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There's definitely some stuff being heavily coded here...something big must be coming up. 😳 Steve Fletcher 222

Sadly, we'll accept it (or at least everyone clinging to a dying world will). Most of the population took an experimental poison to keep their job. 😒 Source: United Uprising

Any time a french parody character is in a toon, I'm sold. 😂 Mirrored from DreeaShy

Rfb's got some thoughts for you on the moon, both past and present. 🌝 Source: RichieFromBoston

I think he's bang on with this, personally. Share your thoughts about our present hour below. Source: Gerald Badalamento

Lots of heavy hearts these days among the local government sectors. Source: Bootcamp

A few repeats from the past are included, but this is a great way to kill nearly fifteen minutes. 😂 Source: Steve Inman Mirrored from Pirate Pete

Interesting tidbits about the black ink and the jarred goo. Can you repent from the mark? Can't hurt to try if you are able--you've got nothing to lose by humbling yourself. Mirrored from AZ J

Well produced exposé on the true menace behind many mental illness cases. Mirrored from X144V

More fiery darts from the enemy laying waste to the young population. 😟 (thanks to Mattyd74 for the alert) Mirrored from pureblood

Call takes a look at some peculiarities with symbols going on around the U.S. debtclock. 🧐 Source: United Rising

Ren takes an adventure through Stimpy's innards in attempt to find out what has misfired in his brain. 🧠 Mirrored from DreeaShy

It's time for some sidescrolling beat 'em up action as we wander back to the similarly themed 80s and chat about the various. 👊💥

Makes total sense--no wonder they pushed them so relentlessly in our culture over the past fifty years (aside from all the needleworship priming). 😬 Mirrored from The Brand23

Dan shares a clip from 2019 and expands on the grand plan, summed up perfectly in words spoken by a Luciferian scumbag just a year prior to rolling out the depopulating mark. Source: Remarque88

I had a bit of a spiritual awakening in my groinal area when I first saw Basic Instinct (Stone and Tripplehorn were a wonderful fantasy combo for my fifteen year old mind) but now that my other head is primarily in control, it's just depressing to see the stupid mind hiding behind the blond curtains. Source: Bootcamp

Kurgan put me up to this months ago, but since I was knee-deep in documentary work, I only now just made something of it (I'm also not sure if this is anything close to what he had in mind). 🤔

The group A and group B agents are busy, selling the slaves their new life by false divide. Source: SJWellfire: Final Days Report

Johnny Storm with a few words on the origins and capabilities of demons. Source: Don'tspeaknews

Sister Jeannie looks at a new article about the emerging D.I.P. being brought to us by our concerned billionaire eugenicists. 😒 Source: Jeannie Hardesty

One last curtain call for the degenerate stage puppets before they go hide under rocks. United Uprising:

Prophetic programming abounds as our pair are sold a convenient future, then given a giant lemon instead. Mirrored from DreeaShy

Brother Glenn answers fanmail live for our edification. Source: Vacci_Nation

Since we're on a harvest roll, here's some Hanukkah connections from a man teacher (for those who reject estrogen backed eschatology). Source: Steve Fletcher 222

Our Australian encourager has a lengthy dive into the high watch days we're in, particularly considering where we're at in Revelation. Great stuff is here about the calenders, feasts, lunar signals, and deceptions (and this was banned on youtube within an hour of her posting it). 👍 Source: Rebecca Bee (channel link:


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Hello and welcome. This is where I will be posting my own videos as well as random content from elsewhere that illustrate all pertinent information. We are in a war of attrition against a satanic cabal who has schemed a nightmare existence for its slaves--a majority of which have been deceived into taking a transhumanist killshot. Our battle is spiritual, played out in the flesh. If you haven't found Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you need to seek Him; He is the only hope we have to escape this fallen realm.