"Where do I get feed? It's a cow, it eats grass, do you see any grass out your window?" @floteofficial Podcast Of The Week goes to Find content like this and more at

"So he self proclaims his name is the Witch Master General and his job was to go around detecting witches." #TinFoilHatPod 583 Demons Among Us, with @samtripoli and MR Gorga. Watch the full episode on and tip some #RAEToken

Here's a clip of Broken Simulation Episode 54 Not Hot Yoga with @samtripoli and Johnny Woodard Watch the full episode on #Youtube

"They purchased breeding rights into the British royal family. That's the essence of Victoria's secret." #TinFoilHatPod Episode 582 with @samtripoli and Watch the full episode on and tip some #RAEToken

"That notion is so insane, people can not digest, this giant assault that happened on humanity! Based on nothing." - @SamTripoli #TinFoilHatPod 581 with Dr Andrew Kaufman Watch on & tip some #RAEToken

"He was like, you couldn't stop me even if you tried. And I was like, wow this is actually like a demonic energy coming through him." #TinFoilHatPod 580 with @samtripoli & Lindsey Scharmyn Watch it on and tip some #RAEToken

The Flote Podcast Of The Week is Elvis is back from the dead, again! Find content creators, teachers, community and more at #FloteOffTwitter

"Guys, I don't know if you know this or not, we live in a fucking cartoon." Check out, AM Wake Up with Steve (Slow News Day) and Pasta (ConvoCouch). It's the Best Damn Morning Show on the Interwebs! #DeSantis #RagDollLove Watch on and tip some #RAEToken CLICK ūüĎČ

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"We have gone from a handful of people, to more than half the world of people who are saying whoa stop." #TinFoilHatPod 579 with @samtripoli & Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the useful idiots are going to love this one! Watch on and tip some #raetoken

The @floteofficial Podcast Of The Week is @MarkPassio with his #Podcast "What On Earth Is Happening" interviewing @BennyThrills Both of them have solution based messages to hear. Find them & more like them on & #FloteOffTwitter

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Here is a clip from Episode 49 of The Union Of The Unwanted featuring Bart Sibrel. Question Everything! @obdm @trepodcast Macroaggressions, @samtripoli Grimerica, Slow News Day, Monica Perez, We The Patriots USA, Zach Vorhies, Mel K & Celeste Solum. Watch on

"They call it Putin's price hike, but it's really Putin's profit spike." Episode 32 of Wise Wolf Gold And Crypto Show with @TonyArterburn and @Fringe_Newz The Strong Fake Dollar. Listen to the full episode on your favorite podcast app, or click here:

"This is why progressivism is regressive ultimately is because it makes you focus on the most surface level differences between us." #TinFoilHatPod Episode 577 with @samtripoli and the Liberty Lockdown Podcast. Watch on and tip some #RAEToken

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"Most of the Biden administration, today, were in this shadow government." #tinfoilhatpod Episode 575 with Nataly Denise and @samtripoli I went back to Feb. 28, 2018 on they are all there and the current site is wiped. Watch on & tip some #raetoken

"We have no idea what actually happened in our past." #TinFoilHatPod episode 574 with @samtripoli and UnchartedX Watch on & tip some #RAEToken

" tortured for information, or things like that, they'd say, 'Send them to the Germans.'" #TinFoilHatPod Episode 573 with @samtripoli & Chaz Of The Dead. Villa Bavaria sounds bizarre, what a cool adventure! Watch it on & tip some #RAEToken

The @floteofficial Podcast Of The Week goes to "Rethinking The Dollar", shares thought provoking and timely news on the status of the Dollar & to promote the importance of alternative education in the realm of monetary literacy. Sign up at

Episode 52 of Broken Simulation with @samtripoli and Johnny Woodard, the guys talk about their experience at a recent Paul McCartney concert. Guess who Sam catches and calls out at the show, the alleged pedophile, Brian Singer! Watch the full episode on #youtube

On this weeks Wise Wolf Gold & Crypto Show Episode 31 Tony Arterburn and Kenzie brings up a very interesting point with some blockchains. Also what happens when the banks go bankrupt? Check out the full episode on your favorite #podcast app. #Solana #Bitcoin

@uotuw The Union Of The Unwanted: Episode 48 The UFO and Paranormal Reality with hosts @obdm @macroaggressions @TREpodcast @samtripoli with guests Expanding Reality Podcast, Generation Zed Podcast, The Confessionals Podcast, Grimerica, Bledsoe Said So Podcast and Sean Stone (Oliver Stone's Son) Watch on & tip some #RAEToken


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