Joe Biden's affirmative action Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson ludicrously said that she could not define what a woman is because she is not a biologist. It seems ridiculous that we even have to debate this matter, but gender confusion is based on an ideology that leftists are deliberately trying to force onto the normal people in society, which is most of us. Pastor Mike Winger has dedicated his channel to answering such worldview questions biblically. He believes that we must accurately represent Christianity by tackling social issues from a biblical perspective. In this clip, Pastor Mike explains how the Bible should and can be used to address the gender issue. (Go here for Mike Winger's YouTube channel:

Jared Taylor explains what the Juneteenth holiday means — nation-building for blacks and nation-wrecking for whites — and what it ought to mean: separate nations. (Website:

Stew Peters discusses the Ukraine situation with Edward Szall. Both commentators agree that the unipolar world order that was dominated by America and the EU is now over. Vladimir Putin's nationalism (versus the globalist new world order) is the move of the future.

Demented globalist puppet Joe Biden shows us once again why the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution was necessary.

Wayne Allyn Root interviews Donald Trump on the current situation and what Trump may do in the future.

A Florida man uses a frying pan to ward off a dangerous alligator.

The political left in the US incessantly blamed Russia for allegedly interfering with the US presidential election won by Donald Trump in 2016. But the Democrats won't talk about how the US in 2014 literally overthrew a duly elected Ukrainian president under the auspices of current Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and her cronies. They then set up a puppet regime in Ukraine, with many Americans placed in positions of power. Nuland's machinations included the operation of 46 bio-labs in Ukraine where dangerous viruses were used to experiment on (and kill) Ukrainian citizens. John Mark Dougan discusses Victoria Nuland's role in the Bio-labs and the Ukrainian government's overthrow. (First seen on

Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the latest from the Russia NATO/Ukraine war with the wise and highly knowledgeable Col. Douglas Macgregor (June 21st 2022). (First seen on

The dementia-ridden old pervert Joe Biden, rides a bike to show us how young and fit he is. However, he stumbles and falls off the bike, which is a perfect metaphor for his "leadership" and how he and his handlers are harming our nation.

A man is seen assaulting a woman on a country road, and it looks like the woman is about to get hurt badly. However, a bus happens to pass by and stops in the middle of the road. Suddenly, a mob of bus passengers swarms the attacker and beats him down, saving the woman. These people are heroes!

Dr. Steve Turley reports in the latest news from Russia, where a 10 million ruble fine will be assessed to anyone at any age pushing LGBT propaganda in the nation. Turley notes that a similar return to traditional moral (Christian) values is happening in other Eastern European countries like Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia. In addition, China is working to stop a trend of effeminacy among young men that is often promoted in the entertainment industry. With these changes, we see many nations embracing nationalism, the civilization state, and traditionalism and rejecting liberal globalism. And there is nothing the perverts can do to stop it!

In 2009, James O'Keefe of Project Veritas and a fellow undercover journalist went into ACORN offices in Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York, and other cities posing as a prostitute and pimp to uncover ACORN's corruption.They exposed ACORN employees telling them how to commit tax fraud and get away with underage prostitution rings. ACORN and the leftist corporate media attempted to play the story down when O'Keefe launched a first video and then a second one. But by the time the third video came out, ACORN representatives' and the media's phony defense had crumbled. ACORN subsequently lost federal funding and eventually was dissolved. Skeptics say that “nothing ever happens” to corrupt people. But this video is a reminder and a warning to corrupt actors. (Original video from Project Veritas:

Larry Bowen, an American military hero, gives an emotional recollection of his experience under attack by the Israeli government against the USS liberty in 1967 and exposes the deep state lies and attempts to silence him. (Go here for more:

Dr. Steve Turley discusses the news that the Twitter deal will in fact go through with Elon Musk, and Twitter will comply with Musk's demands for data. This signals Twitter's emancipation from leftist control and censorship, yet the left-wing media ironically calls it a threat to democracy. In the minds of the "progressives," alternative media and right wing sources must be marginalized and destroyed in the name of "democracy." In reality, the Twitter takeover is a threat to leftist hegemony in social media and a blow to the agenda setting power of left wing information outlets in the public square. In related news, Turley discusses how CNN is making moves to become less partisan as it was in it's early days. Overall, the refreshingly optimistic Turley notes how these changes are good signs.

Dr. Steve Turley discusses Jordan Peterson's recent comments about the Bible on Joe Rogan's show. In the discussion, Peterson recognizes the Bible as the first book, the foundation of Western civilization, and the precondition for truth itself. Here, Peterson uses a presuppositional argument similar to that of famed Dutch philosopher and theologian Cornelius van Til. For Van Til, God and the Bible (as God's word) provide the precondition/foundation for truth, reality, intelligibility, logic, and rationality. Dr. Turley goes on to explain how religion is crucial, and because of this, we are moving from the madness and incoherence of secularism into a post-secular world.

