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The first non-stop flight from Australia to continental Europe has taken off from Perth overnight.

Qantas says the flight from Perth to Rome represents an "incredible milestone for Western Australia".

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce and WA Premier Mark McGowan joined passengers for the maiden journey on the new Qantas 787 Boeing Dreamliner.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong will both head overseas to meet with world leaders on two different continents.

Mr Albanese is heading to Spain for the NATO Leader's Summit and will then travel to Paris to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Meanwhile, Ms Wong will travel to Vietnam and Malaysia.

US President Joe Biden has signed into law a bill on gun control, one of the first major gun reforms introduced in three decades, following the mass shootings in New York and Texas in May.

US Congress approved the legislation with bipartisan support this week.

The new laws will introduce tougher background checks for those under the age of 21. Federal funding will be provided for school mental health and security programs, as well as incentives for states to implement 'red flag' laws.

NASA will launch rockets from a space base in a remote part of the Northern Territory on Sunday evening.

The launch from the Arnhem Space Centre will be the first for NASA from a commercial port outside the United States.

Energy giant Santos is imploring the NSW government to expedite a pipeline licence for the Narrabri coal seam gas project.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby says the United States will “continue to bolster” Ukraine’s defences as it sends another military package worth $US450 million.

Former AFL player Nick Dal Santo says the Melbourne Demons put “the fear of God” back in the competition after defeating the Brisbane Lions on Thursday.

Mr Dal Santo said it’s funny how two hours of football “can silence a lot of people”.

“They absolutely dismantled them,” he told Sky News Australia.

The price of a meat pie is set to rise as wheat and worker shortages combine with increased energy prices.

The price increase has also led to fears the Australian staple is becoming part of a bigger global food crisis.

A new visa waiver system is being introduced in 2023 which will see Australian travellers need to complete a form online before entering European countries.

The waiver is for short stays and for all non-EU citizens.

Two people have died and more than 20 have been injured in a shooting outside a popular gay bar in Norway's capital ahead of the Oslo Pride parade.

The gunman opened fire outside the London Pub and was apprehended by police a few minutes after the shooting began.

Police officials say the shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism.

NSW Farmers Coffs Harbour Chair Paul Shoker says the price of avocados will remain “relatively cheap” over the next six years after “significant expansion” in the industry.

“The concern is we would like to see retailers sticking with Australian avocados,” he told Sky News Australia.

“The temptation is, coming into Spring, it will shift to New Zealand avocados however the expansion in Western Australia in particular does mean we have avocados now pretty much 10 months in the year.

“There’s good value there for customers and good produce as well.”

Former AFL player Nick Dal Santo says no one expected the West Coast Eagles to defeat Essendon but it was “nice to see the Eagles have a little bit of success”.

Mr Dal Santo said it was a “long time between drinks” for the Eagles players.

“It has been a been a really difficult year for them to this point,” he told Sky News Australia.

Ukrainian forces have withdrawn from the city of Severodonetsk as the battlefield momentum in the country’s east tips towards Russia.

The key battleground city has been under siege for months as Ukrainian officials call it a tactical withdrawal.

“It makes no sense to stay at the positions that have been destroyed because the number of casualties in poorly fortified areas will grow every day,” Luhansk Region Governor Serhiy Haidai said.

NSW Shadow Education Minister Prue Car says public and Catholic school teachers striking together for the first time is “very significant” and should send a “strong message” to Premier Dominic Perrottet and Education Minister Sarah Mitchell.

The 24-hour strike on June 30 will be the first time the NSW Teachers Federation and the NSW branch of the Independent Education Union of Australia strike together.

“It’s not many times you see the public sector in education really coming together so strongly with private schools,” Ms Car told Sky News Australia.

A pickup truck has driven through a group of pro-choice protesters at an abortion march in Iowa.

At least one person was taken to hospital and a woman had her ankle driven over.

The protesters described the driver as a white man in his 50s or 60s with a passenger in the front seat.

NASA will launch rockets from a space base in a remote part of the Northern Territory tomorrow night.

The launch from the Arnhem Space Centre will be the first for NASA from a commercial port outside the United States.

