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The most box pushing gameplay in the entire game you will find!

Will end it with a kickass music called "Alcazar – Crying at the Discoteque Eurovision 2024"
The best song in the entire world which i will buy next year!

But when it comes to politics. Only three things applies
- Alliance
- Aid
- Military
Everything else is relative (Depending if coverage is blown out of bad views of oppressive means, one can vote for a politician who truly wants to do something and not be a massive shill, if not quickly it will just vanish like stardust).

But i am quitting because i am terrible at opinions, learning a skill is fun. But i am not well spoken like majority of people online are, who happens to have English as their native tounge to begin with. Even in Norwegian i am not that good, and thats supposedly my native language.

So i feel i have to do the right thing and leave it to people who are way more outspoken and clear, rather than a mumbly guy. But remember to study, eyes on the price, get the facts and dont give into intimidation. Do whats right!

Love everybody and everyone! If i were to do something in the future it would be purely hobby related stuff like uploading fun stuff because i want too. Aka for fun! I miss those days in 2012 afterall.

But either case, take care everyone!

Sadly i think the game noticed the cheat. So no Jeff Goldblum ending on the next video. But it is worth trying to get all the DNAs just for that ending. Its the ultimate funniest thing in video game history (Or alternatively you can just go outside and breathe the air)

Replaying this mission. Because i wasnt happy with my first gameplay footage of this.

Replaying this mission. Because i wasnt happy with my first gameplay footage of this.


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A pirate¨s life is the life for me matey!