Moronic journalist Steve Paikin for The Agenda program asks some loaded questions to young scholar Michael Millerman about Alexander Dugin, Vladimir Putin, and Russia. Millerman masterfully explains the mindset of Dugin, one of Russia's major philosophers, and how he and Putin view Western liberal arrogance in trying to impose globalism by force on Russia and the world. Do Western scientific rationalists, who despise cultural traditions and religion, have the right to tell other civilizations how they should run their countries? Does Putin really want to bring back soviet communism and dominate the world? Should every country be forced to embrace and celebrate "gay rights"? Millerman gives us the answers according to Dugin and Putin. If there is one interview that will help you to understand the vapidity, shallowness, and simple-mindedness of the mainstream media and also appreciate the noble cause that Dugin and Putin stand for, this is it. It is about Western, liberal, materialist, godless, imperialist globalism versus the traditional, faith-affirming, self-deterministic nationalist/civilization state. Such is the current battle, and the globalists are losing it.

Ukrainian POWs deliver a message to their president, Volodymyr Zelensky. What they say will be dismissed as Russian propaganda, as anything that goes against the globalist narrative is. Yet it is pro-Zelensky, anti-Putin, anti-Russia propaganda that rules the Western airwaves. If you study the situation and history of this conflict carefully, you will find that everything that these soldiers say in the video is true. (Taken from:

Jay Rogers of the Forerunner explains what a multi-polar world is and demonstrates in light of current events how that world is currently developing. Summary: Unipolar - one power dominates. Bipolar - two powers with satellites in two spheres as in the Cold War. Multipolar - several world powers with satellites in multiple spheres. Civilization state - a nation that is founded on deep culture, that is, traditional values, shared history and religious morality. Nation-state - based on the civil government and national borders. (See more at

In 2014, President Putin explained the situation in Donbass (Ukraine) to a BBC journalist. Even back then, Putin exposed how the Ukraine Army was shelling its own people in civilian areas and added that most countries, especially those in Europe, preferred not to notice this. Putin went on to mention how he looked forward to continued direct negotiations, which had already started in Minsk, in order to solve the matter diplomatically. This is the man they are telling you is a thug and a war criminal. (Taken from:

They cover up theft and crimes against humanity. They cover up the influence they have via our government and over our lives. And they attempt to control what you can say or even think. Watch this video from that exposes Zionist propaganda.

Jay Rogers of the Forerunner offers an in-depth analysis of what is really happening in Ukraine. Among the topics he covers are the crumbling unipolar world (globalist new world order) versus the emerging multipolar world, the failed plan to break up Russia, unsuccessful US foreign policy, the prospects for Christian civilization, and more. (THE MULTIPOLAR WORLD:

Starbucks is one of those trendy left-wing corporations that prides itself on advancing the causes of "social justice." and "wokeness." But in this video, the high priced coffee pushers are exposed for the use of fraudulent cup sizes. Starbucks uses three different cup sizes, but the same amount of coffee fits in each! How's that for social justice!

Brother Nathanael uses the game of chess as a metaphor for the conflict between Orthodox Christian Russia and nationalist Putin and the Jew-controlled globalist West and it's mindless puppet, Biden. Needless to say, Putin is winning, and thankfully so.

Much has been said about Donald Trump's profession of faith as president. Other presidents and politicians before him may have mentioned the name of God, but few in recent memory were willing to invoke the name of Jesus Christ specifically and in public. Some people would argue that Trump only did this for political reasons to appeal to his evangelical base and that it was no evidence of any personal Christian stance on his part. Admittedly, Trump's faith may be nominal and often may not have had a major impact on his policies. But in some cases, it has. For example, his appointment of conservative-leaning Supreme Court justices seems to have had affected the abortion issue. Whatever the substance and depth of Trump's faith, he did in fact mention Christ positively and many times. He did so despite the presence of many powerful Jews and other antichrist groups in high places. At the very least, then, Trump was a very Christian-friendly president, in word and sometimes in deed. Compare that to other presidents and leaders who were and are openly antagonistic to Christians and their faith. This is significant.

Judge Napolitano discusses the latest news on the Russia-NATO war with Col. Douglas Macgregor, who has a wealth of insight, connections, and experience to deliver reliable and invaluable information on this crisis. According to Col. Macgregor,, Russia, is winning decisively, yet the Western powers, led by the US military-industrial complex, are trying their hardest to extend this senseless conflict as long as possible in an attempt to "weaken" Russia. More Ukrainians are being sent to their deaths and their country is being destroyed while the US is facing it's own harrowing economic problems. Yet American leaders remain in denial about their failed policies. You will not hear this type of information from the bought-and-paid-for corporate media whores..


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