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Speaker Mike Johnson Protecting J6 Deep State Insiders: False Flag FED Op EXPOSED

Pro-Sodomy Republicans Award Bruce Jenner: GOP Flaunts DEBAUCHERY At Gala

Anthony Fauci’s Crimes EXPOSED: Extreme Accountability For Gain Of Function Murder

Increase White Blood Cell Production With CBD: Get Prepared To Fight Seasonal Illness

Transgender Manifesto Reveals HORROR! Law Enforcement Suppress Anti-White Hate Of Nashville Shooter

Police Harass Lucas Gage For Speaking Against Zionism: Intimidation Tactic Used To Chill Free Speech

Murderous Hospital To Face Jury Trial: Family Of Grace Schara Seeks Justice In Wrongful Death

New Docu-Series EXPOSES PROPAGANDA: U.S. Government GUTTED Anti-Propaganda Laws

Are Micro-Parasites the REAL Cause Of Cancer? Scientist SHILLS Censor Live Saving TRUTH

HVAC Systems Used To Create Covid Hot Spots: Aerosolizing Covid Created Mass Hysteria

Pfizer Liable For SV40 In Shots: SV40 A Red Herring To Prevent Accountability For
Covid vaccine manufacturers can now be held accountable!
Steve Kirsch joins Stew to walk us through how the many bioweapons from Pfizer and vaccine producers can be taken off the shelves, providing a roadmap towards extreme accountability for Big Pharma.
This and, we look deeper into what we know as SV40, and how it is used to deliberately contaminate the injections.
Will we finally see justice for the lives lost to the clot shot?

9/11 Whistleblower SPEAKS OUT: Claims 9/11 Attack Was Really Elaborate Unmanned Drone Strike

Middle East Alliances To Spark Armageddon? 1947 Memo Details Holy Land Ethnic Cleansing

The viewers of this show know better than to trust the approved Israel-Palestine narrative. And those who’ve worked in the upper levels of leadership in other war-time conflicts now have a special skiil in being able to sort out fact from fiction. Lt Col. Tony Shaffer shares his analysis. What did Israel know? How does this compare with 9/11? What's the solution?

Middle East Land War Imminent: Ron Paul Claimed Israel Created Hamas Back In 2009

Victoria’s Not So Secret Fat Women: Fashion Show MOCKED For OBESE Models

RINOS Plot To Bring Back McCarthy To Fund Israeli War: McCarthy Signals He’s Open To The Idea

WRONGTHINK: America Faces Reality Check: Not All Cultures Are Created Equal
It’s not the best and the brightest that are walking through our border, it’s rapists and murderers who are simply incompatible with a civil, Christian society. To make matters worse, soon, these people will make up the majority in America. Thus, we will soon become just as uncivil as the countries THEY are fleeing. The great replacement theory is real.

Semjase: Reptilians are Fallen Angels Like Time of NOAH , Giants Half Reptilian Walk The Earth But Half , Zelenskyy is Half Reptilian Same with King Charles, Vlad Dracula The Impale Half Reptilian


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