How many deaths will we tolerate from the current administration

Yeah, that, and there is a nice dog encounter at the coffee shop toward the end.

White supremacy is again supported by the current administration of the USA, the Democrats, who have always been the party of slavery and white supremacy, support the Nazi's of Ukraine.
Juul is banned by the FDA, which will lead to more deaths from smoking.
Age restriction hypocrisy in the USA, doesn't make sense at all.

My own take on why officers may not have acted at Uvalde.
There is a massive solar flare that may create some auroras,
Burmese Pythons need to be take out of the everglades
Why transgender suicides may have nothing to do with becoming trans, flawed studies of the past.

Some personal and professional updates. Wind, solar, and fossil energy, living free, Biden's bike fall.
Is a red wave good for dems?

The main focus of today's show is the dangers of Fentanyl, and why you should have Naloxone HCL available at all times, for YOUR safety.
Fauci got Covid. Double Jabbed, double boosted
No threat to the pres who is also double jabbed and double boosted
but, get your infants, age 1 - 5 the effing jab, brought to you by
Pfizer jab for children wanes quickly

Portland, Oregon makes kids more unsafe than they were. Ban even concealed carry guns from schools. Board member thinks we just need more mental health access and to prepare teachers for all possible events, like active shooters.

My take on how to make the current political atmosphere make any sense what so ever

I actually took a video of this amazing critter. The globalists want this for sure.

just want to see what 4k looks like

Ruby, our new Golden Retriever puppy's first walk in the yard. Quigly and Dexter react. All is going well, this was literally the first moments.

The Dems will sweep the midterms, here is how I know that.
I found a parasitic mind control worm
garbage collection in jeopardy
monkey pox shinanigans

Parading school shooting victims in front of the country 15 days after the event? Conflicting stories puzzle me. Exploding bullets?
Teacher shot "several times" and has recovered?
Mass hypnosis event begins tomorrow

This is my daily welcome home from Pebbles.

My First GoPro Video, a typical ride to work on the Suzuki DRZ400sm
At one point I am talking about the white flowers, daisies, and how they provide cover for the fawns when they are born, camouflage. The audio will get better as I figure out how to use the Gopro.

Lots of gun control talk and sensible solutions discussed, more Fauxcie lies, arming teachers in schools in Ohio, drawbacks of doing so, still in favor, armed citizens

So, I decided to get a GoPro and video my rides to work. This first day, I see the first fawns of the season.

brief review of the homestead
introduce Obsidian
Treasury Secretary flunks Econ 101
Chicago Shootings - where is the outrage?
Women, thank God for the women in my life
Gay men, AIDS and Monkey Pox
Pfizer sucks as much as Biden, maybe worse

So much going on with food production around the homestead, along with some changes in my work schedule.
Wolves and cattle issues in the Pacific Northwest
Spotted frog and grazing rights come into conflict

How does the US government unprotect YOUR children

Monkey Pox Outbreak "war gamed" last year, and looky here. It is actually happening. These coincidences are starting to be a little too coincidental.

Midterms, more viruses appear out of no where, Biden's respect among other world leaders

Cougar Attack, what you can do to limit the damages.

New information about the Pfizer and other mrna vaccines shows just how horrible they are at being vaccines, and how good they are at being toxins.
Luckily, Pfizer has been approved for children 5 years old and older


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Cataract Surgery and Vision. Wow, your brain is cool.

OSHA Suspends Enforcement, but what do private businesses do?

Bill Gates admits the jab doesn't stop the spread of the virus

Natural Immunity would have killed the pandemic long ago

Robert F Kennedy Jr. Intervieiw On The Corbett Report