dough in another video thats coming soon.

enjoy and subscribe for more .

In this video we make some yummy donuts using a specially shaped pan to bake them instead of the more standard oil frying method. enjoy and subscribe , give a rumble or two and enjoy those donuts. Just remember to always eat desert first , this could be your last meal , you never really know for sure.

I made some ribs for the 4th of July , first I made a dry rub then processed the ribs and smoked them for 3 hours , enjoy

Ever hear the story of the wooden spoon and a boiling pot ? if you place a wooden utensil over a boiling pot it will not boil over . Here is video proof , enjoy

Hot summer night , got to have something good , try grilling a pineapple and serving it up with some ice cream . here is a little how to video , enjoy and subscribe for more .

Creating a simple white cake with butter cream frosting , Shredded Coconut and Raspberry Jam for Mom on her special day.

I had a few extra chicken breasts and some spices , so naturally I made Chicken Enchiladas , you can too , easy simple to make and tasty as all get out.

WE needed something good to eat and break the Covid-19 blues , so we bought some over sized Chicken Breast some ham and some Swiss Cheese and made this dish in our mountain cabin , give it a try , it's easy .

A simple bread concoction of flour and raisins , give it a try .

A short little video about making a Stuffed Crust Pizza , very easy to do at home and very tasty , enjoy and subscribe for more !


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This Channel is about Cooking in my little Alaskan Cabin , We cook simple meals that strive to be tasty yet cheep . I don't have a lot of the common conveniences a regular house kitchen has , no running water , only a electric oven and cook top , yet I put out some pretty good tasting chow . every thing from pizza to full course meals . Join the fun and start making your own munchies along with me.