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12" promo audio 1994


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live 1995 R&R hall of fame

1992 video

Van Halen tribute



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1994 None LP , single

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1990 Ballad live/stage

It can be seen as a song about acknowledging the fact that you've lost something precious in which you believed in. (gas prices come to mind) (blue skies)

video - Jan 1984

Dave played hard all the way
The Original Foghat.,

live 2006


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Pretty much hard / guitar driven and I prefer "Live music talent on stage working" over just audio.

Analog and digital sound engineer for years and years

I started in 1970 "roadie" for The Box Tops.

If you find something you like good for both of us

"requesting is good" I have so much odd stuff "I should have it"

I suggest to the trolls to open up bogus accounts so you can leave more than one negative.

Channel is named after my dog. ..
The first upload video is him. His name was spelled wrong when the CCC papers came in so it stuck

Credits are given "If known" and I do try and search out missing info.

None profit and learning thru music
I claim fair use with no copyright infringement intended.