Do you want grandkids? Full interview

What is the real reason for all the flight chaos??Full Great interview

Why do they keep saying an unknown reason for all these healthy young adults that suddenly drop dead…. We all know it’s an adverse reaction to the Jab Full interview

Dave Mahoney Nick Sylvester & Ireland Clark our govs want to kill us
Full interview

They knew what they were going to TRY to do to us in the 90’s use vaccines to kill your immunity & depopulate? All in plain site

X22 report explains why climate change IS a HOAX & why we need to wake up

Lewis Hermes on Monkeypox caused by the vaccine? Full interview great info

Dave Mahoney talks about the media lies & the true situation over there
Full interview with Nicholas Veniamin

Dave Mahoney & Nick Veniamin discuss the sick agenda being brought into uk schools & the sick subliminal messages from Disney TIME TO SAY NO MORE

No words needed the headline says it all

The pure evil plan of the those who think they are better than the rest of us. How they want to depopulate the world & keep us poor

X22 explains some of the lies from Pfiz3r & pages of adverse reactions etc

This was on the mainstream itv tv in the uk last night, & what she said about covid being a hoax & chemtrails wasn’t trashed! Is the tide turning ???

Kate Shemirani Explains how a new uk lockdown is eminent? [email protected] deaths & injuries & those who administer the jab will face the consequences?!

Tiana explains some truths about the US & The UK!?

Charlie Ward explains that Ukraine already belongs to Russia Full video:

Matt Le Tissier talks about all the propaganda & lies from the media Full interview

Matt discusses how the government are lying to us & why are people letting them control every aspect of of lives
Full interview about the current situation

Dr Reiner Fuellmich explains why the jab is a depopulation tool

DR. REINER FUELLMICH explains why the pcr tests give 97-100% false positives exposing the pandemic as a lie

The true situation between Putin & The Ukraine ?what the lamestream don’t tell you


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