IF POSSIBLE, Keep your children out of school, and do not fund their university education, that's the best you can do for their future. Help them enter the trades where they won't be influenced by useful-idiot Marxist Feminists.

YOU'VE F'D YOUR OWN FUTURE, MORONS. LOOK AT THE NAMES of the top 4 people at the CFR and do a "Wiki - Early Life" on them, they're all from the same tribe. YOU'D BETTER WAKE AMERICA. ACTUALLY, it's already too late, you slept in too long this time. THEN, READ THIS BOOK

Check out this gutsy Irish politician, I dare say she sums it all up rather succinctly.

Everything that goes against the MSM narrative, and can be proved, even with photos, is these days, a conspiracy theory.
Listen f'kheads, people conspire, are you really so naive to not realise that.

Does that mean a heartbeat doesn't signify life.
So when does breathing practice begin? You'd think it would be towards the end of the third trimester, right? Believe it or not, practice breaths starts as early as nine weeks gestation when, according to Lee, the baby begins to mimic breathing-like movements. Only a week or two later, before the first trimester has ended, she begins to inhale small amounts of amniotic fluid that mimic swallowing. These skills help her little lungs develop properly (and amaze her very excited mom and dad when they find out).

On the other hand, Brainwashed Sexist Feminists are COMPLETELY useless.

This is what you worked your ass off for, to help your daughter get a better education. Everyone loses.

If this doesn't change their minds about whose body it is, nothing will.
These babies had their futures cut short, never fulfilling their potential, deserve at least for us to recognise their fate. it's the real holocaust. Watch as much as you can.

About 500 of the 1500 illegal immigrants have managed to enter EU territory through Spain.
Now they will be assigned a salary, a mobile phone, medical care, psychological care, food and a place to sleep. And will be free to enter other European countries.

Wake the F Up you stupid imbeciles, stop watching MSM, it's all 100% BS, yes, 100%..

Can you believe these imbeciles. I bet they all have a degree in humanities/arts from a woke university.

Pathologist shares shocking revelations of how the FDA Pfizer vaccine trial for 6 months to 4 year old children was conducted.

The filthy scum of the earth need to be hunted down and severely dealt with.

We Need More Politicians Like This One. I've tried over twenty different therapies and read more than 100 self-help/spiritual/philosophy books, and this is the only one that worked for me with PERMANENT RESULTS. I've recommended 20 friends and they've also had amazing results. It's available in Melbourne, but also on Skype from your own home.

Fauci has always been a crook, is a crook and will always be a crook.


FINALLY, NWO, RESERVE CURRENCY AND WORLD ECONOMICS FOR DUMMIES. This is an extremely important video. Ray Dalio joins the dots for us. See where we're headed if we allow the Klaus's of this world to gain ultimate power.

Listen To These Moronic English Lemmings, Hard To Believe People Can Be So Stupid.

Don't take anymore crap from these woke enemies, stand up to them.

This video is a must-watch for any serious person wanting to understand today's inflation. See how they run rings around us.

All the worst of humanity live in NYC, D.C. Geneva, London, and Basel.
All in the Northern Hemisphere, and have all visited Epstein Island, and funded it..

THIS SCENE FROM Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, is very close to the bone.


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