June 30, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1akhhn-vsrf-weekly-update-live-stream-ep-36-pfizer-whistleblower-brook-jackson.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=9

We speak with PFIZER whistleblower Brook Jackson, who as a regional director of research organization Ventavia Research revealed that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. The same day she filed a complaint with the FDA, she was fired.

Famed Civil Rights attorney & Legal commentator Robert Barnes also joins the Weekly Update to discuss Big Pharma's growing legal problems and the status of various Mandate lawsuits across the country.

June 29, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1afczh-max-igan-the-truth-about-australia.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2

Max Igan is an original Australian freedom fighter, having exposed the NWO plans for over two decades.

He joins us with his insight again today, for an honest discussion about Australia and current events.

Max can be found on his website and Telegram Channel:


June 30, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1aiwez-dr.-tess-lawrie-asc-a-way-for-the-whole-world-to-win.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2

Dr. Lawrie joins us to discuss the African Sovereignty Coalition formed to stand against the WHO, UN and WEF, how this model can be rolled out across the globe, Monkeypox, Injections, reintroduction of masks, fertility problems from the injections and more!

Dr. Lawrie's Substack:


Follow the World Council for Health via their website and Telegram:


June 30, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1ajwt9-jay-dyer-nwo-the-bible-end-times-antichrist-babylon-and-mark-of-the-beast.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2

Jay Dyer is an author, comedian and TV presenter known for his deep analysis of Hollywood, geopolitics, and culture. He regularly hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show on Infowars.

He joins us to discuss the NWO in light of the Bible and supporting texts, as well as the Antichrist, Babylon, and Mark of the Beast which we are steadily progressing towards.

You can follow Jay's work via his website and Telegram Channel:


Watch the interview referenced with Leo Zagami here:


June 21, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v19ahuv-importance-of-maintaining-the-principles-of-humanity-in-a-dehumanizing-worl.html

Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with Professor Mattias Desmet about meaning making, mass formation, totalitarianism, collectivism and the critical role speaking out has against the masses.

If you believe civil liberties are important, then please check out the new book by The Democracy Fund's Ethics Scholar, Dr. Julie Ponesse.

The book is called "My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates"

VISIT: www.mychoicebook.ca

July 01, 2022
Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOaP_c0uoLc

n this week's episode, we discuss the latest report on Corey's Digs regarding CBDC's and we ask our special guest Catherine Austin Fitts for insights on their financial coup and how we can prepare.

Find and support Catherine Austin Fitts' work here:

July 03, 2022
Source: www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=hpsm4yAvRHg

Majority of covid admissions are now incidental,

US, Variant Proportions


BA.2 5.7%
BA.2.12.1 42%
BA.5 36.6%
BA.4 15.7%

BA.1s 0%
Delta 0%
Others 0%

Resultant hospitalizations

Up 12% on the week

Deaths, 387, 7 day average, up 23%

Since January 2020, 1 in 327 people have died


Prediction based on Zoe data

England, more people have been infected already

Hospitalised in the UK

About a third admitted for covid

Two thirds with covid

Long covid

Weakness / tiredness
Shortness of breath
Muscle ache
Trouble sleeping
Difficulty concentrating
Anxiety / worry
Low mood
Loss of smell
Memory loss / confusion
Loss of taste
Vertigo / dizziness
Chest pain
Loss of appetite
Sore throat
Nausea / vomiting
Abdominal pain

Among the most deprived

Unable to work from home, 80.6%

Risk of developing long COVID symptoms, 11.1%

Among the least deprived

Unable to work from home, 62.6%

Risk of developing long COVID symptoms, 8.1%

June 29, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1a5oej-comparing-natural-immunity-to-vaccine-induced-immunity-dr.-steven-pelech-an.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The+Democracy+Fund&ep=2

Dr. Julie Ponesse speaks with Dr. Steven Pelech about the differences between natural immunity and the immunity acquired through the COVID-19 vaccines.

If you believe civil liberties are important, then please check out the new book by The Democracy Fund's Ethics Scholar, Dr. Julie Ponesse.

The book is called "My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates"

VISIT: www.mychoicebook.ca

June 27, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1a6nnr-advocacy-lifeline-episode-32-the-time-for-medical-freedom-is-now.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=6


Russ Diamond, PA state representative, is today’s guest on “Advocacy Lifeline.” He discusses HB 2013 on medical freedom — how it relates to future abuses, VAERS reports and losing trust in the medical establishment. Rep. Russ also shares ways that viewers can and should get involved in advocacy. Viewers, don’t miss this episode!

