This is part two about whether or not Michael Peterson murdered his late wife.

Because I had so much to say in my last video (like I was a pundit or something) I figured that I'd stress test my own subconscious to find out if my inner self agrees with my outer self.

Psychic medium Penny Kelly, author of the book "The Robes".

I take a second look at the protagonist of Making a Murderer (Netflix Doc)

I got the audio from interviews on YouTube.

Here is a playlist that covers all of my previous Cryptocurrency videos all made in the year 2022.
Long live Crytpo (the good ones).

Any suggestions as to what this reversal actually means would be greatly appreciated. I always enjoy the suggestions whether or not I agree, and I've gotten some good ones before! :)

1 reversal from the Prisoner.
1 reversal from the Newscaster.

I got the audio for the youtube channel 'That Chapter', it was a very easy watch.

He compares Alex Jones, Kim Kardashian and Adam Schiff. What is the common thread between those three?
Two reversals is all.

This was from a very recent Fox News interview. The question put to him was “is Bitcoin/crypto worth anything”?
***UPDATE: the reversal says:
“We lie for olds” and then “we lie”.

This is a congruent (truthful) reversal. Basically a mirror of what's being said forward.

I’m posting these crypto videos on my reverse speech channels because they are a follow up of my May 20th reverse speech video (of Woo woo dude on “an incredible rise in cryptos”). I like doing videos on jsnip4 and woo woo dude, they’ve given some interesting reversals.

This Bushman guy is Hilarious. He dresses like a bush and acts like a potted plant....until people walk by hahaha. Some poor old person had a heart attack and this cop was MAD AS HELL.

Clif High examines claims made by people in the alternative sphere, as well as describing how he used psychedelics to travel with his awareness. This is how he came up with essential facets of his Web-Bot invention.

Some interesting symbology. Joe talks very clearly and often in reverse (compared to most people I’ve listened to).
CORRECTION: "Hey there's Tigers, they all SHIVER".

A young boy is grilled by his father about a missing doughnut, of course the chocolate on his face is a good tell...

Some interesting reversals, I could use some help interpreting what the mom's backwards speech really meant.

“Did you eat that cupcake!??…are you suuurrreeee?” 😂
**UPDATE: I’ve revised the reversal to:
“Now I know on face”
Thanks to a YouTube viewer for the correction!

Bill Burr, the man....the myth....the legend! He's not taking any guff from Colin cowherd's old co-host!!
Is it just me or does he sound like he has great timing even when played backwards? this guy just oozes comedic timing....


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