Cry of America

Celebrating July 4th & Restoration of Our Country.
Happy July 4th! Faith. Freedom. Family. Charlene.

Are these Famous People in the Witness Protection Program?
Who Knows? Time will Tell. Q = Question Everything.

WWII Vet Plays Star Spangled Banner on Harmonica.
Salute! Charlene.

Bible Verse for us today. I Corinthians Ch.6 Verse 19.
Share. Have a Good Thursday. Charlene.

Beryl and Catherine her Grandaughter.
Came across this video this morning.
Very Inspiring. Charlene.

Discusses Story of Lady in Florida.
Keep Repeating Truth. Can we say again
The FDA, CDC, AMA, Corrupt Health Establishment is Criminal.
This must stop. God Bless Your Day. Charlene

Trump Silent Running Created by @JustinBellucci
Good Morning Patriots. Remember We are in a Silent War.
However We Must be Warriors of Truth. God Bless Your Day. Charlene.

Pershings Own Production - US Army Band

We Salute and Honor The Fallen Soldiers this
Memorial Day. God Bless You & Your Family Today.
The Spirit of Freedom Is Always Alive in Our Great Nation.
Charlene McNally

God Bless America - Pia Toscano

Prayers for Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.
A Doctor Who Stands for Truth.
God Bless Him.

Bobby Powell's Videos of Jan. 6th.
Proves Corrupt Government Officials are Responsible for
the Insurrection of Jan. 6th.
Happy Friday! Charlene

Ann Talks About What An American National Is.
Getting Back to Common Law and Our Sovereignty.
Have a Good Thursday. Charlene

Corrupt FDA and AMA Way Back then.
Hope You All Are Having a Good Day. Charlene.

Proving Election Fraud.
True the Vote Research

Reports on Utah Nurse Retracting a Fibrous Clot
from a 32 Year Old Male who took Bioweapon Shot.

52,000 Americans Died Within 14 Days of Vaccine
In Medicare Database. The Corrupt CDC tries to hide
the criminality by saying Not Considered VAXXED first 14 Days.

Evidence Now Confirms Snake Venom Peptides
In Bioweapon Pfizer Vials. Dr Jane Ruby Show.

Take a look at evidence regarding JP Morgan & Others.
Video from Truth Seeker Knowledge is Power

Stew Peters & Stanford Graham Have a Happy Easter. Charlene.

The Fall of the Cabal - The Sequel Part 22

Love this Video! Inspirational!
God Bless Your Day. Charlene

People's Bureau of Investigation Report. Also
Stew Peter's just released his report. Have a good day. Charlene.

With God All Things Are Possible.


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