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No thunder or lightning sounds or noises just flashes around the firmament, this was the day of the feast of the sacred heart, but the world, of course, was too busy being gay & celebrating fagitism

Throwback to clown world tiktok, this video was removed from there and YouTube and I was banned from TT not long after this as I provided too much information

Women and children being raped, assaulted and murdered by these and MSM won't report on it

Man's spot on

Puke O'Neill funded by GSK / Pfizer

If your child is still in an indoctrination camp (school) you're a moron & should be ashamed


And the NPC's have egg on their face once again

Klaus schwab wants you to own nothing even faster!

Your name in all CAPS is a corporation not a living man or woman

If you haven't started growing your own food by now, you're in for a bad time

One of The smartest men to have lived on the earth


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