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The Demon Machine is awake, Mummies are unwrapped, somalians are shooting up cities, GA Guidestones, more drugs, less booze, and our veterans are crying. Enjoy!
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4 students parents react to the rise in crime on campus and the political systems workings.
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(Audio/Video/Discord Below) CA Doxxed Millions of Gun Owners, GDL "antisemtic" flyers, and homelessness and crime has reached comical levels in MPLS. Parents of college students are reacting poorly this week to gun violence at frat row. Also, we found a magical staircase.
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Best Quality: https://thatswhathappened.tv/ep157-the-staircase-out-of-hell/
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1 misdemeanor per member
conspiracy to riot - based on documents not described

...anyone think PF was going to RIOT in Coeur d'Alene?

Ritual Murder and Abuse Allegations Spanning 4 Decades In Utah.

School Shooting Conspiracy, asians calling for race wars, & women drivers.
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We are a geopolitical commentary podcast channel. No censorship. We try to solve problems, not just bitch about them. If we are slightly off on something, we seek to correct ourselves. The goal is to be be right about everything.