Replication Of Genome Perfection, A Dark Consciousness Fills The Void
Unholy Inversion Of Creation, Lord Morningstar Breathes Life In This Decoy
Perpetuate The Illusion Of Immortality, There's A Husk Of A Body That Looks Just Like Me
Imitation, Deception But They Still Believe, As They Fall Deeper And Deeper To Sleep

Words And Music By Jason Abraham Copyright 2020

lyrics: Take A Look Around, Is The Sky Falling Down?
And When You Breathe Your Last Breath Will You Let Go In Silent Surrender?
We Cleanse The Earth...Of The Sins Of The Weak
As They Consume With No Discretion, Draining Life From All Creation
And They Deserve The Fate We'll Bring Them, Though They Don't Know Any Better
We'll Wipe Their Plague From The Surface World And Then Go Underground
Chorus: Now The Time Has Come, For The Zero Sum
Where All The World's Calamity Will Fall Into Obscurity
And The Time Has Come, For The Zero Sum
Where All Those Lost In Indecision Will Fall Into Oblivion

Words And Music By Jason Abraham copyright 2020


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