Laws are being considered and passed that have serious consequences for your health and freedom. Your voice has power, and the “Advocacy Lifeline" with Dawn Richardson will teach you how to use your voice efficiently and effectively to influence legislation and policies to protect your rights. Pharmaceutical and medical trade lobbyists often push for what benefits their industries’ bottom line, not your health. Get empowered with up-to-date knowledge of actual bills moving, how the legislative process works and the simple skills and tools you can use to leverage your time to protect your freedom of choice. Education followed by action is the foundation of every episode.

June 21, 2022
Source: www.theepochtimes.com/sudden-adult-death-syndrome-mad-cow-disease-and-bizarre-blood-clots-raise-questions-about-vaccines_4546720.html

A phenomenon of strange deaths has fallen under the label of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). The real cause of the deaths is unknown, but is affecting young people primarily in their sleep. The Spectator reports, “They simply do not wake up after going to bed, or collapse during the day,” and claims cases have been increasing.

Meanwhile, there are new phenomena of fatal conditions, including the brain disorder commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, a sudden increase in myocarditis and heart failure, and strange blood clots being found in cadavers.

Also, Brazilian journalist Paulo Figueiredo join us to talk about George Soros buying up Spanish-language media outlets in Florida.

In this live Q&A with Joshua Philipp, we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

June 24, 2022
Source: www.theepochtimes.com/87-of-clinical-trial-data-hidden-from-medical-journals-fmr-fda-director-not-our-job-to-correct-faulty-drug-data-in-articles_4554223.html

In this episode, I sit down with Dr. John Abramson, author of “Overdosed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine” and “Sickening: How Big Pharma Broke American Health Care and How We Can Repair It,” to discuss the current political climate as it relates to the health care industry.

Dr. Abramson shares his insights gained from over 10 years as an expert medical witness in Big Pharma litigation cases to reveal to us some of the shady practices they use to get their drug products approved by the FDA.

He also speaks on how every aspect of the drug approval process is driven by marketing ploys and financial gain, not science and safety. He reiterates how the FDA is reliant upon funding from Big Pharma to operate and how they are authorizing drugs based on an archaic system of measure.

June 30, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1alfg7-doctors-and-scientists-episode-35-with-dr.-nancy-tarlow.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2


Join host Dr. Brian Hooker as he interviews guest Dr. Nancy Tarlow on brain-based chiropractic, brain tap, and the downfalls of a one-size-fits-all medical model. Dr. Tarlow discusses her journey from hurt to health and all the patients she has helped along the way. Hear as she describes how following a true methodology of chiropractic care can help heal kids with Autism, constipation, insomnia, and more.

June 23, 2022
Source: www.theepochtimes.com/china-appeasing-who-chief-lancet-commission-chairman-come-out-in-support-of-lab-leak-theory-truth-over-news_4553893.html

Jeffrey Sachs, the leader of the Lancet Commission on COVID-19, now admits that the COVID-19 pandemic started in a lab. Even more startlingly, he now also admits that the virus was made with U.S. biotechnology.

Sachs made his comments last week at a conference in Spain where he had been invited by former Spanish Prime Minister José Luís Zapatero.

Sachs’s astonishing revelations were upstaged by World Health Organization Director Tedros Adanom Ghabrieysus when he reportedly confessed to a senior European politician that the virus most likely came out of a Wuhan lab.

The admissions from two of the most prominent COVID authorities in the world, who also happen to be establishment stalwarts with a record of appeasing the Chinese Communist Party, are a huge game-changer.

June 29, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1ag4aj-this-week-2022-episode-26-fdas-future-framework-the-worst-decision-ever-in-.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=4


This episode of “This Week” is one that viewers won’t want to miss! Hear from Mary Holland and Polly Tommey as they break down recent events and meetings, present news and headlines, and future concerns and hopes — in the United States and across the globe. Watch to hear critical information about VAERS safety signals, the next pandemic, halved rations, fluoride in the water supply, and more.

June 29, 2022
Source: www.odysee.com/@FrontlineCovid19CriticalCareAlliance:c/FLCCC-WEBINAR-062922_FINAL:6

This week, the topic was BA 4/5, and what shone through in the discussion was the message of the need for individualized and aggressive early treatment. Dr. Flavio Cadegiani of Brazil said, “My approach is patient by patient,” and “COVID-19 is anything but one-size-fits-all.” Dr. Robert Rapiti of South Africa concurred, “I treat everyone individually.” And FLCCC's Dr. Paul Marik added, “That’s why doctors are doctors!”

The doctors discussed the nature of the variant, how treatment varies from previous strains of Omicron, and took questions from the audience.

To follow FLCCC, click here:

To learn more about our protocols click here

June 30, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1aishl-dr.-simone-gold-of-americas-frontline-doctors-on-her-january-6-prison-sente.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=3

Dr. Simone Gold of America's Frontline Doctors has been sentenced to prison for her involvement in the January 6 protest at the Capitol, and she shares how people can take a stand.

