The Soviet Msta-B looks better to me! It's breech mechanism is automated for one, and therefore takes less people to operate.

"The use of a corrected Daredevil 1k113 mine, fired from a 240mm Tulipan 2s4 mortar."

These LPR boys know how to fight. The revolution started here, after all.

"Retreating from Severodonetsk, the Ukraine army mined women and children in the basement so that they could not get out and remained a human shield for the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

"Today, May 21, the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy celebrates its 291st anniversary!!! ⚓️🇬🇧
The sailors of the Pacific carry the St. Andrew's flag with dignity in the expanses of the World Ocean, protecting all of us and the territorial integrity of the Motherland.
We sincerely congratulate the Pacific sailors and all those involved on the holiday! ⚓️🇬🇧"

Original video/angle:

How many damn Drones did the DPR have in the sky?

Well, he's got a pretty good eye, you've got to admit. He could run the film archives in Black Dolphin prison when he gets there.

Satanic Nazis, could it get any worse?

"How DPR fighters beat the superior enemy forces on the outskirts of the industrial zone of Mariupol, saving the lives of fighters with the help of UAVs
Exclusive for channel readers: another episode of the heroic liberation of the city. A mortar crew of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR destroys an assault group of Ukrainian Nazis who tried to counterattack. First, after the first volleys, the infantry of the militants takes flight, and then the enemy tank is also damaged. That's what a mortar is capable of with proper adjustment from the air."

"⚡️ The special forces of the RF Armed Forces destroyed the observers of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of the Transcarpathian Armed Forces of Ukraine near the village of Pologi, Zaporozhye region of Ukraine."


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