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Exhortative Message to Prime Minister Trudeau and ALL who need to hear it.
My highly prophetic warning regarding 5G and the so-called Vaccines.
Originally recorded on 10-14-2019
I made a mistake in this video and stated 60K GigaHertz. It should have been 60 GigaHertz
The core Exhortation is at about 15:45min into the video
The video ends with a special message to Mandi Perkins. I love you, babe!!!
Narrated by Shaun Weavers
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5G & WiFi Dangers Intro recorded 03-05-2020
Narrated by Shaun Weavers
Back when I recorded this nobody was doing anything to expose or stop 5G & WIFI
I was trying then to rally some support now with support am calling out again.

Demonic Preachers Who Will Take The Mark of The Beast For Fame and Money...

WOW! HERE WE GO! Everything Is About To Go To An Entirely New Level!

EVERY EVIL SPIRIT & STRONGHOLD THAT BINDS YOU MUST GO (Powerful Prayer For Deliverance From Evil!)

Jesus 101- How Divination Works through The Chosen

8 End Time Signs Happening NOW - The Enid Times Are Here (Last Days Bible Prophecy)


How Can I Tell If I'm A Witch?

An exposé on how Hollywood and the MainStream Media manipulate the multitudes by spreading propaganda throughout their content.

The True Sick Satanic Pediphile Side of Hollywood Exposed in Plain Sight!

As these sick Satanic Pedophile celebrities admit selling their souls to the devil, many jump to the conclusion that they were joking or being sarcastic!

I know for certain that I would never 'joke' about worshipping Satan!

There is NO such thing as a Fucking 'Coincidence'!

Out of Shadows (2020) 1h 18min | Documentary | 11 April 2020 (USA)

Out Of Shadows exposé how the mainstream media (MSM) and Hollywood manipulate and control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content.

The goal is to wake up the general public by attempting to shed light on how we all may have been lied to and potentially brainwashed by a "hidden" enemy with an apparently sinister agenda.

This project was the result of almost two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of self proclaimed "woke professionals".

It's been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.

Donations keep our team fed and clothed. Written by

Director: Mike Smith
Stars: Mike Smith, Kevin M. Shipp, Brad Martin | See full cast & crew »
Out of Shadows (2020)

Measuring progress towards a world free of child sexual violence.
Clip 1.
Celebrities Who Admit They've Sold Their Souls To The Devil! | Sarcasm Or Truth? (Satan In Hollywood)
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Clip 2:
The true dark side of Hollywood.
Clip 3:
What is Really Going on in Hollywood? - "The Truth is Learned, Never Told!"

Out of Shadows Official 2020 The Documentary (11.04.2020)
Home of Out of Shadows Official Documentary
Banned by Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Paypal

Filmmaker Jason Jones about 'Out Of Shadows' documentary.

The Out of Shadows - Censorship Campaign [20.10.2020]

Out of Shadows: Dr. Richard Bartlett's Covid-19 Budesonide Strategy.

Out of Shadows Official 2020 The Documentary (UK Edition) [11.04.2020]

Mike Smith(I) Stunts Actor Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Out Of Shadows 2020 The Official Documentary 2020 With Mike Smith Liz Crokin
Existence Matters
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310,147 views Premiered Jan 7, 2021
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'I Can't Teach Anybody Anything, I Can Only Try to Make Them Think!' - Socrates (469–399 B.C.E.)

"Listen to Everyone, Read Everything and Believe Absolutely Nothing... Unless You Can Fucking Prove It in Your Own Research!" - William 'Bill' Cooper R.I.P (1943-2001)

"Against Stupidity the Gods themselves struggle in Vain!" - Friedrich Schille (1759-1805)

'LIES and ANIMALS' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881)


George Carlin - What is the American 'Dream'_ [18.02.2024]

A Programmed Mind_ The Luciferian Agenda. The Film.

7 Signs Someone In Your Life Is Under Demonic Influence

EXPOSING Pastor Kenneth Copeland - Megachurch Messiness

EXPOSING Joel Osteen & the Prosperity Gospel

The MESSY Life of Pastor Creflo Dollar

Trudeau BUSTED Handing $400K to CBC In SECRET Deal!




Life didn’t “suck” before Trudeau

Real REASON God's Chosen Ones Are FEARED The Most! (UNTOUCHABLE!)

Senior Merck Scientist Dr. Maurice Hilleman Admits Cancer & Aids Caused By Vaccines. HIDDEN CAMERA


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