June 29, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1ag6bb-dr.-mccullough-on-fighting-covid-and-big-pharma.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=4

Dr. Peter McCullough was fighting hard and finding great success treating Covid patients, preventing hospitalization and death using a protocol involving multiple repurposed drugs. But another battle — this one against what he calls the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex — would end up turning his life upside-down. In this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine's Alex Newman, Dr. McCullough and co-author John Leake give the inside story of one of the most vicious persecutions of a doctor in American history, a saga recounted in their new book The Courage to Face Covid-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. Not only was the establishment not interested in effective treatments, it was interested only in injecting as many people as possible with a dangerous experimental injection that was highly ineffective. Dr. McCullough inadvertently found himself in the crosshairs of this establishment — and paid dearly for getting in the way.

June 28, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1a7jyj-dr.-tess-lawrie-recall-covid-shots.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The+New+American&ep=2

In this interview with The New American, Dr. Tess Lawrie discussed the Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report (https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/covid-19-vaccine-pharmacovigilance-report/) prepared by the World Council for Health. The report concluded that sufficient pharmacovigilance data exists on WHO VigiAccess, CDC VAERS, EudraVigilance, and the U.K. Yellow Card Scheme to suspend the use of experimental Covid gene therapeutics. The sheer number of adverse reactions and deaths linked to the shots and the governments’ continuous inaction on the matter suggest that the decision-makers are utterly corrupt and have no interest in protecting public health. People should reject the vaccination push and take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, argued Dr. Lawrie.

Dr. Tess Lawrie is a world-class medical doctor and researcher. She is currently serving as the director of The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd in the United Kingdom. She’s also a co-founder of the World Council for Health (https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/) and the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group. (https://bird-group.org/)

To follow Dr. Tess Lawrie on Substack, please go to: www.drtesslawrie.substack.com/

June 29, 2022
Source: www.odysee.com/@FrontlineCovid19CriticalCareAlliance:c/Brain-Fog-and-Neurogenesis:b

Neurogenesis is the process of the formation of new neurons, their maturity, and their integration into the brain circuits. Let's review what causes a disruption of neurogenesis and what the outcomes of reduced neurogenesis are. As the pandemic of neurological and neuropsychiatric issues continues to expand because of long COVID and vaccine injuries, it is important for us all to understand what lifestyle and diet changes may help combat the neurological deterioration and restore the neurogenesis process.

DrBeen: Medical Education Online

Home - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

URL list from Thursday, Jun. 23 2022

You can grow new brain cells. Here's how | Sandrine Thuret - YouTube

A hypothalamic boost for neurogenesis | Nature Reviews Neuroscience

Robust adult neurogenesis in the primate hippocampus | Nature Neuroscience

Hypothalamic modulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis in mice confers activity-dependent regulation of memory and anxiety-like behavior | Nature Neuroscience

Single-nucleus sequencing finds no adult hippocampal neurogenesis in humans | Nature Neuroscience

Diet and depression: exploring the biological mechanisms of action | Molecular Psychiatry

Stress and adolescent hippocampal neurogenesis: diet and exercise as cognitive modulators | Translational Psychiatry

Running increases cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the adult mouse dentate gyrus | Nature Neuroscience

Running increases cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the adult mouse dentate gyrus | Nature Neuroscience

Neurogenesis in the adult human hippocampus | Nature Medicine

Professor Sandrine Thuret Dr. rer. nat. FHEA

Sandrine Thuret: How Can Adults Grow New Brain Cells? : NPR

Hippocampus in health and disease: An overview

June 28, 2022
Source: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sLqxCxo1NQ

To watch Part 2, continue to Peak Prosperity using the following link (Members Only):


June 28, 2022
Source: www.rumble.com/v1abjee-ep.-12-unity-project-podcast-w-alex-krainer-how-theranos-is-a-cautionary-ta.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2

On today’s episode, we have an enlightening conversation with Alex Krainer, a Monaco-based hedge fund manager, market analyst and author exposing trends of deception in the global commodities industry.
We discuss his expert background as he breaks down the correlation between Big Pharma corruption and the downfall of liquid biopsy start up Theranos. And how theranos is a cautionary tale about the pandemic and the attempt at mass vaccination

Links for Alex Krainer
Website: www.isystem-tf.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/NakedHedgie
Facebook: www.facebook.com/alex.krainer.7

June 28, 2022
Source: www.odysee.com/@DavidKnightShow:1/Vanderbilt-Refuses-Baby's-Transplant-Unless-Jabbed:7

What can YOU do to help? With the new, fraudulent "approval" of mRNA for infants, a 6 month old baby needing a heart transplant will be refused the heart transplant he needs unless he's jabbed against his parent's wishes.

Find out more about the show and where you can watch it at:



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