NSW Shadow Education Minister Prue Car says public and Catholic school teachers are striking over staff shortages and pay because many “don’t feel they have a choice”.

She said the NSW government is not acknowledging how “severe” the teacher shortage really is.

“Every day I am hearing … there are children at every school across the state being in minimal supervision, merged classes, we’re talking about 80 to 100 kids being supervised by one teacher,” she told Sky News Australia.

“Education outcomes have never been worse in this state and they’re not acknowledging that something desperately needs to be done about that and the workload – it’s not just about pay.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has addressed concert goers at Britain's Glastonbury Festival to rally support to end the war against Russia.

He appeared via a pre-recorded video link, before the start of a set by The Libertines and made the surprise address in English.

The Ukrainian President asked revellers to pressure their politicians, adding every delay is measured in "human lives".

Ahead of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese's trip to the NATO summit in Madrid, he says he wants Australia to be a part of a "global solution".

He will also emphasise the new government’s position on climate change policy.

Mr Albanese has reaffirmed support for Ukraine, saying "Australia stands strong with support for Ukrainian sovereignty and stands with the world in favour of democracy and the rule of law".

To date, Australia has pledged $285 million dollars to support the Ukraine government.

After the summit, Mr Albanese will travel to Paris to meet French President Emmanuel Macron.

Australian actress Jenni Baird says she feels “very privileged” to be taking part in the new “landmark” Foxtel series The Twelve.

Over 10 episodes the series will explore the histories, conflicts and lives of the people who make up the jury.

“It’s probably one of the most challenging roles I have had to play in my acting career,” she told Sky News Australia.

“Having to go into those dark tunnels and explore grief like that.”

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the Australian flag must remain the nation's primary national flag.

He's calling for a rethink of the trend towards the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags appearing alongside it.

It follows a week of national debate on the significance of national flags.

He says Australia's national symbols "should represent all of us" but acknowledges the Aboriginal flag should be flown on "special days of Indigenous significance".

He also says he considers the decision by Greens leader Adam Bandt to remove the national flag from his press conference back drops to be "appalling".

New South Wales teachers will go on strike again on Thursday June 30, over a dispute with the government on pay and staff shortages.

The NSW Teachers Federation and the NSW branch of the Independent Education Union of Australia will strike together for the first time.

Unvaccinated teachers and education staff could soon return to work under a proposal regarding mandates by the Department of Education.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell says the state government has provided a “fair and reasonable offer” which increases the public sector wages cap and the strike is “politically motivated”.

“In the budget we increased it from 2.5 per cent up to three per cent for the first year of an award and up to 3.5 for a second,” she told Sky News Australia.

“That’s the best public wages policy in the country of any state, much higher than other jurisdictions yet we’re not seeing industrial action there we’re only seeing it in New South Wales.”

Queues are building at airports across Australia as thousands of passengers travel on the first weekend of the school holidays.

Holidaymakers have been warned of delays as crowds grow at Melbourne airport's check-in lines.

At Sydney airport, travellers are being told not to arrive any earlier than their advised times - to ease congestion.

More than two million people are expected to pass through both Melbourne and Sydney's airports over the next couple of weeks.

Sydney is bracing for four days of chaos as teachers, train drivers and nurses will commence protests on Tuesday.

From Friday, drivers will cease operating foreign-built trains, a move that is expected to throw the city into turmoil.

The NSW government has offered a three per cent pay rise and requested the strike not to go ahead while negotiations continue.

Nurses and midwives will also walk off the job on Tuesday and on Thursday, teachers at public and Catholic schools will also strike.

Climate activists have also promised a week of protest action in Sydney.

The government has warned unions will face heavy fines if they are involved in illegal strike action.

Prince Charles has expressed his personal sorrow over the enduring impact of British colonialism and slavery at a meeting of Commonwealth leaders in Rwanda.

He also addressed the issue of Commonwealth members cutting ties with the Royal Family.

“I want to acknowledge that the roots of our contemporary association run deep into the most painful period of our history,” he said.

“I cannot describe the depths of my personal sorrow at the suffering of so many.”


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